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For help with running any of the Quest for Glory games in Windows XP, see below. If you are having trouble with a specific game in the new collections, click on its link below. Also be sure to see the Quest for Glory Patches/Updates for your game.


Quest for Glory Games & Windows XP

All of the Quest for Glory I through III and the DOS version of IV games run fine in DOSBox. VDMSound is no longer recommended as it will not shield you from the various timer bugs nor the many incompatibilites of the highly imperfect NTVDM, the built in DOS emulator that is included with 32-bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista. In addition, 64 bit versions of Windows do not include the NTVDM nor can they natively run 16 bit programs.

Many of the Sierra Windows SCI games had additional bugs that were absent from the DOS versions. The Windows version of Quest for Glory IV is no exemption and has severe problems under Windows XP that can be avoided simply by playing the DOS version in DOSBox. The Windows version of the game has no advantage over the DOS version, so nothing will be lost playing it in DOSBox except for these issues.

New SHP Quest for Glory DOSBox Installers are available for the Quest for Glory games I-IV that will automatically set them up to run in DOSBox from a Windows shortcut with no manual configuration necessary. See the links below for more details.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire should run with the QfG5 Win2K&XP Compatibility Patch applied and the Win98 compatibility option checked, though you might have problems with it on some systems. See the Quest For Glory 5 & XP entry for more help.


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