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Having trouble getting your old Sierra On-Line adventure game to run? Here you will find a collection of tips, help, tools and patches to get your games running on newer, faster computers with newer Operating Systems. The help and information that is gathered here comes many sources. Most of it is my own work from experimentation, trial and error. There is also content that has been garnered from the web, mostly from the old Sierra WebX boards, VOGONS and Al Lowe's web site.

New content is frequently uploaded and more games added. There is technical information, guides, patches, walkthroughs, game documentation, demos, hints, tips and spoilers. If you don't have any technical bugs with your game, but, just need a push in the right direction, a walkthrough might just be what the doctor ordered. Just follow the links below. If you can't find what you are looking for, The Sierra Help Pages has a forum. Join now to ask for more help or just to join the community.


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The Sierra Help Pages Forums is a venue for seeking extra help. It is where most of the activity on SHP will be found. While it is a community for the members, many of which go back to the old Sierra WebX boards, not every one wants to join the fun. However, there is some valuable information and resources to be found on it. For convenience, see the Forum Highlights for links to specific threads within the forums that will be of interest to many outside of the SHP community or those requesting game and installer help.

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INN is Back!!! - 2019/06/01

The old INN Revival project has been dead for some time now. The developer shut down and would not release his RE'd source code for his server. There was some attempts to repeat his efforts, but they gave up.

A completely new project has come to fruition. A while back Christopher Smith was looking for the original INN server source. He managed to contact James Leiterman, one of the old INN employees. While James did not have the server source, being between jobs he had some time and was able to reverse engineer it from the client source. The result is the INN Barn project. It is currently in beta stage, but is fully functional and most (not all) of the games work, including some that did not work in the Revival.

I have written a new installer for the INN Barn. This is from a fresh install of the INN client 2.4 (from my Torin's Passage CD) and does not contain all of the debris of the old INN Revival. It will configure the client to work with the INN Barn Proxy. All you need do is install and run it. The first time you will be able to create an INN profile for others to interact with you. Once you are through, just click "Play" and it will connect to the Barn. The first time it will assign you an ID. Click OK and the INN client will shut down. Just restart it, click play and have fun reliving the glory days of The Imagination Network.

INN Barn is a WIP with frequent updates of the proxy. Updating the proxy is easy. Just download the latest from James' site and unzip it into the installed folder, overwriting the old one. Windows security may ask you if you want to allow the Proxy access you your networks. Say yes and you are done (til the next update).

INN Barn Installer

ImagiNation Network (INN) Revival Facebook group

AGI/SCI Game Development

AGI and SCI are the two main engines used by Sierra during the "Golden Era".

New SCI Companion v3 released!

Now you can create your own SCI VGA game with the newly released SCI Companion 3. The new SCI Companion 3 has support for creating, patching and modding of SCI0 to SCI1.1 VGA games and more!

SCI Companion is a completely free IDE (integrated development environment) that lets you create games that run on Sierra’s SCI engine. SCI Companion 3 is now available, which offers support for SCI1.1+, which includes VGA graphics and digital audio.

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Older news:

Just in time for Christamas. Get your original Sierra Christmas eCard here.


A Revival for Sierra Fans?

On the heels of the release of the new Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, Jane Jensen busy remaking Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition, the Coles working on Hero U and The 2 Guys from Andomeda plugging away at SpaceVenture comes this bit of exciting news. Activision has reactivated the old website:


You can join the discussion on the forum, the Facebook group or on the Steam Group.


Gold Rush! classic is once again available to the public. It has been repackaged to run on modern PCs.

Infamous Quests has released Quest for Infamy. The fan group that released KQ3VGA and SQ2VGA has gone pro. You can purchase Quest for Infamy on GOG, Humble and Steam.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition - For the Jane Jensen and Gabriel Knight fans, the first game of the series, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is being remade by Jane Jensen with updated graphics for modern hardware.

Two Guys from Andromeda are back! SpaceVenture in production.

Doan Sephim has released his Betrayed Alliance Book 1, developed in SCI. You can find completed game on its page on the SCI Programmers' Wiki.

Jane Jensen's Gray Matter is available on GOG


Our beloved Sierra classics have become available, once again. Good Old Games (GOG) has acquired the rights to distribute some of the Sierra Classics, For those of you who have not heard about Good Old Games, GOG sells many old classic games that have not been available for years. Through the use of familiar tools, such as DOSBox and ScummVM, the games are setup to run on modern systems, at a low price and unlike games purchased from Steam, they are completely DRM free and preconfigured to work on modern computers.


SHP is an affiliate partner of Here is your chance to get that Sierra classic that you have been wanting for a fraction of the price that it would cost you on eBay and help The Sierra Help Pages at the same time. GOG has Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers, Phantasmagoria, Space Quest 4-6, a Red Baron Pack, a pack of The Incredible Machine games, with more to come. GOG also has many non-Sierra favorites like The Longest Journey, including some free games. Remember, these are completely DRM free. Once you have purchased a game from GOG, it is yours to keep and install on any computer that you own.


The ImagiNation Network Revival project. For those who remember The Sierra Network or the ImagiNation Network you may wish to re-explore this, the first online gaming community. Through the ImagiNation Network Revival project this is now possible. I have created an SHP installer for INN that will connect to the ImagiNation Network Revival. You can find the INN Revival forum thread here.


* DOSBox Installers for Sierra games. I have made some replacement Installers for Sierra games. These installers will copy all needed files to your harddrive, configure the games and automatically set them up to run in DOSBox from a Windows shortcut, just like a native Windows game. They can also download and install DOSBox for you. The games will start in a window, which can be made full screen at any time by pressing Alt+Enter.


This project is not yet finished, there are still more games and information to add. You can contribute to this project. If you have any questions, comments corrections, or requests that may make these pages better, you may post them on the forum (free registration required to post). I hope that this project can grow into a real asset to the Sierra community.

These pages were being hosted on with the kindness of its owner, known on the Sierra boards as Tymber. Tawm is now a co-admin of The Sierra Help Pages. Thanks, Tawmis.


Broken links or errors can be reported on the the forums, (free registration required).


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