DOSBox Quick Guide

Many find DOSBox intimidating to use. For those used to DOS, DOSBox is as easy to use. There are just a few extra commands for configuring the emulator, such as "MOUNT". For a list and information on using these commands, see the DOSBox manual. You can also type "HELP" for a list of commands and "INTRO" for a short introduction.

2 Easy Ways to Start a Game in DOSBox

Drag and Drop:

If you put a Shortcut to DOSBox on your desktop, you can drop a folder on it to mount that folder as "C:" or an executable (COM, EXE or BAT) to mount its folder as "C:" and launch that file in DOSBox.

Send To:

If you drop a Shortcut to DOSBox into your "SendTo" folder in your Windows user profile in the "Documents and Settings" directory ("C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" for Vista/Windows 7 users), you will see dosbox.exe listed in the "Send To" right click menu. If you right click on a DOS executable and choose "Send To > dosbox.exe" that file will be launched in DOSBox. You can rename this Shortcut to whatever you want, such as "DOSBox".

The Best Way: Create a Game Shortcut

Use these Instructions for Making a Custom Shortcut for your game.

Run Windows 3x Games in DOSBox

You can install Windows 3.x in DOSBox to to play some early Windows games. See this tutorial for how.

DOSBox Tips

Common problems with DOSBox and some solutions can be found here.


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