King's Quest: The Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

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Map of The Barren Region


The Barren Region

The Village

  • From the teleport portal head West to the bridge. Pick up crystals as you find them.
  • Try to stay out of the paths of the ants although they are easy to kill and hold crystals.
  • Watch out for the Pyro Demons in the lava.
  • After crossing the bridge, continue North until you reach the village.
  • Enter the first hut on the left.

Shaman Hut

  • Click on the Shaman.
  • She will tell you that she can resurrect the dead for 25 gold coins.
  • Exit.

Weapons Hut

  • Click on the weapons dealer.
  • He will tell you of the basilisk.
    • He needs a black diamond and a metal shaft to make a weapon to defeat it.

Sanctuary of Stone

  • Head up the hill to the West.
  • Enter the Sanctuary.
  • Cross the bridge to the South.
  • Talk to the guy with the horn. He will tell you the stone has disappeared.

Blacksmith Shop

  • Enter the Blacksmith's Shop.
  • Talk to the Blacksmith.
  • He is of no help.
  • Exit.

Broken Bridge

  • Now head North behind the castle.
  • Step on to the broken bridge.
Bridge Puzzle
  1. N, NW
  2. NW, N, N
  3. SE, E, E, E, E
  4. SW, S, S
  5. W, W, W, NW, NW
  6. NE, E, E, E, NE
  7. S, SW
  • When you are finished a bridge will be completed and you can cross to the other side.

Fire Gem

  • Go to the North of the volcanoes.
  • Climb the ramp.
  • Grab the fire gem. A spirit will appear and tell you of the fire dwarves. They have another piece of the mask.

Getting the Stone

  • Head back South.
  • Follow the mountain East.
  • Then North to the broken bridge.
  • Cross the broken bridge to the wall.
  • Climb up.
  • Take at your bow and arrow and shoot the gongs in order of the colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.



  • Return to the sanctuary.
  • Go back to the horn guy.
  • Put the stone in the pedestal.


  • Go back to the blacksmith.
  • Talk to the blacksmith.
  • He gives you a metal shaft.

Weapons Hut

  • Go back to the weapons hut.
  • Give the diamond and metal shaft.
  • You will receive a pike in return.
  • Exit.

Basilisk Lair

  • Go South.
  • Cross bridge.
  • Keep going South to the lava.
  • Head up the hill and go behind until you reach the blocks in the lava.
  • Jump the blocks to the cliff to the South.
  • Climb the cliff.
  • Get out your pike.
  • Step to the edge of the cliff.
  • Walk off and you will automatically kill the basilisk.


  • Turn around and cross the bridge.
  • Go to the right of the Crypt.
  • Climb up.
  • Jump in the hole.
  • Take the sword on the sarcophagus.
  • Open the panel to get a potion.
  • Click on the dwarf.
  • Pick up the key he drops.
  • Notice the pattern of shapes along the top of the walls.
  • Go to the sarcophagus.
  • Push the pressure plates in the order on the wall. Moon, Triangle, circle, square.
  • A door opens.
  • Enter.
  • Open panel.
  • Take potion.
  • Take suit of armor.
  • Exit room.
  • Climb out.
  • Go back to the basilisk.
  • Use your new sword to chop off his tongue.
  • Take the tongue.

Fire Dwarves' Lair

  • Take the path behind the lair.
  • At the fork, go right.
  • From here, look at your map. You want to head West.
  • As you approach the dwarves lair, kill the two dwarves.
  • Use your key to open the door.
  • Follow the pathway.
  • Kill the dwarves as you come upon them.
  • On the wall to the right will be three buttons.
  • Shoot the first button with your arrow.
  • A bridge will extend to the other side.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Once inside, pull the lever to free a woman. You will meet her again later.
  • She will tell you of a crystal scepter. She will also open a door for you.
  • Once inside you will see some familiar symbols.
  • Push them in the same order as before. Moon, triangle, circle, square.
  • Take the pipe cap inside.
  • Exit back across the bridge.
  • Shoot the second button.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Open the trunk and get the third mask piece.
  • Behind you a henchman will appear.
  • Kill him
  • Take all that he leaves behind.
  • Exit.
  • Shoot the third button.
  • Kill the dwarf.
  • Cross the bridge.

Elevator Room

  • Put a pipe cap on one pipe.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Turn around.
  • Shoot the button with arrow.
  • You will go up to the next floor.
  • Exit.
  • Pick up scepter.
  • Pick up potion of reveal.
  • Get back in the elevator.
  • Shoot the button again.
  • You will go back down.
  • Put on other pipe cap.
  • Get back in the elevator.
  • Shoot the button to go up to the The Frozen Reaches.


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