SoundBlaster patch
for Sierra DOS games

V1.01 © 2001 by Kalgon

This SoundBlaster patch, SBSIERRA.EXE by Kalgon - Black Bird Entertainment, fixes the SB autodetect bug with fast machines above 486

ZIP version 1.01 (ZIP File) [4,379 bytes]


  1. Make a backup of SNBLAST.DRV
  2. Copy SBSIERRA.EXE into your game directory
  3. Be sure your BLASTER environment is set (type "SET" to check)

Tested games:

  • Space Quest 1 : She Sarien Encounter (SCI)
  • Space Quest IV : Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers (Disk Version)
  • King's Quest 1 : Quest for the Crown (SCI)
  • King's Quest V : Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder
  • Jones in the Fast Lane


  1. Check your BLASTER environment, if it is not correctly set, SBSIERRA won't patch the game. Typical BLASTER environment for a SBAWE64, type : SET BLASTER=A220 I5 H5 P330 E620 T6
  2. You should have a file named SNDBLAST.DRV in your game directory. If you don't, the game you're trying to patch either works with AUDBLAST.DRV (which a newer version can be downloaded from Sierra) or works with AdLib emulation (select AdLib from the installation program).
  3. If you did copy your game from a CD, the SNDBLAST.DRV file may be read-only. To remove it, type : ATTRIB -R SNDBLAST.DRV
  4. Your sound Card HEX port address is not 0x0220 and you've got a problem because I didn't implement support for those cards... Only IRQ is fixed this version, please contact me if you really need an improved version of this patch.

© Copyright 2001 - Black Bird Entertainment


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