The Fates of Twinion Walkthrough
Part 4

By Nigel

Table of Contents

[1.0] Introduction and information
[1.1] Orientation
[1.2] Getting Started
[1.3] The Gauntlet Quest
[1.4] The Aqueduct
[1.5] The Reservoir
[1.6] Twinion Falls
[1.7] The Coliseum
[1.8] Queen's Palace
[2.1] Night Elf Ingress and the Parchment Map
[2.2] The Statuary, aMAZEing, and the Slate Map
[2.3] Tipekans, the Armory, the Races, and the Leather Map
[2.4] The Graveyard, Snake Pit, and the Snakeskin Map
[2.5] Cartography Shop
[2.6] Loose ends
[3.1] Prelude The Dralkarian Quest
[3.2] Dragon's Ire and the Chessboard
[3.3] Dragon's Flame and Hocus Pocus
[3.4] Hopeless Hallways, Halls of Babble, and Concordia
[3.5] Pandemonium
[4.1] The Dralkarian Quest
[4.1.1] Astelligius
[4.1.2] Malos
[4.1.3] Corpeus
[4.1.4] Pluthros
[4.1.5] Juvalad (X)
[4.2] Aeowyn's Treachery
[4.2.1] Hints and Tips on the Dralks
[5.1] Dissemination
[5.2] The Gateway
[6.1] Choronazar's Demesne and the Funhouse
[6.1.1] Endgame


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[4.1] The Dralkarian Quest

Q: Tell me a bit more about my quest here.
Your goal, your ultimate goal that you have been waiting so long for is here. You will make your choice of the five portals in Pandemonium to the 5 Dralkarian Guardians of the Portal. These dralks are smarter and tougher than any other single monster you have fought so far.. But not quite as strong as some of the monsters you will encounter later. Luckily, the dralks will fight you one at a time, alone. In other words, you will find one and fight him, one on one, to the death. Each of the dralks requires an item to be found before he considers you worthy of challenging him. Each of them also has a magical Dralkarian Ring, which you promised to return to the Queen. Not surprisingly, you will have to get the Dralkarian Rings over their owners' dead bodies. Their rings allow them to control the Portal of Time, not making any of them completely immortal, but rather making all of them strong enough to defend the Portal against any invaders... almost (hint, hint, hint). Aeowyn wants these rings so that she and her Heroes could control the world in Immortality. The reward for this quest is given out to you in fragments. For every dralk you will get 3 million exp. (one for reaching him, one for defeating him, and one for giving his ring to Aeowyn), which for all 5 dralks adds up to 15 million experience points! :)

Q: Which Dralk should I go after first?
The five Portals lead to the five guardians of the Portal of Time. The Dralkarians are all strong in combat, but they should be approached in this order: Astelligius, as he is not only easy to get to but he also holds an item, the Eye of Circinus, that will aid you when you set out for Corpeus. Then, go after Malos. He is slightly harder to find, but still, the pathway is easy. When you get his ring, go after Corpeus, who is moderately easy to get to, but still some of his puzzles are brain-numbing. Then go after the Dralkarian Pluthros, who is easy to find and defeat. Finally, try and find Juvalad - who will definitely give you a headache.

[4.1.1] Astelligius

Q: First of all, I need to defeat Astelligius. How do I get through to him?
Take the teleport to Astelligius from the Pandemonium. Once you are in the southern section of the Celestial Boundary, make your way through the astral material (which indeed looks like a giant pit) to the east section. Located at the east is a battle. Fight the battle to get the Eye of Circinus. This magical object will act as a compass to show you the way through the gates here. Once you have the Eye, notice four teleports to your southwest. Take the southeastern teleporter to access a maze of doors that cannot be mapped. On each of these doors is one of the four cardinal directions; west, east, north, and south. Take the first letters of these and spell out SEEN (south, east, east, north). Notice that in other words, it is what the wraith told you, "see in the past", or the past tense of "see". Once you have completed the cycle, you will step into a fountain and get poisoned. Cure and head back to the teleports at the south. Take the same teleport again, and this time use the first letters of the directions to spell out WENS (west, east, north, south). Notice that IF you played the Shadow of Yserbius and remember the Wind Knights' quest, this is the opposite of the direction you defeat the Winds, SNEW, or as the wraith said, "The Wind Knights have no direction in this domain. The four Winds are reversed!". After you complete this step, you will run into a battle. Defeat the Erebi and turn to face the stained glass window. You will receive the Nimbus of the Fates. Keep it, as you will need it to defeat Astelligius. Don't throw away your old helmet if it is not as good however, as the Nimbus will disappear once you are through with it. Once you have the Nimbus, walk out of the square you are in and back to the teleports. Use the first letters to spell out SEEN again, and take the teleport to Astelligius. Find your way through this astral material to the center of Spheres Asunder, where he is laired. He will see your Nimbus and beckon you forward. Come to him, and you will fight him. If and after you win, be sure to keep his ring. Important note: don't use the Pickpocket skill when fighting him or you won't get the ring. Once you have the ring, turn to face the stained-glass window behind you to receive 1 million experience points. After that, turn around and walk through the teleport to the Queen. She will take the ring and reward you with another 1 million experience points, which will aid you in reaching the next level.

[4.1.2] Malos

Q: How do I get to and defeat Malos?
Malos is harder to find and is a little tougher that Astelligius. You must first walk back to Pandemonium and to the five Portals. Take the one to Malos. He resides in Trials and Tribulations. To defeat him, you need the Ice Flame, which will allow you to challenge him. To get the Ice Flame, you will have to walk through a series of different locations. The bad thing here is that the paths vary with guild and race. There are three paths to the Ice Flame, and only one will work for you. There are also three paths to Malos, and not surprisingly, only one is right for you. Plus you have to avoid all of the tricks and traps he set for you and other adventurers. From the entrance, get out of the small 4 square room by going through the wall 2 steps north of where you begin. From there, make your way through the waters, avoiding any traps. To tell whether a "death trap" is in front of you, check the text box. If it says anything about a party "being destroyed" or anything of the kind, then the same thing will happen to you if you step into the square in front of you. Make your way through the waters until you hit an underwater trapdoor (there are two, one in the northwest corner and one in the northeast corner of the room), which will take you to Tribulations. Once there, make your way to the trapdoor at the north, which will take you to the "main area" of Malos' home. There are different pathways out of this area. Since you first need to get the Ice Flame, you will need to know the directions. From there, make your way through the water to G,4, and face west. The rocks will move aside and you can go through this area. From here, walk through the waters and get to the trapdoor beyond. You will get to an area far south in Tribulations. Walk through the water and lava, being sure not to get killed by the nasty traps Malos has waiting for you. Make your way to A,14, face north, and walk through the wall. This is the first location for the Ice Flame. If you get it, all you will need to do is find the exit to your Fate. If you don't get it, walk through the teleport and follow the paths again to the "main area". Now, take one of the other trapdoors here, which should take you back to Tribulations, west of the area that you originally went through to get to the "main area". There will be a portal through the first door to your east. Take it only if you have the Ice Flame. If you _can't_ go through it, then walk back out of the square. Make your way north to the trapdoor, which takes you back to the northern area of Trials. If you have the Ice Flame and are trying to find your way out, walk to the east, where there will be another portal to Spheres Asunder. If you don't have the Ice Flame or the portal doesn't take you to Spheres Asunder, walk 1 step south to be teleported to another area in the northern region of Tribulations. Once you get there, walk to the east, not taking any turns until you reach O,11. Face south and walk through the wall. If you didn't have the Ice Flame before and just got it, walk through the teleport and try the other portals "to your fate". If you had the Ice Flame, simply walk through the teleport. If you didn't have the Ice Flame before and didn't get it now, walk through the teleport. From here, walk back to the "main area". Take the easternmost trapdoor and walk west, south, and east, except in the south-north fork where you originally went south to get to the Ice Flame, take the north path. Follow the lava to a trapdoor at the end. Go through here to get to the final area, where there is a third portal to Spheres Asunder at D,12 and another area to get the Ice Flame at D,14. Once you find the portal to Spheres Asunder, walk through the "elemental plane" until you reach an object that looks like a small throne. Step into it, and you will be taken to Malos. Repeat the procedure as you did with Astelligius. Your Ice Flame will be taken from you, and you will get another Dralkarian Ring. You will receive another 3 million experience points after defeating Malos to help you advance to the next levels.

[4.1.3] Corpeus

Q: How do I find and defeat Corpeus?
From the Pandemonium, take the teleporter to Corpeus. You will be at the northern section of the Celestial Boundary. From here is the path to the Dralk Corpeus. Along the pathway, a wizard will encounter you several times to tell you about your path here and give you clues as how to get to Corpeus himself. You will need first the Reality's Rampart, which is the best shield in the game. However, even though any guild can use it, it's wise to forget about equpping it until you have defeated all five Dralkarians. Then, you can go back and get it again. From the beginning of the level, head south along the path. When you reach the fork to the west, take it. There is also a stat- boosting fountain here which you should visit as it will increase your Agility. You will also encounter a wizard along the way who will tell you that he was once an agent of Corpeus but turned against him and is now helping adventurers to find him and defeat him once and for all. From the west-south fork, walk west until you reach a north-south fork. Go south here and you will find that the pathway bends at the end. Walk to the end of the hallway, bust a U-turn and face west. Walk through the teleport here. After doing so, you will be teleported to the northern section. Follow this path up to the pool of water. Walk to the center door, the one labeled "torch room". Here, you will need to set certain switches to progress further. It doesn't matter which ORDER you set the words in, as long as you set them right. The first thing you must do is set the switches to "Time Follows Death From Life". After doing so, walk through the teleport (note that one of the switches was unused; leave it in the "off" position). You will be teleported to the beginning of the level again. Follow the same path you did last time, except this time - when you turn the corner, _don't_ take the first teleporter on the wall. Instead, from the square in which the teleporter is, go 1 step north and face east. A new portal should appear here. Go through it and follow the given path around to L,16. From the lava, there will be an east-west fork. Take the eastern path and follow it to P,13. Face south and walk through the door. Fight the battle there, face west and walk through the door. You will fight a battle. Defeat all the enemies and you will receive the Reality's Rampart. Be sure to keep it as you will need it to fight Corpeus. From there, walk 1 step north, 1 step west, 1 step south, and another step west into the Torch Room. As the wizard tells you, you will need to set the switches again, except this time, set them to "Water Leads to Magic Sands". (Notice one switch won't be used, so set it into the "off" position). Walk through the teleport and follow the path again, except this time, don't take the 2nd teleporter around the bend. Walk 1 step north of the square with the teleporter and face west. Go through the portal that appears and you will be teleported to a long, twisting hallway that you cannot map. Here are the directions. Be _VERY_ sure to follow them precisely, no matter what happens! Be sure that the NumLock is off, and using your numeric keypad, "type":

7,7,8,8,7,7,8,4,9,7,7,8,8,9,8,7,7,8,7,8,7,8,8,9,8,7,8,8,7,7, 8,7,8,7,8.

After doing this, go 1 step west and 2 steps south to get your next instructions. After doing that, go 1 step north and 1 step east. Go through the teleport to your north to the Torch Room. Set the switches to "Magic Lava Leads to Death" (Once again, a switch won't be used; leave it in the "off" position). Go through the teleport once again, and follow the path, but instead of taking the third teleporter around the turn, go 1 step north of the square with the 3rd teleporter and face east. Go through this new portal to be teleported to the last hallway to Corpeus. Defeat all the monsters and enter the portal at the end to get to the Dralkarian Corpeus. Repeat the movement as you did for the other dralks and you will get another Dralkarian Ring and 1 million experience points. Return the ring to the Queen to get another million.

[4.1.4] Pluthros

Q: How do I find and defeat Pluthros?
Pluthros is very easy to find and defeat. Either there was some sort of bug in the program files or this was supposed to be so, but there seems to be a "shortcut" to get to Pluthros. From the Pandemonium, take the portal labeled "Pluthros". The directions will tell you that you need to find and set 3 switches to unlock the cell to a prisoner that will give you what you need to defeat the Dralkarian Pluthros - the Hope's Fury. However, you don't seem to need to set any switches! You can simply find the portal to Juvalad, which is located in Trials. Then, simply make your way to the small "throne" in the resemblance to the plane Ashakkar. Pluthros will get angry and fling you to a long hall in Tribulations where Celestia is imprisoned. Since you did not make the effort to rescue her, however, she will still be locked in and you will reach around and yank the Hope's Fury from her neck. Then, take the portal back to Pluthros' throne room in Spheres Asunder and find the "throne" again. Since you now are worthy of fighting him, he says, you can destroy him to get another Dralkarian Ring. Follow the procedures to give his ring to the Queen. Once you've done so, go back to the Guild Hall to earn your levels.

[4.1.5] Juvalad

Q: How do I find and defeat Juvalad?
Juvalad is definitely the toughest of all the dralks to defeat. Getting to him requires an elaborated sequence of visiting around the stages, finding fountains, and the such. Since I lack lots of information on this one, I will not be able to explain in detail, in fact it is very hard to understand how this system of fountains even works.


  1. First, visit all the fountains in the small southwestern section of Trials, where you arrive.
  2. Go through the teleporter in Trials that will take you to the western part of Tribulations. When there, take the teleport at L,1.
  3. You will be teleported to the eastern section of Tribulations. Take the teleport on the east wall.
  4. Once here, go west and north. You should encounter a wizard around this place but if you don't, just keep on going further.
  5. In the next area, walk until you are in a spot with two forks, north and south. Take the south one and then walk through the door and teleport to be teleported to the beginning of the stage. Once there, take the teleport to Tribulations. Walk along, except take the other teleporter, the one to the east, this time. You will be teleported to an area with a north-south fork; if you didn't encounter the wizard earlier you'll meet her here. Go through the teleporter to the south. In the next area, follow along to a teleporter. Walk through the teleporter and you will be teleported back to Trials. Once here, make your way to E,8. If you have visited the Wizard, the fountain will open up a new fountain in Tribulations, but for now, simply go through the northern teleport in this area.
  6. Once you're back in Tribulations, walk along the path and you will encounter Thorzil. He will mark you, then get away. After doing this, take the southern teleporter of the two in the north-south fork. You will be back at the beginning of the stage. Take the teleporter back to Tribulations.
  7. Once you're there, walk to L,1, and go through the teleport. You will be teleporter to the eastern area of Tribulations. From that point, go 3 steps west, 1 step north, and you will find Thorzil - but he won't escape this time... You'll tie him to the fountain, then begin your search for the portal. All you have to go now is go through all the teleporters in the stage; one will take you to a secret area on the northern row of Tribulations. Fight the battle in the middle of the secret poison cache and keep the Flask of Shadowfall, which will let you defeat Juvalad. Then, enter the teleport to meet your Fate! Repeat the process with Juvalad as you did with the other dralks to get his ring. Return his ring to the Queen to find out...

[4.2] Aeowyn's Treachery

Q: What happened?
When you returned the last ring to the Queen you find out the truth: she's been using you to kill the dralkarians for her and give her the rings. She calls you a fool and takes everything you have gained in the Dralkarian Quest; namely, your stats. She hovers above you, mad with power, throwing you to the ground with powerful magic. You notice an opening behind you and escape with your life... barely.

Q: I knew this was coming. What now?
Now, you have to follow the mad Queen into The Gateway, to defeat her and prevent her from becoming immortal and conquering the entire Universe and all the different dimensions. For now, go and level up in the Guild Hall. After, you will need to take the portal from the Dungeon Entrance to Dissemination, where you will blast your way through to the Gateway, where the queen awaits.

[4.2.1] Hints and Tips

Q: I'm having trouble fighting and defeating the dralks, what should I do?
The best fighting tactic to defeat them is by using the Channel skill, which decreases their "agility" against magic. Then cast Backfire, then try and control. If you are fighting Juvalad and are Chaotic, then when you attempt to fight him you won't be able to use spells - only don't tell him that! He will spend most of his time trying to attack you with spells that won't work, so just beat the crud out of him with your weapons. This also applies to Pluthros if you are Harmonic; otherwise, everything will stay the same. You should have at least 1 heal amphora and 1 mana amphora (or the Heal spell maxed) with you when fighting the dralks. Curse is also a good spell as it drops their defenses. Most of the time, your most lethal weapon will be simply attacking them. If you can get them controlled or at least petrified, then it will be rather easy. The Shield spell will also be useful, and if you are fighting a dralk who uses magic, Resist won't hurt either. It's also a good idea to use the special weapons against the dralks; the Hope's Fury is the most powerful talisman in the game; it boosts your stats greatly. Sadly, however, you can only get it once - and that's to fight Pluthros. Juvalad is also weak to the poison from the Flask of Shadowfall, even though it still only does 200 damage. The Reality's Rampart is a power shield to use against Corpeus, and most of the time, the Ice Flame and Nimbus of the Fates will boost your stats high enough so that you can defeat the Dralks you are fighting.

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