The Fates of Twinion Walkthrough
Part 1

By Nigel

Table of Contents

[1.0] Introduction and information
[1.1] Orientation
[1.2] Getting Started
[1.3] The Gauntlet Quest
[1.4] The Aqueduct
[1.5] The Reservoir
[1.6] Twinion Falls
[1.7] The Coliseum
[1.8] Queen's Palace
[2.1] Night Elf Ingress and the Parchment Map
[2.2] The Statuary, aMAZEing, and the Slate Map
[2.3] Tipekans, the Armory, the Races, and the Leather Map
[2.4] The Graveyard, Snake Pit, and the Snakeskin Map
[2.5] Cartography Shop
[2.6] Loose ends
[3.1] Prelude The Dralkarian Quest
[3.2] Dragon's Ire and the Chessboard
[3.3] Dragon's Flame and Hocus Pocus
[3.4] Hopeless Hallways, Halls of Babble, and Concordia
[3.5] Pandemonium
[4.1] The Dralkarian Quest
[4.1.1] Astelligius
[4.1.2] Malos
[4.1.3] Corpeus
[4.1.4] Pluthros
[4.1.5] Juvalad (X)
[4.2] Aeowyn's Treachery
[4.2.1] Hints and Tips on the Dralks
[5.1] Dissemination
[5.2] The Gateway
[6.1] Choronazar's Demesne and the Funhouse
[6.1.1] Endgame

[1.0] Introduction and information

I created this FAQ to help any players who are stuck or do not understand any part of the Sierra game Fates of Twinion. For those who wish to mail me, do so at []. Note that here you may find some grammar/spelling mistakes, which I tried to "reduce" to a minimum via spell checkers. If you find any mistakes, things that don't belong, etc. that I made in the Walkthrough or something seems unclear, just tell me and I will try and fix it.

[1.1] Orientation

Q: Psst.. What's that I hear about maps?
I went through the game and took screenshots of the maps, and pasted them in BMP files, for people's references.. I also filled in a lot of the unmapped areas such as Queen's Palace, Hopeless Hallways, and the ever-so-infamous Graveyard (I spend an hour, in verity, on that section alone). I'll try to distribute them along with the FAQ.., they're pretty good for references, and they use the real colors, as seen in the game.

Q: How do I get around the dungeon with these directions?
The four cardinal directions are as follows : If you're in a mappable area (which makes up roughly 95% of the game) then west, for example, means west on the MAP. Since the map never moves, the four directions in a mappable area always remain the same. However, "forward" means clicking on the forward arrow or pressing the 8 on the numeric keypad, "back" is the back button or 2 arrow on the numeric keypad, and the such. In an unmappable area, such as the Graveyard, west, east, north, and south means YOUR west, east, north, or south. Think of the directions in unmappable areas (west, east, north, and south) just as "fancy" names for left, right, forward, and backward directions. So in an unmappable area, "turn west" means turn left and the such. These directions will change every time you step. In other words, if you turn left (west) your [previous] south become your [new] west, your [previous] north becomes your [new] east, etc., etc., etc. I tried not to use these terms in unmappable areas, however, there might be a few mistakes, and that's why this section is here.

Q: How do the map coordinates work?
The basic FoT map is a 16 by 16 square. Each square has a letter0 and a number assigned to it. The lower left corner, for example is A,1. From south to north the coordinates are letters, from west to east, they are numbers. For example - here is the basic Fates of Twinion map :

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16  
P                                 P
O                                 O
N                                 N
M                                 M
L                                 L
K                                 K
J                                 J
I                                 I
H                                 H
G                                 G
F               4                 F
E                                 E
D                                 D
C                       K         C
B *                               B
A                                 A
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16  

In this map, the asterisk (*) is located at B,1, the K at C,12, and the 4 at F,8. It's a good idea to keep a printout of this map at hand when playing so that you can tell the coordinates. Since there is no "grid" in the actual game to help you with this, you'll have to count off the numbers of "squares" to your destination. Walls and doors will help, as they can "divide up" the map. Once you get an eye of about how tall and how wide each square is, you will be able to find coordinates on maps easily.

[1.2] Getting Started

Q: First of all, what are "quests"?
Quests are the base of experience points. The majority of levels you get will be actually because you're on a quest. You may not know it, but every step you take is a step towards a new spell, skill, or level. Basically, all Quests are are different parts of the game. Once you progress through one part, you'll receive a certain number of experience points and possibly gold, skills and spells, and booty that you might need.

Q: Where should I explore first in the dungeon?
First, map out the entire DE (dungeon entrance). You'll pick up a few clues. Don't go anywhere just yet. Out of the Dungeon Entrance, there are 8 possible exits. at the beginning of the game, you can only access 4 (Aqueduct, Gauntlet Droit, Gauntlet Gauche, and DE exit). Later in the game, you will be given certain items to progress to the other exits. After you map out the DE (you'll notice there are *no* monsters whatsoever in here), equip your items. Consult the documents for information on how. Once you've got everything equipped, head off to the door on the middle left - the Gauntlet Gauche. Here - just fight a few battles to gain a few exp. points - you are still very weak, remember? After a few battles, you should progress to level 3 or 4, and get a few gold pieces. Buy some better armor and possibly a better weapon with these. Be sure not to waste all you gold though - you may need it.

Q: Ok, I gained a few levels. How should I distribute my points?
As for your attributes, try to max out your Agility and Initiative the first. For spells, distribute your points evenly instead of just making one spell very powerful - perhaps so powerful you may not have the MP to cast it. Remember, "defense" spells such as Shield may be critical to your survival at this point, such as you - no matter what guild or race - won't have very much HP. The monsters also won't be particularly tough, so the spells won't have to be at a very high level to kill them or injure the greatly. As for skills - max your character's "weapon" skills (i.e. Martial Arts) first, then go for your guild skills. Particularly useful are the skills Berserker, Athletics (Barbarian) Leadership, Binding (at the beginning of the game - these skills usually become more and more useless as you learn more spells) (Knight) Stamina, Read Tracks (Ranger) Detect, Lockpick (Thief) Medic (Cleric) Rune Reading, Deep Trance, Channel (Wizard).

[1.3] The Gauntlet Quest (a.k.a. Lava glove Quest)

Q: OK, I've got a better character now. Where do I go in Gauntlet Gauche?
Before you head back to the dungeon, be sure to purchase some heal potions, and maybe a mana potion or two. In Gauntlet Gauche, there are several specific areas : the Bat Cave to the NE will fetch you some booty : a Green Lockpick, Leather Cap, Cloth Jacket, and a heal potion. Sell the Leather Cap and Cloth Jacket as you already have them ; they won't bring much, but every gold piece counts. Next important areas are the "skill" rooms ; they are located at D,6 and K,9. For one of these rooms, you will need to use a weapon, any weapon will do (even a sling :-) for the other one, you must use a Scroll of Fire, which can be purchased in the Guild Hall. (if you are a Wizard, you will already have it at the beginning of the game - saves you 350 GP, but nothing more :). You will gain some Experience Points and Gold pieces for both of these rooms. There are also two rooms at F,16 and B,7 that only "masterful" thieves can access. They'll fetch you some booty, gold, and EXP. The 6th significant place in the Gauntlet Gauche is in the SE - the Snake River which will take you to Gauntlet Droit, where the magical Lava Glove is located.

Q: I got to Gauntlet Droit from the Gauche. What now?
First, you will need to get the Lava Glove. With it, you may complete the quest. Be sure to have one or two Scrolls of Protection, and a Scroll of Fire might come in handy. The Scroll of Protection throws up an energy field around your party, which absorbs damage from enemy attacks. On this level, these scrolls may be the key to survival. The Scroll of Fire casts a deadly fireball at a group of monsters. This does 180 damage to the whole group, killing them or damaging them horribly. At this level, they're a nice touch if you want to win a battle. First, you exit the room with the pool of water, then head East. You'll enter the Coil Maze - don't let the name fool you - it's not much of a maze, just a single - square pathway winding up and down. There are 5 battles in this maze, plus a final battle that fetches you the Lava Glove. In these battles, the best strategy is to use the Scroll of Protection first, then cast a Fireball at the particularly tough monsters. If they aren't killed by THAT, finish them off with a spell or just break out with a weapon. In the battle for the Lava Glove, use the same strategy. However, your energy field will run out, so be sure to use your Scroll of Protection every 5-6 turns. Once you defeat the monsters and have the Lava Glove, feel free to explore and gain a few experience points as well as gold pieces. You'll learn a bit more about your quest, and the tasks Aeowyn has assigned you with. Later, much later, you will come back here... As one of the ancient stained glass windows tells you. You might want to map this entire place out, as this will give you a chance to earn experience points, gold, and booty. Anything that you don't need - sell, as every gold piece counts. The real finishing point to this quest is at K,7. Be sure to have a lockpick with you. Pick the lock (facing south)at J,10 to get to a two - path corridor. Take the path to the west and you will receive your "promised" reward - as new skill, spell, and 1000 experience points, which will aid you in reaching the next level.

[1.4] The Aqueduct

Q: What is the Aqueduct?
It's the base testing area for new adventurers who seek Aeowyn's rewards... the Queen, in her search for Immortality, built this as a way of controlling the waters that flow in and out of her palace. She then modified it to be just one of the steps, the first step towards her - and your - victory...

Q: What do I need to do first?
Once you first enter, go through the door on the left, the north. Go through the door on the east, and you will be in the center portion of the Aqueduct. This is where all the magic starts. First thing you need to do once you're on the bridge is get the rope. It is located at I,3. The water takes away 1/7 of your life every time you step forward (turning doesn't count), so be sure to drop on a platform when you can reach one. Note that you can't heal in the water. Once you have found the Rope, stick it in your chest or quest bag and head to G,1. Pick the lock, turn west and go through the teleport. This leads to the Reservoir, which houses Lord Aqueus, who must be defeated to progress (remember that locked door North of the bridge? Also, once you defeat Lord Aqueus, you will be able to travel through the waters of the aqueduct without taking damage. (But be on the lookout for some particularly nasty whirlpools!)

[1.5] The Reservoir

Q: Alrighty, I made it to the Reservoir. What now?
The goal here is to kill the Lord Aqueus. Once he is defeated you can progress further in the Aqueduct. There will be a door in the very first room, and 3 teleports on the SW wall. Be sure to talk to Kilam, the thief at A,16. He'll tell you how to open a certain door. Take the teleporter labeled "one of three" in runes. You'll be in a small room with a door to the south. Go through the door and to the west. You'll make a loop back to where you started, A,5. Now, go take the other path, to the east. Here, fight all the battles, and sip from the two fountains. Wizards will learn 2 spells here, Curse and Storm Wind, while others just get "refreshed". Now that that's done, take the teleporter labeled "to two of three". You will arrive at H,3. Take the door directly to the west you you, then go 1 south, through the door at the west, and then make your way to I,3. Talk to the thief there. After that, fight the battle at K,1, face north, and use the Detect spell or a Crystal Ball to find a hidden door there. Go through the door, turn right, and go through to talk to Sartiq the Giant. Turn south, then pick the lock and go back to I,3. The thief will mark you. Repeat the process to talk to Sartiq the Giant again, and he will teach you the true chant you need to know to succeed in opening the door to Lord Aqueus, giving his last life energy to you in burning the chant through into your mind. After that, go to K,3, face north, and Detect (or use a crystal ball). Make your way to L,9 (you should only have to step into the water once), and go south 2 steps. Use the Rope (right click) to get some experience, gold, a Long Sword, and a Silver Bar. You might equip the Long Sword, or sell it if you have one or if it's not as good as the weapon you have now. Go back to dry land (2 steps back north) and heal up. From there, go 2 steps east and make your way to O,15. The door should now be open. Go through and defeat Lord Aqueus. After you defeat him, go through the teleport at P,16 to the beginning of the level, and then back to the Aqueduct.

Q: I keep getting killed by Aqueus in the Reservoir. Is there a simple strategy to beat him?
The easiest way to defeat him is not to gain a dozen levels or press your luck trying to hit him with a 5,000 damage wound. It's to purchase a Basalt scroll from the Guild Hall, then use it on him. 9/10 times, you can petrify him before he knocks you out. If you're a thief, rob him (pickpocket) before killing him, it *might* be worth it! If you have the Petrify spell maxed, use it instead, as it will be more powerful. Most of the time, unless you are unusually strong, you have two chances to petrify him before you get killed. Another strategy is to use a Shaman Scroll, which will kill him in 2 rounds for sure, but a Shaman Scroll is expensive, and if you want to save money, you can always use the previous strategy.

Q: Are there any peculiar spots in the Reservoir I should be on the lookout for?
Certain guilds will get the Curse, Storm Wind, and Energy Field spell. As soon as I discover WHAT guild specifically, I'll put it here. The "spell" fountains are located at N,8, A,11, and the end of the passage way after going to the teleport "to one of three"

Q: One more thing. How do I get into the square at A,3?
Nobody I know or me has figured this one out yet.

Q: That was a tough one. I'm back at the Aqueduct. What's my next destination?
Next place you will have to complete is the Twinion Falls. This is not as tough as the Reservoir.

Q: First, should I explore the northern region of the Aqueduct?
It would be a good idea. First thing, go to K,1, face north, and follow the path of doors. One door should say "continue northward through the rest of this corner, my heroes". Follow the simple maze of doors until you get the message "Ah, a simple task, but necessary all the same". Go back to the entrance and go through again. The locked door will be open. It will teleport you to P,1, where you go 1 step south to receive experience points, gold pieces, and booty. The second "maze" starts at O,8. Face westward and go through the door. You'll be at a place with 2 doors, one to the south and one to the east. Take either one, they're both the same, and follow the path to the teleport, which will grant you gold pieces and experience points. After going trough one of the paths, take the other one and repeat to get a second load of experience points. That's about it in the Aqueduct.. for now.

[1.6] Twinion Falls

Q: How do I get to Twinion Falls?
In the Aqueduct, make your way to P,16, face south and detect (or use a crystal ball, which is a substitute for Detect). Go through the hidden door, make your way to O,14,face south, and detect. Go through the door, make your way to M,12, face east, and detect. Go through the hidden door, make your way to L,13, face east, and detect. Go through the hidden door, make your way to K,14, face east, and detect. Go through the hidden door, make your way to E,16. To the east will be the door to the Falls.

Q: What do I need to do in here?
Well, point is to get the Cross Key, and complete the Sluice Quest. To do this, from the entrance point turn north and go 5 steps forward. from there, turn east and go 4 steps forward. From there, turn north again and go 3 steps. Go through the door on your west and follow the maze of doors. In the center of this area you will get the Cross Key. From there, make your way to the locked door in the "bridge" running along the eastern wall. Unlock it with the Cross Key, and go 2 steps to the Wizard who tells you not to "play" with the switches, which is exactly what you must do. Turn west to hit the switch, then head back out of the bridge area. Make your way to the teleport at G,12 and walk through. Go through the door in the south area of where you are now, where you will have a choice between two doors. Take the western door to the Sluice area, which you couldn't access. From there, take the southern door which will give you experience points and gold pieces. From the SE corner of the Aqueduct, fight all the battles and go through the teleporter, to a new area that you haven't been able to get through to before.

Q: Are there any peculiar points I should be on the lookout for?
At N,13 there is a wizard who will give you his drink in exchange for some gold, if you are the right guild. The drink will give you the Petrify spell. Also, there is a ranger looking for his companion cleric in the northern area of Twinion Falls. If you meet up with the ranger, then find the cleric which is in the area you get to from TPing from G,12 then you will get an Elixir of Health.

[1.7] The Coliseum

Q: What IS the Coliseum?
The Coliseum connects the Queen's Palace and the Aqueduct. It is the ultimate test to your battle far.

Q: What do I do here?
There are 4 different arenas in the Coliseum. They are all about the same difficulty. "Solving" an arena means getting out of it alive. In other words, you must fight your way through to the exit of an arena, then go through to the double doors at the eastern wall to get your reward of experience.

Q: Do I have to do all four?
No, but it sure helps. The experience points here will be greater than any you've earned so far, so it's a practical place for gaining levels. You will have to do at least *one* arena to get through to the Queen's palace.

Q: Are there any peculiar spots here I should be on the lookout for?
There are several places where you can push aside the columns and find some useful items. Other than that, there aren't too much special spots.

[1.8] Queen's Palace

Q: Well, I've made it here. What do I need to do here?
The Queen's Palace is the last stage of her Proving Grounds. Your point here is to get the Queen's Key and talk to Aeowyn herself about your quest.

Q: What path do I need to take?
There are 6 different paths. Each has its own reward of experience (20,000 points each.), but only once will you get to talk to Aeowyn and get her Key. The Queen's Key is used to open up the door in the SE of the Dungeon Entrance, granting you access to the Night Elf Ingress - where the fun begins :)

Q: In the dark room that I'm not able to map, there seems to be no exit.
Think again. The actual exit is in the NE of the room - the easiest way to beat it is to take the path that leads from the south of the dark room to the North instead of the path that goes north to east. Keep the fact that the exit is on a NE wall in mind, and you should have no trouble getting past it.

Q: The battles in the middle Arena got me down. What am I supposed to do?
The battles here are the toughest yet. You will have to cast Energy Field at the max level for the most protection, then Resist if you have it. If you don't have either of these, purchase a Scroll of Protection from the Guild Hall. You'll need lots of these to conquer the Palace.

Q: I'm stuck in the southern path. There is a strange looking rock that I tried detecting, but nothing works. I'm certain that the path is here, but how do I get to it?
Go around and see the old thief 1 north of where the rock is. You'll have to take a long path with several battles, but you'll eventually get to her, and she will tell you what to do.

Q: What do I have to do once I have the Queen's key and know about my quest?
You can either take the teleport on the northern wall of her throne room and go to complete more pathways, with more experience, or you can take the southern teleport in the Throne Room to go back to the DE and start off to the Night Elf Ingress. Congratulations, hero - you are worthy of Aeowyn's Map Quest!

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