number StrCmp(string aString, string bString[, number max])

Compares aString to bString. If max is specified, only max number of characters are compared.

If the strings are equal, it returns 0, if aString is less than bString, it returns -1, and if aString is greater than bString, it returns 1. These are defined in SCI.SH as the following...

STRINGS_EQUAL The strings are equal.
STRING_LESSTHAN aString is less than bString
STRING_GREATER aString is greater than bString
(var aString[40], strPtr)
StrCpy(aString "Hello World")
if( == STRINGS_EQUAL StrCmp(aString "Hello World"))
    Print("The string says Hello World")

See Also: StrEnd, StrCat, StrLen, StrCpy