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Shivers' original requirements:

Windows 3.1 or greater
3 MB Hard drive space, 15 MB recommended
SVGA, 256 colors
Sound card with DAC


Installation Problems

Like many of the later Sierra games, Shivers has installation problems with the installer not fuctioning with faster PCs or under Windows XP. The game will install in Windows XP without trouble if you just avoid a couple of things.

Problem - AutoRun Hangs:
When you first insert the CD, the AutoRun will start and seems to lockup.

It is just searching your system for a previous installation. You can safely quit the AutoRun and just open the CD to run the installer. (Right click on the AutoRun button on the task bar and choose Close or use Ctl+Alt+Delete to end task. You can also hold the shift key down when you insert the CD and hold it until the PC reads it.).

Problem - System Test Crash:
The installer crashes when running the system test with this error:

SETUP caused a General Protection Fault in
module _SETUP.EXE at 0004:6357.

Choose close. SETUP will close.

You can't rerun the setup without ending the process (Ctl+Alt+Delete) or rebooting.

Skip the system test. You will still be able to install the game.

Game Specific Bugs

Problem - Game Only Plays In Small Window:
The game will only play in a small window without a title bar.

Solution #1:
To play�in full-screen mode you must change your display settings to 640x480.

Solution #2:
If you want a title bar to be able to move the window, you must edit the RESOURCE.WIN file to change the line "titleBar=" value to TRUE.


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