King's Quest: The Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

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Map of The Swamp


The Swamp

The Oracle of the Tree

  • Start heading west until you come upon a large tree. This is the Oracle of the Tree.
  • Beware of the Swamp Fiend and Scavenger Slime roaming the swamp.
  • Click on the tree. He will ask you for a piece of gold in exchange for information.
  • Give him a piece of gold.
  • He will tell you "Where the mask once sat now doth sit a pretender."
  • Keep giving it gold until it runs out of things to say.

The Shacks-Chainmail Gloves and the Horn

  • To find the shacks, head SW.
  • Jump up and enter the first shack.
  • Take the gloves on the shelf.
  • Open the trunk and take the gold.
  • Exit.
  • Go to the next shack.
  • Break down the boards.
  • Open the trunk.
  • Break down the boards to the next room.
  • Take the horn.
  • Open the trunk. Take the gold.
  • Exit.

Whispering Weeds

  • Go to the whispering weeds, NE of the Shacks.
  • Walk up close enough without having them disappear.
  • Use the hearing horn.
  • They will tell you the mask piece is in the witch's tower.

The Golden Mushroom

  • Head back to the portal. The mushrooms are NE of here.
  • Make your way through the mushrooms, hugging the mountain side, until you find the golden mushroom.
  • Use your sword to whack off a piece.
  • Take it.

Mandragor Tree-Getting Bow and Arrow

  • Head West.
  • As the mountainside turns, the Mandragor Tree will appear.
  • There will also be a well.
  • Drink from it, if necessary.
  • Now hug the mountain to the right.
  • Try to avoid the Mandragor roots.
  • Continue on until you reach a skeleton.
  • Click on him.
  • Take his bow and arrow.


  • Continue NW.
  • The shack on stilts is the teleporter room.

The Sprites-Getting the Flower

  • Now go NE through the break in the mountainside.
  • Be careful of the carnivorous plants.
  • Continue on till you find the sprites.
  • Click on them.
  • They will ask you for a secret.
  • Click again and you will give them a secret (This may take clicking on them 3 times)
  • They will then give you a flower that is an antidote to the toxic swamp water.
  • Click again and they will tell you of the Golden Ladle.
  • Take the flower. You are now protected.
  • Exit the Sprite area.

Swamp Witch

  • Now head past the Whispering Weeds.
  • Then go West.
  • Continue on till you find the Witch's Castle.
  • There will be a Mandragor Tree.
  • Continue to the left.
  • When you see the skulls, the witch will begin attacking.
  • She is easy to kill.
  • There is a locked gate.
  • Look through it.
  • Notice the sandbag.
  • Shoot it with your bow and arrow.
  • The gate will open.
  • Enter.

Witch's Castle-Unicorn Horn

  • Turn right.
  • Notice the dead creature.
  • Take the horn that is sticking out of it.
  • Click on the kettle.
  • Click again.
  • Climb the ramp.
  • Beware of the arrow traps.
  • At the top break all the barrels.
  • Exit.
  • Walk around the outside of the castle picking up some good items.
  • Go back inside.
  • At the spike booby trap, through a rock to spring it.
  • Pass the booby trap and climb the ramp.

Getting Mask Piece and New Suit and Henchman's Arm

  • Turn right and pick up your new suit of armor.
  • Turn around and walk towards the trunk.
  • Open it. You will find the second piece of the mask.
  • A henchman will appear behind you.
  • Use a potion of shield and strength to survive the battle.
  • After the battle, pick up the Henchman's arm.
  • Now exit the castle.


  • Once outside head Northwest until you reach the bridge.
  • Walk around to the other side.
  • Climb up.
  • Climb up again.
  • Cross the bridge to the door.
  • Use the Henchman's severed hand on the door.
  • The doors open.

Stump Puzzle

  • Take Reveal Potion. Jump only on red stumps:
    • Forward-diagonal twice
    • Forward
    • Left
    • Forward-diagonal left
    • Backward-diagonal left
    • Left
    • Forward-diagonal Left
    • Forward-diagonal right
    • Forward-diagonal right
    • Forward-diagonal right


Getting the Golden Ladle

  • Kill the 2 Swamp Fiends.
  • Read sign above trunk.
  • Open the trunk.
  • Take the golden ladle.
  • Pull the two handles to reveal the gate controls.
  • Pull gate control.
  • Exit.
  • Climb back down.
  • Head back to the Witch's Tower.

Witch's Tower

  • Use the ladle on the kettle.
  • King Mudge will appear out of the water. You will automatically talk to him.
  • A portal to the Gnome Realm will open.
  • Before entering the portal, let's return the unicorn's horn and check on Gwennie.
  • Head back to the teleporter.


  • Climb up to the teleporter.
  • Stand on the pad.
  • Take out your map.
  • Scroll to Daventry.
  • Click on the teleporter button.
  • You are magically transported back. You are in the castle ruins.
  • Exit.
  • Find the Unicorn.


  • Click the horn on the unicorn. She is restored to her former self.
  • She gives you a crystal pyramid.
  • Now let's go check on Gwennie.

Checking on Gwennie

  • Walk back to the fork.
  • Turn left.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Enter the home across from the cemetery.
  • Gwennie is here.
  • Click on her.
  • Take gold.
  • Click on her again.
  • Back to the teleporter room.
  • Teleport back to the Swamp.

Back in the Swamp


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