Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire Help

Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire's original requirements:

Windows 95/98 or greater
Pentium 166 minimum, Pentium 200 MHz recommended
6x CD-ROM, 8x recommended
350 MB Hard drive space
SVGA 640x480 16-bit high color (DirectX-compatible)
DirectX-compatible sound card


Game Specific Bugs

Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire does not have speed dependent bugs, but does have compatibility issues on modern OSs. First be sure to apply the QfGV1.2 patch. If you are still having troubles with Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire on XP, check the Quest for Glory V & Windows XP Help entry below for more solutions.

Problem - Game Crashes on Launch:
 The game installs, but locks up when starting the game.

Solution #1:
Apply the QfG5Win2k patch (after you've applied the QfGV1.2 patch). Unzip to your QFG5 installed directory (typically C:\SIERRA\QFG5) and run it.

Problem - Game Crashes When Playing Intro:
 The game locks when playing the Intro or cut scenes.

Update to the latest version of QuickTime. from Apple's website, as the version included on the Dragonfire CD is not Windows 2000/XP compatible.

Problem - Cursor Display Issues:
The Cursor sometimes does not display correctly.

ALT-TAB to your desktop, and then maximize your game again.

Problem - Erratic or Choppy In-game Videos:
The in-game videos are jittery or erratic.

Quest for Glory V uses QuickTime movies. Try using "Safe Mode (GDI)" for QuickTime. Open the QuickTime Applet in the Control Panel Player (in the 32-bit Control Panel on 64-bit Windows), go to the video settings and change video rendering to "Safe Mode (GDI)". Restore the setting when through playing QfG5.

Problem - Lockup After Minos Falls:
The game locks up after Minos falls.

Uninstall the current version of QuickTime on your system and replace it with the older version that comes with the game, which is version 3.

Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire & XP/Vista

Getting Quest for Glory V: Dragonfire to run on modern PCs is very hit or miss. It has compatibility issues on Windows 2000 and higher. These incompatibilities might arise from Win2k/XP hardware drivers or compatibility problems with DirectX 8 and higher. One component of DirectX, DirectDraw for drawing raster graphics (bitmap or 2D Graphics) has been deprecated in Vista's DirectX 10 in favor of Direct2D. This change can cause issues with full screen mode of some games on Vista.

There is some indication that these issues may be hardware related also, such as differences in graphics or audio cards. It may not run on one dual boot machine in Win 98 or XP, but will run on both OSs with another dual boot PC. The solution may be in experimentation. It is recommended that you start with up-to-date graphics or audio hardware drivers. Check with your manufacturer for the latest drivers.

Download the Quest For Glory 5 Update 1.2 patch (or here for the QFG5UP12_64 Update for use on 64-bit Windows). This patch will update all previous versions of Quest For Glory V to version The 1.1 Update is not needed as all of the fixes are included 1.2. Also download the Quest For Glory 5 Win2k&XP Compatibility Patch.

Patching Quest for Glory 5 to run on Windows 2000/XP:

  1. Unzip the patches to the Quest for Glory folder (typically C:\SIERRA\QFG5).
  2. Update the game to version 1.2 by applying the QFG5UP12 patch for 32-bit Windows or QFG5UP12_64 patch for 64-bit Windows.
  3. Apply the QFG5Win2k compatibility patch.

After you install the WinXP patch, you may need to delete the QGM folder. If there are still compatibility problems, try changing compatibility modes to earlier versions of Windows (right click on the QfG 5 shortcut or executable and select properties, under the compatibility tab, Select "Run in compatibility code for:" Window 95 or 98 and check "Disable visual themes". Apply.

Troubleshooting QuickTime:

Quest for Glory V uses QuickTime for its movies. Most of the issues that many have had with running the game on modern Windows is lockups during these cutscenes. Some have had success by updating to the latest version of QuickTime from Apple's website. Others by downgrading to QuickTime 3.0, the original version that shipped with the game. The later makes some sense, as the game was programmed to work with version 3. However, keep in mind that version 3 may not properly "hook into" later versions of Windows. If you want to try later versions of QuickTime, install the game, but don't install QuickTime.

Intro movie Lockup - For many, the game starts, but when you start the intro, it freezes. The only way to end it is to kill it with the Task Manager. This seems to be a 2k/XP compatibility issue with the version of QuickTime that came with Dragonfire. You can try updating QuickTime.

Lockup After Minos Falls - Some have had success with uninstalling their current version of QuickTime and replacing it with the older version (3.0) on the QfG5 install disc.

Erratic in-game videos - Try using "Safe Mode (GDI)" for QuickTime. Open the QuickTime Applet in the Control Panel Player (in the 32-bit Control Panel on 64-bit Windows), go to the video settings and change video rendering to "Safe Mode (GDI)". Restore the setting when through playing QfG5.

Other things to try:

  • Update the graphics and/or audio drivers.
  • Turn off DirectDraw
  • Lower the Audio Hardware Acceleration in the Audio properties -- run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Start -> Run -> dxdiag on Windows 2000/XP or Start Search -> dxdiag on Windows Vista/7). Select the "sound" tab, and move change the "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level to Basic". Press "Exit" to apply the change. Just remember to reset your "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level to Full" when you've finished playing.

Again, the solution lies in experimentation. No one solution seems to work for all people. If anyone finds a solution that works for them that is not listed above, please consider posting your solution or results on The Sierra Help Pages QfG forum. You will be given credit for any information used.


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