To run Sierra's AGI games with NAGI:

  • Download
    (151 kb) and unzip it into a new folder of your choice (create a folder in the same SIERRA folder where your games are installed. Call it NAGI or whatever you want to name it.)
  • Download
    which is a free generic library,
    (94 kb) and unzip it to your NAGI folder (NAGI requires it to run)
  • Now just drag and drop each of your AGI game folders into your NAGI folder
  • Open your NAGI folder and double click on " N.EXE" or just "N" if you have file extensions set to be hidden. You will be presented with a list of all your AGI games in your NAGI folder. Just scroll down the list with your arrow keys to select the game you want to play and press ENTER.

You can right click and drag a
from "n.exe" to your desktop for easy access to your games.

NOTE: By default NAGI does not run full screen, but you can get it to, if you open "NAGI.INI" (a file that is in the NAGI folder) and look for this entry:

full screen mode
; available options: 0, 1
; default option: 0

Change full_screen=0 to full_screen=1 and save your changes.

Or you can select "n.exe" run in 640 x 480 screen resolution from the
Compatibility mode
tab. This will allow it to still run in a window, but make it fill most of the screen.


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