Leisure Suit Larry 6 Walkthrough

Talk to everyone until they repeat themselves. Talk to the woman at the reception desk. Look in room key deposit box and take a key. Go upstairs.

Use room key to open door. Take flowers from vase and look at the three pieces of paper on the table next to the phone. Use the phone and call housekeeping, #75. Go into the bathroom. Turn on the sink. Turn off sink. Call maintenance, #76. Call room service, #71. Call housekeeping again. Leave room and discover the maid's cart. Look at both sides of the cart and take: towel, toilet seat cover, dental floss, toilet paper, washcloth, hand cream and soap.

Go downstairs, right and enter lounge. Get match. Go to dining room and get orange (in ice). Go into kitchen and take can of lard from trash can. Wet washcloth in sink and put it in the fridge.

Go back to your room and into the bathroom to see the plumber. Take a wrench and file from him. Leave bathroom and take condom from pillow. After plumber leaves go back to bathroom. Click zipper icon on toilet. Use seat cover on toilet. Use toilet paper on Larry. Wash hands with soap. Call housekeeping again, #75 and take another soap from cart.

Enter the health spa. Talk to Gary and take a brochure. Enter the room on the far left. Talk with Rosa. Give her flowers. Exit room and go to Cellulite Drainage room. Use lard on piston. Use wrench on canister, open it. Take filter. Go into Men's Locker Room. Use eye then hand on tile in shower to look into Women's Shower. Go to mud bath (through shower).

Talk to Char. Move the plants then use the wrench on the camera. Exit to makeup room. Get cord from floor and strip it. Look at Shablee and talk to her. Exit and knock on any room door.

Go to beach and dig in sand to get lamp. Go out in front of hotel and to guard's office. Take handcuffs. Go to pool. Look at pool float and take case. Open sunglass case. Take sunglasses from case. Take cloth from case. Get beaver float. Go in door on right.

Participate in aerobics (hand on empty spot). Talk with Cav and get her ID. Exit through lower door. Talk with Thunderbird about wishes. Give her handcuffs. Take rubber belt. Go to kitchen and inflate beaver on tire. Wash filter in sink. Go back to Drainage room and put filter back, tighten with wrench. Use rubber belt on broken hose. Start machine. Wait until message appears that it works. Turn it off and tell Gammie. Go back, hook her up to machine and start it again. When she asks, give her orange, get washcloth from fridge, give washcloth, get mineral water from outside a room all the way to right, give her water. Fill lamp from pipe. Exit.

Knock on Thunderbird's door (left, middle door). Remove diamond from collar.

Go to lounge and unplug microphone (hand icon). Talk to her. Exit. Ride tram all the way to the east (right). Give match to Art. Open tram cover. Use wrench on pulley. Talk to Art when he seems confused. Get batteries from flashlight. Use ID on gate. Get beer from tub, give it to Burgandy. Take another match while she drinks. Get another 6 pack and give it to Burgandy. Get dress from backstage after she leaves. Use the dental floss on the cloth. Go to pool.

Walk all the way to front and middle of screen and put on swimsuit. Click float on pool. Move to oasis. Click hand on beaver to call waitress. Show room key to waitress. Talk to Merrily about wishes. Get tower key from Billy. Use it on tower door. Use tower key on soap. Use file on extra key. Give original tower key back to Billy. Go back to bar in pool and give copied key to Merrily. Touch Merrily a couple times, touch yourself when she says undress, touch her again.

Go the men's locker room, open locker and use the towel on Larry. Take a mudbath, shower, enter sauna, talk to girls, take bracelet, shower, get dressed. Go to mudbath and give batteries to Char. Plug cord in outlet, then on door. Enter room. Next day, go back to shock room and get pearl.

Go back to makeup room and give Shablee dress. Touch her a few times and talk to her and eventually give her condom. Next day, go back to beach and get champagne. Chill champagne in ice machine near your room.

Go to kitchen and enter dumbwaiter. Light match in fireplace. Light lamp with match. Talk to Shamara. Give her orchid, lamp, bracelet, diamond, pearl, amulet, words of wisdom and then champagne.


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