A Toolkit for the Sierra Classics

On this page you'll find utilities, patches and enhancements to help you with problems you may have running or to help improve these games.


The first choice for playing old DOS games. Soon you will be able to install Windows 3x in the next version. DOSBox emulates an old DOS PC. It can help you overcome the incompatibilities that a lot of the old games have with modern hardware and OSs.

Emulators & Virtualizers

Emulators and virtualizers can simulate other platforms
/hardware to run older or non PC games and programs on your modern PC.

Slow Down Utilities

Some older games that used the CPU's clock as a timer have trouble running on newer, faster computers. Using a slow down utility can allow you to run these old classics.

Sound Utilities

Audio patches and hacks for Sierra Games can be found here

Display Utilities

You might also encounter graphical problems. From error messages like "Your current display driver is not supported by this game." to the inability to run later games like King's Quest MoE in higher display modes. Some players might also find that
Compatibility mode
does not work for them. You can find possible solutions here.

Third Party Interpreters

Third party interpreters that are designed to replace the original game interpreters. These are often the best solution to incompatibility problems. You can find more here.

Cheat Utilities

A few tools to assist you with cheating.

Misc Utilities


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