King's Quest 6 Possible Endings

Other Possible Endings to King's Quest VI

There are at least a dozen variations on the two main endings to King's Quest VI. Here are some of the major differences:

  • If Alexander sends his signet ring to Cassima:
    • It will become the wedding ring.
  • If Alexander doesn't send his signet ring to Cassima, but has reclaimed it from the pawnshop:
    • Alexander will give the ring to Cassima as a wedding ring.
  • f the signet ring is still in the pawnshop:
    • There will be no wedding ring.
  • If Alexander rescues the king and queen from the Land of the Dead:
    • Cassima's parents will attend the wedding.
  • If Alexander doesn't rescue the king and queen:
    • The wedding ceremony will be somewhat sad and bittersweet.
  • If Alexander doesn't befriend Jollo:
    • Jollo will be at the wedding, but looking somewhat unsure of himself.
  • If Alexander befriends Jollo, but doesn't save the genie:
    • Jollo will be at the wedding as a happy spectator, but Cassima's parents will not be there.
  • If Alexander befriends Jollo, and both saves the genie and rescues the king and queen:
    • Jollo will perform at the wedding.
  • If Alexander saves the genie and discovers the stolen treasures:
    • The genie will be at the wedding performing magical tricks, and the rulers of the other islands will also attend.
  • If Alexander saves the genie and rescues the king and queen:
    • Jollo performs at the wedding, the genie will perform magical tricks, the rulers of the other islands will attend, as will King Graham, Queen Valanice, and Princess Rosella.
  • If Alexander kills the genie:
    • Neither the genie, nor the rulers of the other islands, nor the royal family of Daventry will be there.
  • If Alexander finds the stolen treasures:
    • It's mentioned that the islands are talking to each other again.
  • If Alexander doesn't find the stolen treasures:
    • It will be mentioned that there is much work to be done to restore total harmony to the kingdom.

In addition to these endings there are several more variations on these basic themes.

You enjoy the best possible ending only if Alexander sends his ring to Cassima (via Sing-Sing), befriends Jollo, rescues the king and queen, saves the genie, and discovers the stolen treasures.

The minimal possible ending-other than Alexander's death, imprisonment in the dungeon, or being turned into a warthog will take place if Alexander does none of the above.


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