Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance Help

Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance's original requirements:

MS-DOS 6.1 or Windows 95 or greater
Pentium 75 MHz or greater
3 MB Hard drive space, 70 MB recommended
SoundBlaster or compatible soundcard


Game Specific Bugs

There are a couple of bugs the games have that are not speed dependent.

Problem - Can't run the game with DirectX:
The game was designed to use DirectX 2.0 The later versions of DirectX are not backward compatible (they are supposed to be) and so the game does not work properly with never versions of DirectX.

Solution #1: (preferred):
Play using DOSBox. Even the Windows version can be played in DOSBox if you install Windows 3x in it, first.

Solution #2:
Don't use Direct Draw. Reduce your screen resolution down to 640x480 with "Compatibility mode". This will fill the entire screen, without even using D-Draw.

Solution #3 (NOT RECOMMENDED!!):
Uninstall your current DirectX and install DirectX 2.0. Many drivers, most newer games and many applications need later versions of DirectX. Also, you would not be able to uninstall DirectX 8 form XP, anyway.


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