The Centaur's Page of QG5 Hex Hacking

WARNING!!! Hacking a saved game is risky business.  One slight error will crash the game and make you lose your saved game forever. You should always save your game under AT LEAST two different names before you try hacking it.  That way, if you mess one up by hacking it, you can still always play the other one and no harm is done.

Following is a step-by-step instruction of how to hack your saved games.

  1. The first thing you will have to do is download a hex editor.  There are many shareware hex editors available.  You can try Hex Workshop, UltraEdit or most any shareware site.
  2. The next step is to save your Quest for Glory 5 game, preferrably 3 times under different names.
  3. Exit Quest for Glory 5 and open one of those saved game files in your hex editor.

Now is where the confusing part begins.  In the hex editor your file looks like a bunch of letters, numbers, and other strange characters.  The part that you are concerned with is normally on the left side.  There are columns containing sets of 4 digits across.  The digits will range from 0-9 and A-F.

To edit your inventory items, you will need to scroll down the file some.  About 100 lines down or so, you will get to a section of the file that will look something like the following (without the red and blue boxes).  NOTE: THE ROW NUMBERS WILL NOT BE THE SAME AS IN THIS PICTURE!!!!


It probably won't match up so nicely as this, so don't be alarmed.  Now, here comes the hacking...

The column surrounded by the red box is the items column.  The sets of 4 digits are the items in your inventory.  For example, in the row labeled 40, 098B is Healing Pills and in the row labeled 80, 208B is your fruit rations.  It is possible that 20 be at the end of row 70 and 8B be at the very beginning of row 80.  You may even find something like this in the middle of the columns:  0020 8B01.  Just remember that the 20 and the 8B go together.  Same with the 09 and the 8B, even if they are at connecting ends of consecutive rows or if there is a space between them.

Now let's give your Hero the Dragon Slayer Sword.  The Dragon Slayer Sword is labeled as 058B. In row 80, you would replace 208B with 058B.  Make sure that all of the digits in the area corresponding to the green column are 0s.  Then save the file in your hex editor, close it, and then open it up in Quest for Glory 5.  Your Hero will now have the Dragon Slayer Sword.  However, you have replaced your fruit with the sword, so you no longer have any fruit to eat.  The solution:  Go to Marrak and buy some more fruit, it only costs one silver each.

Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to add items without replacing others.  This is not really a problem though, except for having to switch between QG5 and your hex editor repeatedly.

You can replace your fruit with any item in the game.  The following is the label for each item in the game.  Replace 208B with any of the following to get that particular item.

Replace 208B with  to get  Replace 208B with  to get 
FF8A Magic Spear 448B Deed
FE8A Throwing Spear 458B Map
FD8A Spear 468B Handbook of Swimming
FC8A Arrows 478B Drachmas*
FB8A Magic Bow 488B Hydra Teeth
FA8A Bow 498B Hydra Scale
F98A Slasher Dagger 4A8B Mystic Magnet (Blue)
F88A Poisoned Dagger 4B8B Mystic Magnet (Red)
F78A Magic Dagger 4C8B Proof of Destiny
F68A Dagger 4D8B Rocks
F58A Magic Helm 4E8B Magic Wood
F48A Helm 4F8B Basket
F38A Magic Leather Armor 518B Torch
F28A Leather Armor 528B Lit Torch
F18A Magic Chain Mail 538B Sheet
F08A Chain Mail 548B Sewn Sheet
EF8A General's Shield 558B Balloon Painting
EE8A Magic Shield 568B Pegasus Feather
ED8A Shield 578B Beeswax
008B Wurmbane Spear 588B Key
018B Sword 598B Brazier
028B Magic Sword 5A8B Shell
038B Paladin Sword 5B8B Mug
048B Ice Diamond Sword 5C8B Spearhead
058B Dragon Slayer Sword 5D8B Arrowhead
068B Trident 5E8B Fine Axe
078B Magic Axe 5F8B Magic Seeds
088B Minotaur Axe 608B Amphora with Water
098B Healing Pills 618B Ouzo (drink)
0A8B Poison Cure Pills 628B Retsina (drink)
0B8B Stamina Pills 638B Ale (drink)
0C8B Mana Pills 648B Greek Coffee (drink)
0D8B Health Potion 658B Today's Special (drink)
0E8B Vitality Potion 668B Immitation Blackbird
0F8B Mana Potion 678B Windproof Sheet
108B Fire Proofing Potion 688B Augmentation Scroll
118B Amphora 698B Shrink Spell Scroll
128B Lethe Water 6A8B Thermonuclear Blast Scroll
138B Hippocrene Water 6B8B RIP Scroll
148B Styx Water 6C8B Boom Scroll
158B Goo 6D8B Juggling Lights Scroll
168B Alabaster Amphora 6E8B Resistance Scroll
178B Gyro 6F8B Dazzle Scroll
188B Sokolatak-ya 708B Zap Scroll
198B Chocolate Box 718B Fascination Scroll
1A8B Pepperoni Pizza 728B Interesting Toolkit
1B8B Jalapeno Peppers 738B Barbed Spear
1C8B P&J Pizza 748B Ornate Shield
1D8B Artichoke Pizza 758B Magic Staff
1E8B Anchovies 7C8C Open Spell
1F8B A&A Pizza 7D8C Fetch Spell
208B Fruit 7E8C Trigger Spell
218B Pick-Pocket Knife 7F8C Force Bolt Spell
228B Grapnel 808C Flame Dart Spell
238B Magic Grapnel 818C Frost Bite Spell
248B Rope 828C Lightning Ball Spell
258B Rope & Grapnel 838C Dazzle Spell
268B Stealth Oil 848C Calm Spell
278B Blackjack 858C Hide Spell
288B ACME Toolkit 868C Glide Spell
298B Tinderbox 878C Detect Magic Spell
2A8B Flowers 888C Levitate Spell
2B8B Black Lotus 898C Reversal Spell
2C8B Sigil of Ios 8A8C Protection Spell
2D8B Sigil of Keros 8B8C Resistance Spell
2E8B Sigil of Naxos 8C8C Aura Spell
2F8B Sigil of Parros 8D8C Juggling Lights Spell
308B Sigil of Tinos 8E8C Summon Staff Spell
318B Peace Statue 8F8C Zap Spell
328B Blackbird 908C Whirlwind Spell
338B Winged Lion Statue 918C Augment Spell
348B Magic Statue 928C RIP Spell
358B Bead Necklace 938C Boom Spell
368B Gold Ring 948C Fascination Spell
378B Hera's Ring 958C Thermonuclear Blast Spell
388B King's Ring 968C Dragon Fire Spell
398B Ring of Truth 978C First Aid Spell
3A8B Amulet of Defense 988C Shrink Spell
3B8B Amulet of Attack E08C Healing (Paladin Ability)
3C8B Good Luck Charm E18C Honor Shield (PA)
3D8B Atlas Armband E28C Magic Ward (PA)
3E8B Stealth Charm E38C Destroy Undead (PA)
3F8B Magic Charm Bracelet E48C Peace (PA)
408B Katta Pin E58C Sense Aura (PA)
418B Water-Breathing Amulet E68C Holy Strength (PA)
428B Jewelry E78C Awe (PA)
438B Scroll    

If you are so inclined, you can also change the amount of an item you have in your inventory.  The blue column contains the data for the amount of an item you have.  Be forwarned, the numbers are in HEX, not decimal.  Therefore, a value of 35 for the first two digits does not correspond to having 35 of the item in your inventory.  It is 53 of the item in your inventory.  To figure how many of an item you have:

Multiply the first digit by 16 and then add the second digit as follows:

1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
A 10
B 11
C 12
D 13
E 14
F 15


Thus a hex value of 35 for the first two digits of the blue column is
53 of the item in inventory.

Now lets say that you want 200 Drachmas.
Divide 200 by 16 to get the first digit.
200/16=12 remainder 8.
12 corresponds to a hex value of C.
The second digit is the remainder.
8 corresponds to a hex value of 8.
Therefore, 200 is C8 in hex.

In the row with 478B in the red column, change the first two digits of the blue column to C8 and the last two digits to 00.  Make sure that the green column for this item has all zeros.

The second two digits in the blue column are for even higher amounts of an inventory item.  It is suggested that you not play with these digits because it tends to mess up the game.



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