King's Quest: The Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

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Map of Realm of the Gnomes


Realm of the Gnomes

  • Pick up the 3 mushrooms.
  • Pick up the rock to the right.
  • Pick up all the mushrooms in the corner.
  • Break the barrels.
  • Exit North.
  • You will come to a pressure plate.
  • Use the rock to open the doors.
  • Watch out for the Manta.
  • Kill it.
  • Turn right.
  • Follow passage to the dead end.
  • Pick up the rock.
  • Talk to Gnome.
  • Go back to portal area.

Weapon Shop

  • Make a left this time.
  • Turn corner.
  • Turn again.
  • Go Forward.
  • Turn left at mining cart.
  • Turn right.
  • Kill Mantas.
  • Turn right-We need three rocks.
  • Back out.
  • Go forward.
  • Turn right.
  • Shoot barrel.
  • Turn left.
  • Kill rock Demon.
  • Turn right.
  • Open door.
  • Buy the best that you can afford.
  • Exit.
  • Go back to portal.

Armor Shop

  • Turn left.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Left. Down the ramp.
  • Left. Down ramp.
  • Left. Kill Rock Demon. Take potion.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Curve Right.
  • Left.
  • Forward.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Dead End.
  • Open the doors to the right.
  • Make a purchase but leave at least 250. If you can't afford it now you will have some Spriggans to kill. They usually carry money. You can come back here later.
  • Exit.


  • Left.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Left. up Ramp.
  • At top go left.
  • Then right.
  • Turn around.
  • Go back.
  • Continue forward-Kill monsters.
  • Right.
  • Turn right. Go downstairs.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Wipe out the Zombies with the bow and arrow.
  • Continue forward.

Old Man

  • Carefully cross the ramp.
  • Left.
  • Pick up the potion.
  • Click on the man.
  • Hit the crystal .
  • Take the piece of crystal that has broken off.
  • Exit.

Amber Glow

  • At the top of the stairs turn right.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Left.
  • Left.
  • Turn Right.
  • Kill Rock.
  • Right.
  • Left
  • Left. Be careful, there is a break in the ground.
  • Jump.
  • Right.
  • Continue forward to the glowing substance.
  • Hit it with your sword.
  • Pick up the piece that breaks off.

Teleporter Room

  • Turn around.
  • Continue past the break.
  • Follow tunnel.
  • Turn right at the fork.
  • Keep going until you reach the transporter room.

Turning Bridge

  • At this point, if you didn't bring any rocks with you from the DOD, then you need to go back. Have fun.
  • Put one rock on the left pressure plate to turn the bridge.
  • Put the remaining rocks on the other two pressure plates to lower the bridge.
  • Cross.


  • Follow the tunnel to the first left.
  • Keep going until you get to the doors.
  • Open the doors.
  • Enter.
  • After the gnome stops talking, click on the statue. This is the essence of Sun Tzu.
  • She will ask for iron, tree root, and amber glow. Then you can have it for 250 coins.
  • Exit.

Locked Iron Door

  • Go all the way back until you can make a left turn.
  • Break the lock off the door with your hammer.
  • Take the lock.
  • Open the doors.
  • Kill Spriggan.
  • Follow passage.
  • Turn left.
  • Walk down ramp.
  • Kill Rock Demon.

Tree Root

  • Follow passage.
  • Make a right when you can and go to the dead end.
  • Climb up the rock face.
  • Follow passage left til you get to the tree roots.
  • Chop the one sticking out of the wall.
  • Take the root.
  • Exit.


  • Head back to the padlocked door.
  • Make a right at the opening, just before the door.
  • Follow passage to the boulders.
  • Walk up as close as you can get.
  • Get ready to run.
  • As soon as the boulder enters the picture, start running.

Gnome Sage

  • Continue following the path to the doors.
  • Open the doors.
  • Enter.
  • Click on the gnome.
  • He will ask for a lode stone to help you exit the Gnome Realm.
  • Exit.

Breaking the Brick Wall

  • The brick wall is at the North Center part of the map.
  • Turn around.
  • Exit.
  • Pass the boulders.
  • Follow the tunnel to the fork.
  • Turn left.
  • Continue to the next for.
  • Turn right.
  • continue til you reach the brick wall on the left.
  • Turn right and go up the ramp.
  • Kill 2 Rock Demons.
  • Follow the passage.
  • Continue forward.
  • Climb up.
  • Follow passage to the boulder.
  • To the right of the boulder is a hole.
  • Push the boulder into the hole.
  • Jump into the hole yourself.
  • Push the boulder through the passage.
  • At some point, Connor will automatically pick the boulder up and throw it down the ramp. The boulder will break through the brick wall.
  • Go through the hole in the wall.
  • You will need light.
  • Put the crystal in the purple crystal on the wall to the left.

Black Dragon Wyrm

  • Follow the passage.
  • Kill the wyrm with your hand weapon.
  • The old man appears and turn into a younger man.
  • Pick up the black diamond.
  • Go through the next room.
  • Click on purple crystal.
  • You will meet Hector.
  • Take the pyramid.
  • Replace it with dark pyramid.
  • Watch the next scene.
  • Take the dark pyramid.
  • Take the lode stone under the pyramid.
  • Go back to the Sage Gnome.

Sage Gnome

  • He is at the far West point on the map.
  • Pass the boulders again.
  • Give the lodestone to the Sage.
  • The barren region is now available on your map.
  • Now go to the Apothecary.

Purchasing the Sun Tzu

  • Go back through the boulders for the last time.
  • Make a right at the fork.
  • Then right at the opening.
  • Keep going until you reach the Apothecary.
  • Give the ingredients.
  • Buy the Sun Tzu.
  • go back to the teleporter room.

Teleporter Room


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