Shivers 1 Locations

Skeleton Dial locations and colors

  • Legend of the Deros (Subterranean Room) - yellow
  • Giant Eagles Nest (Strange Beasts Room) - blue
  • Tomb of the Ixupi (Tombs and Curses Room) - green
  • Two headed Celtic God (Gods and Religious Room) - red
  • Viking Burial (Funeral Rites Room) - blue
  • Myth of the Werewolf (Vampire Room) - red

Ixupi Hiding Places

  • Wax - candelabra in Library, snake in Myths and Legends Room, humanoid in Shaman Room
  • Tar - pit in Strange Beasts Room, pit in Subterranean Room
  • Sand - base of cactus in Amazing Plants Room, Poseidon's temple in Mysteries of the Deep Room
  • Ash - fireplace in Office, cremation display in Funeral Rites Room
  • Cloth - red cloth in Janitor's Closet, Red cloth in Funeral Rites Room, in corner behind sphinx in Tombs and Curses Room, Bedroom closet clothes
  • Metal - horse in Strange Animal Room, suit of armor in bedroom, unicorn in Strange Beasts Room, film canisters in Projection Room
  • Crystal - chandelier in Main Hall (from top of stairs), crystal display in Mysteries of the Deep Room
  • Water - Underground Lake, toilet in Janitor's Closet, fountain in Main Hall (open 3rd panel on bottom, turn knob to turn on fountain)
  • Wood - statue in Workshop, lumber pile near Fortune Teller's Room, statue in Gods and Religious Room, lumber pile in Strange Animal room (near horse)
  • Lightning - lamp in Planetarium, electric chair in Man's Inhumanity to Man Room and then in Power Plant

Pot and Lid Locations

  • Office - Desk drawer
  • Workshop - Solve drawer puzzle
  • Main Hall - Center mask in mask display and/or Panel after slide
  • Library - Cabinets underneath bookshelves and/or Statue above bookshelf
  • Theater - Behind curtain (after you watch movie)
  • Clock Tower - Mask (after clock is set to 5:30)
  • Amazing Plants - On shelf with artifacts
  • Mysteries of the Deep - Solve globe puzzle
  • Subterranean - Above arch
  • Tombs and Curses - Solve obelisk puzzle
  • Funeral Rites - Solve marble puzzle
  • Gods and Religious - Solve lyre puzzle
  • Myths and Legends - In music box and/or Mummy case
  • Janitor's Closet - Among rags
  • Planetarium - In UFO
  • Strange Inventions - Solve alchemy puzzle
  • Man's Inhumanity to Man - Underneath gallows
  • Bridge - After Psychedelic Room

Flashback Items and Locations

  • Intro Movie - Automatic
  • Beth's Ghost - Clock Tower
  • Merrick's Ghost - Fortune Teller's Room
  • Windlenot's Ghost - Underground Lake
  • Ancient Astrology Book - Myths and Legends Room
  • Scrapbook - Office
  • Museum Brochure - Main Hall
  • In Search of the Unexplained - Library
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Underground Lake
  • South American Pictograms - Library
  • Mythology of the Stars - Library
  • Black Book - Library
  • Theater Movie - Projection Room
  • Museum Blueprints - Mysteries of the Deep Room
  • Beth's Address Book - Secret Passageway (from Library)
  • Merrick's Notes - Funeral Rites Room
  • Windlenot's Diary - Bedroom
  • Endgame - Automatic


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