NOTICE: The following information is now dated. DOSBox can handle most of these games, such as the Coktel Vision CD games. The following SAPUCDEX solution may no longer be necessary. By playing your game in a recent CVS of DOSBox, you can avoid most of these problems.

SAPUCDEX is a replacement for Windows NT/2K/XP's default MSCDEX emulation, MSCDEXNT, which is extremely basic and does not support many functions that DOS programs require, resulting in program failures or other anomalies. SAPUCDEX restores the functionality of the old DOS MSCDEX. Some of the problems you might encounter are:

  1. Some of the earlier CD-ROM games, such as the Coktel Vision CD games, is that the sound is on a Redbook CD audio track, separate from the data track. There can be timing issues with animations, cut scenes or events in the games where timing at certain points in the games is based on this audio track. XP's emulation of the old DOS driver (MSCDEX) is imperfect, so the games can lock up, even when using VDMSound.
  2. CD audio might not play because Windows NT's MSCDEX emulator does not route CD commands to Windows.
  3. Some program will quit with an error that MSCDEX is too old because the default MSCDEX emulation identifying itself with a fake version number (2.21).
  4. CD Installers sometimes quit when attempting to transfer files because of unimplemented direct CD read functions in Windows NT's MSCDEX.

These might effect any CD-ROM game. Thanks to Sauro Puccini for this program!


To use SAPUCDEX, if you do not alread have a VLP shotcut for your game, create one with the VDMS Launchpad wizard and exit the game.

  1. Right click on the VDMS shortcut VLP (.vlp) to the game.
  2. Do not select "Enable low-level CD-ROM support" in Lanchpad.
  3. Click the "Advanced..." button.


  1. Go to the "DOS Environment" tab.
  2. In the "AUTOEXEC.BAT" section, be sure that the "Additional options:" box is checked and add SAPUCDEX in the box below it.



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