Note: Sarien has been incorporated into ScummVM. To play the Sierra AGI games with Sarien download and install ScummVM. Also, the AGI games run easily in DOSBox without the garish pallet or the inaccurate audio inherent to Sarien. And if you select machine=tandy in the dosbox.conf you will even get acurate three voice tandy sound.

From the site: "Sarien is an open source, portable implementation of the Sierra On-Line Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI). It is currently under development; no production-quality packages have been released. Sarien is able to execute Sierra On-Line AGI games at different levels of playability. Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest II and Mixed-Up Mother Goose are some of the games that have been played from beginning to end with Sarien.

"Sarien has features not present in the original Sierra On-Line interpreter. These extra functionalities include double horizontal resolution, enhanced color palette, dictionary and picture viewers, three-channel PCM sound, support to AGDS (a Russian AGI clone) games and a "Quake console" with integrated debugger."


This small executable can simply be unzipped to your game's folder. To then play your game, just run Sarien.exe.


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