An emulator is a program that creates an environment that mimics that of another machine. It creates a mathematical model (in the form of a software program) that emulates ALL of the hardware, including the CPU. Because of this, the overhead of running an emulator can be rather high, but potentially perfectly emulate the ideal environment for your old program or game. This emulated machine can be a "virtual" Apple ][ computer, an old DOS box or even a dedicated game console.

Platform Emulators

  • AppleWin - An Apple ][ Emulator for Windows. Play Apple ][ games on your PC.
  • DOSBox - A true x86 emulator. Emulates an older PC running DOS - Open source. Designed for old DOS games. Your best solution for running DOS games.
  • MESS - Emulates about 239 systems including IBM PC 08/16/82, IBM PC 10/27/82 and IBM PC/XT (CGA). Free Ware.

Audio Emulators

  • VDMSound - DOS emulator for 16 bit access to audio hardware. Emulates a Sound Blaster compatible, an MPU-401 interface (MIDI) and a game port. Only works on Windows NT/2000/XP. Free Ware. No longer suppoerted or recommended.
  • Roland MT-32 Emulator - The first Roland MT-32 Sound Module emulator. Has been superceded by Munt (see below)
  • Munt - A Roland MT-32 Sound Module emulator. Experience the early Sierra SCI game music as it was meant to be heard.


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