King's Quest: The Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

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Map of Kingdom of Daventry Sarah's House Conner's house Mausoleum Church Graveyard Wizard Millhouse Simms' House Dried Fish Simms' Pen Alchemist's Shop The Tavern Kavanaugh's House Overlook Windmill Unicorn Old Castle Keep Sir james's Tomb Waterfall Wizard's Tower


Kingdom of Daventry

Outside Sarah's House
  • Click on raven. Watch the direction it flies off in.
  • Click on the statue of Sarah.
  • Enter Sarah's house.

Inside Sarah's House

  • Click on statue of Widow Burke.
  • Click on basket of mushrooms.
  • Click on shield potion on the shelf in the back of the room.
  • In the kettle by the fire is a healing soup. Click on it if your health meter is low.
  • Exit house.

Back Outside

  • Go right.
  • Pick up mushrooms in front of house.
  • Continue down the path.
  • Enter Connor's house on the left.

Inside Connor's House - (Getting the Dagger)

  • Go to the back of the house.
  • Pick up the dagger stuck in the table.
  • Click on the jug on the shelf.
  • Pick up the coins that are now revealed.
  • Exit the house.
Wizard - (Getting the Magic Map)
  • Use your dagger on the bulls eye on the side of the house. This will raise your experience meter by 1 point.
  • Click on the raven on the fence.
  • Follow him. Head past Sarah's house and the Church. Watch out for flying arrows.
  • Go to the wizard. Learn what has happened in Daventry and of your quest to find the four remaining pieces of the mask. You will receive a magic map.

Outside the Graveyard

  • Turn left at the road.
  • Enter the house on the right.

The Simms Farmhouse - (Getting the Boots)

  • Click on Goodwife Simms.
  • Take gold from shelf.
  • Open box.
  • Take gold.
  • Take mushrooms on table.
  • Take boots beside bed.
  • Exit house.

Outside The Simms Farmhouse

  • Continue forward.
  • Take mushrooms.
  • Eat fish, if needed.
  • Go behind farmhouse.
  • Kill monster and Zombie. Make sure you take everything.
  • Head North to the fountain. Drink if necessary.
  • Go NW to the tavern.

Inside Tavern - (Getting the Gloves)

  • Head Left once inside.
  • Open chest.
  • Take gold.
  • Turn around.
  • Take gloves on bench.
  • Go to the back of the room and up the ramp.
  • Open trunk.
  • Take crystal.
  • Exit.

Outside Tavern

  • Continue NW.
  • Hit the barrels outside the tavern with your dagger to pick up some items.
  • Kill monster guarding the bridge.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Kill the monsters.
  • Enter Kavanaugh's house.

Inside Kavanaugh's

  • Take mushrooms
  • Take note of the child that must have lived there at one time.
  • Exit.

Outside Kavanaugh's

  • Go around the house to the right.
  • Open the outhouse door. Be prepared.
  • Kill the monster.
  • Continue South.
  • Kill monsters.
  • Enter windmill.

Windmill - (Getting Ax)

  • Look up at the ax stuck in the ceiling.
  • Push the hay bale underneath it.
  • Jump on it.
  • Take the ax.
  • Jump down.
  • Exit.
  • Be prepared for the Henchman waiting outside. He's easy to defeat. Four chops with the ax should bring him down.
  • Take everything left behind.

Outside Windmill

  • Head North then take the East path.
  • Go back to the fountain.
  • Enter the mill to the SW.

Inside the Millhouse

  • Look up and notice the rope. We can't get it yet because the grindstone is moving.
  • Exit.

Outside the Millhouse - (Stopping the Mill)

  • Go to the North side of the house.
  • Chop down the tree.
  • Go back to the house.

Inside the Millhouse - (Getting the Rope)

  • The wheel is now stopped.
  • Jump up.
  • Jump up to where the rope is.
  • Take rope.
  • Jump down.
  • Exit.

The Unicorn

  • Continue east to the beast/unicorn. She will ask you to return her horn.
  • Go back to the West.

Sir James' Tomb - (Outside the Old Castle Keep)

  • From the waterfall head East to the path.
  • Once on the path go North.
  • Go East at the fork.
  • Kill the mummies that pop up.
  • Continue along the path to the Tomb of Sir James.
  • After you kill the Spriggan, Sir James will appear and tell you to seek the dimension of Death, the urn will reveal the way.
  • Continue on west to the old Castle Keep.

Old Castle Keep Ruins - (Finding Teleporter Room and Getting Breastplate)

  • Ready your sword.
  • Enter the Castle Keep ruins.
  • Once inside, turn left and kill monster. Another will come up behind you. Kill him also.
  • There are two rooms with chains. Pull all three chains to disarm a booby trap you will encounter later.
  • Go back to the courtyard area.
  • Enter the opening to the North.
  • Turn left.
  • Follow the tunnel.
  • Continue till you find the door.
  • Use the key on the door. This is the teleporter room.
  • Go back to the courtyard.
  • Climb the ramp to the right.
  • Kill the monster at the top.
  • Head East.
  • Climb ramp.
  • Kill monster.
  • Take leather breast plate and potions.
  • Exit the castle.

Outside Tomb

  • Follow the path back to the fork.
  • Go left.
  • Pass the tavern.
  • Drink at the fountain to regain health.
  • Continue East.

On the Roof of the Mausoleum- (Getting the Crossbow)

  • Go back back past the Church.
  • There will be a cliff on the right. As soon as it is climbable, climb the face and walk to the edge.
  • Jump onto the roof of the mausoleum.
  • Walk to the far end of the roof.
  • Get out your dagger.
  • As you near the edge, you will automatically drop off and slit the Spriggan's throat.
  • Turn around and pick up the crossbow.
  • Exit through the back of the Graveyard to avoid the Zombies.

The Alchemist's Shop

  • Break down the door with the ax.
  • Take shielding potion.
  • Take elixir of life.
  • Take scroll.
  • Exit.


  • Go back to the fountain.
  • Go south.
  • Go to the door in the church that is blocked.
  • Use the rope to climb up the side.
  • Head towards the window.
  • Use your rope to climb down.

Inside Church- (Getting Candle and Opening Portal)

  • Take the candle.
  • Go to the front of the church.
  • Remember what Sir James said? (Push the urn.)
  • Looking through the window, you can see a portal has opened in the mausoleum.
  • Climb back out of the church.

Graveyard - (Outside the Church)

  • Enter the graveyard.
  • Kill the Zombies.
  • Enter the Mausoleum.

Inside the Mausoleum

  • Enter the portal. You will meet a ghost and you will be thrown back out.
  • Exit the mausoleum.


  • The raven is here.

Wizard - (Ring of Illumination)

  • Go back to the wizard.
  • Click on him.
  • He will ask for three objects, the candle, ring and ashes.

Tomb of Sir James - Getting Ring of Dead Hero

  • Return to Sir James' tomb.
  • Chop down the gate with your ax.
  • Open the tomb by walking up to it and keep going until Conner pushes the lid off.
  • Take the ring.

Getting Past the Waterfall

  • Head North to the Waterfall. If you follow the river you should run into it.
  • Go to the West side of the Waterfall.
  • Use rope.
  • Climb up.
  • Push blocks. There is now an opening in the waterfall.
  • Enter the opening.
  • A new location will now load.

Inside Castle Daventry - (Getting Torch Ashes and key.)

  • Follow the tunnel to the dead end.
  • Click on the candle on the right to open hidden room.
  • Click on the painting of King Graham.
  • Push the painting by bumping into it.
  • Take the key that is revealed.
  • Move toward the opening to the south.
  • Pick up the torch ashes on the ground.
  • Walk toward the statue of King Graham.
  • Click on the mirror when it starts swirling.
  • Exit the Castle.


  • Give him all three objects.
  • He will give you the Ring of Illumination. You can now get through the portal.
  • But first, enter the water behind the wizard.
  • Continue West until you reach an island.
  • Climb up the mountain to the Wizard's Tower.

Wizard's Tower- (Getting the Bell)

  • Take invisible potion under the table.
  • Click on pen.
  • Take newly written-on page.
  • Use page on spinning globe.
  • Take potion.
  • Drink potion.
  • Open trunk that has now been revealed.
  • Take bell.
  • Exit

Outside Wizard's Tower - (Getting Sword From Lady of the Lake)

  • Climb down.
  • Put bell on structure.
  • Hit bell three times with ax.
  • The Lady of the Lake will appear and give you a new sword.
  • Head back to the mausoleum.



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