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Map of Dimension of Death


Dimension of Death

At the Entrance:

  • Turn around a make a note of the symbols. You will need them.
  • Go forward.
  • Kill the 4 skeletons.
  • The large door before you is locked. We'll need to find a way in.
  • Go east. Notice the flames on the pedestals.
  • Look at the flames. You will see a slot.
  • Find the altar with the idol. This is Azriel.
  • Take the Lever of Life spinning above the structure.
  • Continue North.
  • Turn West at the dead end.
  • You will come upon some crates.
  • In the center is a fallen warrior.
  • Click on him.
  • Take the piece of shield.
  • Head East.
  • Follow the path to the locked gate. You'll need a key.
  • Turn around.
  • Turn right at the locked door.
  • Turn left at the crates.
  • Move forward past the idol.
  • Climb the pedestal.
  • Put Lever of Life in the slot in pedestal.
  • Turn it by bumping into it.
  • You will automatically take the lever.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining 3 pedestals.
  • The large iron doors are now open.
  • Enter.

Sanctum of Azriel

  • Use the symbols above the entry way door to make it to the top.

Azriel-Lord of the Dimension of Death-Getting Key

  • Azriel will give you the key to the entrance to the Compound of Death. He will tell you to cross the river to the Realm of the Sun.
  • Head around to the other side of the building.
  • Follow the path to the locked gate.
  • Use your key to open it.
  • There will be 3 skeletons waiting for you.

Compound of Death

  • Kill the skeletons.
  • Go West.
  • Turn left at the corner.
  • Turn right.
  • Ready your crossbow. Skeletons will be shooting from up high.
  • Clean up after them once they are disposed of.
  • Continue South.
  • Then turn left.
  • Shoot the urns as you approach. The red urns contain Spirits.
  • Jump up.
  • Flip the switch to disarm booby traps.
  • Continue South.
  • Turn right. Watch out for the fire.
  • Shoot the urns.
  • Continue North.
  • Look at the door on right. We need a key.
  • Continue North West.
  • Kill skeletons.
  • Shoot the urns if you like.
  • Turn South West.
  • Go all the way forward.
  • Hug the West wall.
  • You should begin to hear the cries of a young child.
  • Head North to a large clearing.

Sylph and Fountain

  • Move the large metal crate to release the pressure plate.
  • Go North.
  • Climb pedestal.
  • Read structure. "Light torches of righteousness."
  • Move the 3 remaining metal crates.
  • This will light a green flame in the structure.
  • Be sure to pick up all the rocks you find. You will need 4 in all.
  • Go to the Sylph of Inner Beauty. Use your map to find the way. It is in the middle of the area you are in.


  • Click on the Sylph.
  • Drink from the fountain if you need some health points.
  • Click on the Sylph again.
  • She asks you to bring her rust and mold.
  • Continue South past Azriel.
  • Go through the passage.
  • To the right the passage is blocked.
  • Turn left
  • Kill the 2 skeletons.
  • Read the inscription on structure: "Three holds the key to creation"
  • Looking at the map, exit South through the center passage.
  • Turn right. The opening is blocked by a metal crate.
  • Take a running leap over the metal crate.

Rescuing Little Girl

  • Weave your way through the boxes to the girl.
  • Click on her to hear her story and find out about her brother.
  • Push the metal box forward and the little girl will automatically escape.
  • Go back to the Sylph.
  • Go to the West wall and head North.
  • Kill the 3 skeletons.
  • Turn right.
  • Turn left.
  • Turn left again.
  • Turn right again.


  • Click on the boatman. He will tell you to seek the Bridge of Life.
  • Turn around.
  • Exit left from the docks.
  • Then right..
  • Read structure. 7 holds the key to the rhythms of life.

Looking for the Square Key

  • Exit. Continue North until you reach the river.
  • Then East.
  • Go all the way to the end.
  • Head South.
  • At the end turn West.
  • Then immediately South.
  • East.
  • Then South till you meet 5 skeletons.
  • After you wipe them out a trunk will be left behind.
  • Open the trunk to get the square key.

Looking for Little Girl's Brother

  • Head East.
  • South at dead end.
  • West at dead end.
  • South.
  • Then West.
  • North at the dead end.
  • Click on the dying man. He will tell you of the Hammer of Azriel.

Using the Square Key

  • From here head South till you can't go any further.
  • There should be a door on the left.
  • Use the square key here.

Training Area

  • Be ready for a big battle. Kill all the skeletons.
  • Pick up everything.
  • Look for the round key. It's here somewhere.

Getting Chain Mail

  • Go to the East tower.
  • Head North.
  • Then East at the first opening.
  • Go North at the second opening.
  • Then East.
  • Then North at dead end.
  • Go West at first opening.
  • Climb the tower.
  • At the top, kill the skeleton. You'll need to back him off the tower. Each time he takes a step backwards move forward. Block him into a corner and back him off.
  • Climb back down and get your chain mail.

Getting a Fourth Rock

  • Hopefully at this point you already have three rocks.
  • The rock is in the central tower.
  • It's in the middle of the map.
  • Find your way there and climb to the top.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • The rock is to the right.
  • Climb down the tower.

Opening the Portals

  • At the bottom throw your rocks on to the pressure plates. This will activate the portals. If you don't have all the rocks, just kill a zombie so that it falls on the pressure plate.
  • Head back to the Fountain area.

Hall of Respite - (Getting the Skull)

  • Enter the Hall of Respite.
  • Ready your crossbow.
  • Kill the two skeletons across the river.
  • Jump on the small box then the large one.
  • Back your way up the back right corner as far as you can go.
  • Aim at the pillar and take a running jump.
  • If you're lucky you will hit the pillar and it will fall over. If not, push it yourself.
  • Look at the shelves of skulls and remember your clues. The boatman mentioned the left shelf, and the structures you've been reading have mentioned the numbers 3 and 7.
  • Look at the left shelf, third row and seventh skull.
  • Take the skull.
  • Take the potion.
  • Run along the fallen pillar and jump across.
  • Exit.

Hall of War - Getting the feather

  • Enter the Hall of War.
  • Climb the bridge and use the left edge past the first gap.
  • At the break, walk onto the long part of the bridge.
  • If you run quickly enough and plan it just right you should be able to jump the rest of the way.
  • Take the potion of strength.
  • Put the skull on the headless statue.
  • Take the Feather.
  • Exit.

Hall of Immortality

  • Enter the Hall of Immortality.
  • Take the potion.
  • Look at the heart. You need to get it beating again.
  • Exit

Hall of Justice

  • Take potion.
  • Put feather on right side of scale.
  • Walk towards the left side and you will automatically jump on it. Azriel will appear. The heart is now beating.
  • Exit.

Getting Mold and Rust

  • From the fountain area.
  • Walk back to the river.
  • To get rust, dip the piece of shield in the river.
  • Now walk along the river bank until you are at the other side. Check your map.
  • Go South at the wall.
  • Then West at the first opening.
  • Follow the maze to the blood pool.
  • Collect all the mushrooms and the mold.
  • Now take them back to the Sylph.
  • Give her the mold and the piece of shield.
  • In return she will give you a spell of protection.

Using the round key

  • Head North.
  • Then East.
  • Continue East until you hit the wall.
  • Go North.
  • Then East to the door.
  • Use the key on the door.
  • Once again, be prepared for battle.
  • Kill all the skeletons.
  • Now go to the East wall and flip all four switches. This will open the gate allowing you access to the hallway between the cells.
  • Notice the large double doors.
  • Start down the hallway armed with your crossbow.
  • Kill all the Spirits.
  • Head back to the switch area.
  • Go to the West wall. Notice the first switch is already flipped.
  • Go to the South wall and flip all four switches.
  • Go back to the West wall and flip the second switch.
  • Back to the South wall. Flip all four switches.
  • Back to the West wall. Flip the third switch.
  • South wall. Flip all four switches.
  • West wall. Flip fourth switch.
  • South wall. Flip all four switches.
  • The cells are all open now.
  • Take everything from the cells.
  • In the last cell on the left pull the lever. This will open the double doors in the switch room.

Getting Azriel's Hammer

  • Go back to the double doors.
  • Drink a potion of reveal.
  • Arm yourself.
  • Enter.
  • Kill the specter.
  • Climb the ramp.
  • Jump over the spirits.
  • Grab the hammer.
  • Exit.

Bridge of Life

  • Pass through the hall of cells.
  • Make a left at the center.
  • Continue forward until you are met by a skeleton.
  • Prepare for a nearly impossible battle.
  • When he stops talking, kill the first skeleton you see.
  • Then run away quickly.
  • Heal yourself.
  • Drink a potion of shield and strength.
  • Go after the commander skeleton.
  • Once he's dead it is relatively easy to kill the rest.
  • After the battle, climb the bridge.
  • Look at the lever to the left on the other side of the river.
  • Throw Azriel's Hammer at it. The bridge will lower.
  • Cross the bridge to portal.

Note: Go back and pick up the rocks before you leave.

Go through the portal to enter The Swamp.


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