Shivers 1 Walkthrough

The object is to solve the puzzles to enter rooms and capture 10 ixupi that are running wild in the museum. There are 10 pots and 10 corresponding lids (talismans) scattered throughout the museum. Their positions are random and may change if you die or restart. Note the joining shapes on the pots and lids to combine the vessels. Once you have a complete vessel, capture the corresponding ixupi. One of the library books describes the markings on the pots which helps you identify which ixupi to place in each pot. You are only allowed to hold one inventory item at a time, so make a note of where you leave each pot and talisman. Once you have a completed vessel, you should try to capture the corresponding ixupi immediately. Be sure to use the flashback feature on the control panel, it shows books and other information once they've been found. In this Walkthrough, where it states "note pot/lid", know that there may not be a pot or lid in that area, but if there is one, note it. You should save your game after solving difficult puzzles and before capturing ixupi.

Turn left, pull chain. Get letter, read letter. Note the number 29. Turn left, follow the path to the gazebo. Enter combination of 029 and click the red button. Gear puzzle - Using the positions:


A 1 2 3  
  4 5 6 B

move 4 to A, 2 to 4, 6 to 2, 3 to 6, 5 to 3, 1 to 5, A to 1. Turn the crank. Turn around, go right and cross the lake. Stonehenge puzzle - If you wandered around outside, you noticed colored designs. Turn each panel to the corresponding design. Here are descriptions: green - circle with swirls; red - circle within circles; tan - circle with plus inside; gray - several semicircles within each other; white - two circles next to each other in a rectangular box; orange - several rectangular shapes within each other but one side (short side) of the rectangle is curved inward. Take the stairs that appear down.

Click on door, walk through door, turn left. Click on red button, pull lever down. Turn right. Walk forward, turn right. Pass a couple curves and turn right at next intersection. Walk forward, turn left. Pass more curves, open the door. Walk to the boat and turn left. Examine the book in his hand. Board the boat. Turn left, look down and push lever. Go to other end of the boat, look down, push lever, look up and turn crank. Continue to turn crank until you hit land and get out of the boat. Click on the pot to see the ghost. Walk through door and enter another maze. Turn left at every intersection unless there is no left. Click on the gray box to the right of the elevator. Align the pictures diagonally from the top right to the bottom left. All elevator puzzles have the same goal. Enter elevator, press button and exit.

The ash ixupi may be in the fireplace. Look at map, read paper. Open desk drawers, note pot/lid. Listen to tape recorder on desk. Read scrapbook on desk. Read newspaper in coat pocket. Read letter on floor in front of the desk. Face the fireplace and exit through the right door.

The wood ixupi may be in the partially crated statue. Look at paper on the table. Go to the wood drawers near the back. Open drawers: 189a, 249c, 299, 417c, 458 and 513g. Click the key. Look down and note pot/lid. Return to office. Click on tapestry and go through small opening. Click gray box and solve puzzle, enter elevator, push button and exit. Walk right, open door.

The metal ixupi may be in the suit of armor. Read journal on the desk. Notice clock on the nightstand at 5:30. Return to office and exit through door next to tapestry.

The crystal ixupi may be in the chandelier. Look at the desk, open drawer and look at pamphlet. Go to mask display, open center mask, open skull, note pot/lid. Go up the marble stairs and open the door.

The wax ixupi may be in the candelabra. On various bookshelves you can read 4-5 books (4 on one shelf and I think there's another on another shelf). Look at all bottom cabinets, note pot/lid. Move the ladder to the right, climb ladder and click on the thick book. Turn right and look at statue, note pot/lid. Climb down, stand by bookshelf near candelabra and see secret passageway. Enter passageway and look at items on the ground (lipstick, note, ID, report card, purse). Open purse and look at address book. Return to library and the main hall. Walk to the purple and gold doorway.

Click on the door with the purple star to start the puzzle. Flashback to the Egyptian Hieroglyphics book and note the symbols for north, east, south and west. Replicate those symbols on the door to enter the theater. Walk on the stage from the right and read note on the podium. Walk to the other side of the stage (I had to go down then back up) and enter the doorway. Follow the hall to the end and open door.

The metal ixupi may be in the canisters. Go to the projector. Click on the top wheel several times until the light turns green. Click on the green light and watch the film. Return to theater and walk up on the stage from the right and note pot/lid. Again go through the hallway on the left side of the stage and stop at the first door. Turn the letters so that the 3:00 position reads Geoffrey. (In this hallway there is also a secret door that leads to the same passageway as the library one).

Walk all the way up, climb up ladder. Click on pot to see ghost. Look at security screens. Push red buttons to change view. Return about halfway down the stairs to the large chains. Pull the 3rd chain from the left 6 times then pull the 2nd chain from the left twice. Return to the tower and a mouth should have opened, note pot/lid. Go to the jukebox, press B2 then the red button. Return to the main hall. Enter the door with the columns and rails.

The tar ixupi may be in the tar pit. The metal ixupi may be in the unicorn. Turn around and press red button. Look at all exhibits and plaques. Climb the ladder to the nest and note lid/pot. Find Merrick's inhaler. Turn the skeleton dial to blue (click center to check what color it is currently). Enter the green door on the left.

The sand ixupi may be in the base of the cactus. Turn around and press green button. Look at all exhibits, plaques. Look at shelves on each side of the door and note pot/lid. Return to Strange Beasts Room and enter the right door.

The sand ixupi may be in the sand sculpture on the right. The crystal ixupi may be in the crystal display on the left. Click on red button near door. Click on globe. Set the center to 20 north and 75 west. Look at rising island, get map and note pot/lid. Go to siren exhibit, read plaque and press button. Turn around, go right and go to organ. Number the shells 1-7 from left to right and click on the shells in this order - 1, 6, 5, 1, 6, 5, 7, 4, 2, 1. This opens the big green head to go to the Subterranean Room.

The tar ixupi may be in the tar pit. You might want to wait until you have the tar pot and lid combined before entering the Subterranean Room (if you wait, Back to Main hall). Click on the red button and plaque, follow the tunnel. Flashback to the theater movie and note the 7 things you must press to open the door. Press those 7 things. Go right and continue to go right (unless there is no right) until you reach the tar room. Turn skeleton dial to yellow. Look at display and plaque. Cross tar pit, note pot/lid on top of arch and continue through tunnel and up the stairs, Back to Main hall. Go up the stairs and open door.

The cloth ixupi may be in the rags near the sphinx. Turn around and press yellow button. Turn skeleton dial to green. Look at room on right where ixupi were held. Behind the partition (back wall of Tombs and Curses Room) look at sphinx. Turn around and look at the two obelisks (poles). Look at Egyptian Hieroglyphics book and note symbols for Aakhunaten and Nefertiti. Turn left pole to match Aakhunaten drawing and the right pole to match Nefertiti. The sarcophagus will open, note pot/lid. Opposite the skeleton dial (near ixupi display room) is a secret passageway. Click on green leaf to enter.

The wood ixupi may be in the pile of wood. Make 3 left turns, a right and a left. Click on painting to the left of the door. Rearrange the pieces to make a picture of a man holding a sword on a two headed horse. The pieces rotate as well. Enter door.

Click on pot to see ghost. Look at machine, take coin and place it in slot. You will receive 4 riddles. Return after solving first riddle to get the second riddle and so forth. Return to the Tombs and Curses room (through a small panel). Go up the stairs to the door and click on it. You must turn each piece (no moving) until a ball drops out of each hole on top and lands at the bottom. Enter room.

The cloth ixupi may be in the burial clothes. The ask ixupi may be on the cremation platform. Click the green button. Turn the skeleton dial blue (it's near Viking exhibit). Look at all exhibits and plaques. Find lion coffin. Read book underneath it. Open coffin. Find exhibit of a creature that looks like a combination of a bear, dragon and fish. Click on the bottom panel. Move the marbles: 5 to 17, 12 to 10, 3 to 11, 1 to 3, 18 to 6, 30 to 18, 27 to 25, 13 to 27, 24 to 26, 22 to 24, 27 to 25, 31 to 23, 16 to 28, 33 to 31, 4 to 16, 31 to 23, 7 to 9, 10 to 8, 21 to 7, 7 to 9, 24 to 10, 10 to 8, 8 to 22, 22 to 24, 24 to 26, 19 to 17, 16 to 18, 3 to 11, 11 to 25, 26 to 24 and 29 to 17. A drawer opens and note pot/lid. Open blue door.

The wax ixupi may be in the humanoid statue. Click on green button. Click on red button. Click on the shaman with the drums. Take the drumstick and play: ram - ta - bo - ba - ta - ram - ba and return the drumstick. Look at hut with masks, note pot/lid. Look at displays and plaques. Exit through door to big snake.

The wood ixupi may be in the Tahitian statue. Look at exhibits and plaques. Find the Mayan temple. Enter and click on blue button. The lyre will play notes and you must copy them. Number the strings 1 to 8 and write them down as they're played. Each time it will continue the same tune, but new notes will be added to the end. The door will open and note pot/lid. Exit temple, continue forward to the red door. Turn left and turn skeleton dial to red. Return to the door. Click on the box to the left. Look at the drawing in Beth's address book (in flashback) and copy that pattern in this puzzle. Pieces rotate. Go through red door.

The wax ixupi may be in the snake. Click red button. Find backpack, read book and look at pictures. Find music box. You must have been to the Clock Tower and set the jukebox to B2 to open the music box. Click on the wind up key and note pot/lid. Look at displays and plaques. Open mummy case and note pot/lid. Turn left at mummy and enter room.

The wood ixupi may be in the wood pile. The metal ixupi may be in the horse. Look at displays and plaques, enter next room.

Look at exhibits and plaques. Turn the skeleton dial to red. Exit to hallway. Go left to the door, enter.

The water ixupi may be in the toilet. The cloth ixupi may be in the red rags. Note pot/lid mixed in with the rags. Exit room, follow hallway to stairs, go up.

The lightning ixupi may be electric lamp. Click the red button (near other doorway). Go to the center solar system exhibit. Move Mars (all the way right) to the left and Venus (blue) to the right. Those are the only two planets that move. Look at new clue. Return to Thor's chariot in Gods and Religious Room and click on the big pole near him. Read message and return to Planetarium. Click on the puzzle to the right of the UFO. Flashback to the book In Search of the Unexplained and repeat those patterns here. The UFO will open, note pot/lid. Go through the door to the next room.

Look through crates. Open crate with Alchemical noted on it. Click on silver octagon for the puzzle. Arrange the 9 tiles so that each sides matches the next tile. Tiles can rotate. Note pot/lid. Behind the triangular wood slats is the secret passageway to the Fortune Teller's Room. Return or stay in the Strange Inventions Room and exit through the door on the right.

The lightning ixupi may be in the electric chair. Click on red button. Look at displays and plaques. Find the gallows. Climb up, set dials to 120 and pull lever. Go down through the opening (rope) and note pot/lid. Go back up and then down by way of stairs. Exit through red door.

Click on red button, look at display and plaque. Click on puzzle. Click on lever. This puzzle is like the game Master Mind. There are 5 hidden pictures that you must guess in 12 tries. After each try two numbers will appear on top. The first number is how many you got in the right spots and the second number is how many you had the right picture for, but in the wrong spot. I suggest trying all 5 of the same to learn which 5 pictures to use. Then combine for the final result. Click on lever again for a new puzzle. After you succeed, exit through the door underneath the puzzle.

Click on the brown painting twice. Click on the pinball machine (looks like a table mirror). Number the 9 positions from the left (1-9). Click the flipper below the ball to move it, if one flipper doesn't work, try the other one. Click in this order: Blue from 4 to 5, Pink from 7 to 4, Purple from 8 to 7, Blue from 5 to 8, Pink from 4 to 5, Green from 1 to 4, Red from 2 to 1, Plaid from 3 to 2, Beige from 6 to 3, Yellow from 9 to 6, Blue from 8 to 9, Pink from 5 to 8, Plaid from 2 to 5, Beige from 3 to 2, Yellow from 6 to 3, Blue from 9 to 6, Pink from 8 to 9, Plaid from 5 to 8. Enter through door that opened. Pick up pot on bridge, turn skeletons and open door.

You should have now seen 9 full pots (all but lightning) and 1 part of the lightning pot. If you haven't already done so, capture those 9 ixupi. Click on the two lightning ixupi locations (Planetarium light and electric chair in Man's Inhumanity to Man Room, click on lever near chair) to make it go to the power plant. It might not be in either location. Go to the library, enter the secret passageway and take it all the way down to the Power Plant door and enter. Find the switches and click them until the panel underneath opens. Look at body and note in her hand. Return to Man's Inhumanity Room and find the guillotine exhibit. Click on it for a close up and then release the blade (pull out the pin holding it up). Look at the pattern on the blade. Return to the skeleton door (past the Psychedelic Room) and push on the eye pattern on the wall. At the bottom of the slide, take other piece of the lightning pot. Make sure to get the other piece to complete the lightning pot. Return to the power plant and find the secret door. Open it and capture the lightning ixupi.


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