Quest for Glory Characters

Quest for Glory Character Creators/Editors

The following three files are Quest for Glory Character Creators/Editors.

Create Super Characters to Quest For Glory II , III and probably IV. By Doc Schu Rio de Janeiro Brazil 1993

Another character creator for the Quest for Glory games.

Quest for Glory Importer '95 v2.05 Build 1493. Edit your exported QfG characters (.sav) and import into the next game.

Quest for Glory Characters

These two are Saved Games, not Imports. One from the start of Quest for Glory I and the other from the start of Quest for Glory V with the character stats maxed out.

  • Quest for Glory I Save Characters

    Contains three Saved Games from the start of Quest for Glory I, one from each three character class. Just extract into the Quest for Glory I directory. Start the game and go straight to CONTINUE QUEST. Pick the caracter you want through the RESTORE screen and you will start the game with maxed out status. Exept for the health and the Stamina.

  • Quest for Glory V Save Characters

    Contains four Saved Games from the start of Quest for Glory I, one from each of the four character classes. Just extract into the "\Sierra\Quest for Glory V\Saved Games" directory then load the game and click on "Load Game".


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