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[1] Keys and Lockpicks
[2] Best Equipment
[3] Tricks and Cheats
[4] Top "Tens"

[1] Keys and Lockpicks Spoilers

[2] Best Equipment

Well, here's what all those weapons and armor come down to. This is the best equipment for your guild, and the overall best equipment, if you "force". My characters had to be used as gunea pigs for this, so be grateful! :P

Best Equipment for your Guild

This is the best equipment your current guild has. Note that Thieves don't have a special "weapon" skill (e.g. Fencing), so for the weapon you should go for what you want to have for your weapon. Note that if you have Fencing, Archery, Staff, and Clubs/Axes at the same level, 12, for example, all the weapons of the Gods (Sword of Ares, Bow of Eos, Gaea's Flail, and Neptune's Trident) will be exactly the same, but the Bow of Eos and Neptune's Trident will have an advantage as they can hit the enemies both in the front row and the back row in battle, while the Sword and Flail can hit only the enemies in the front row. Also note that even though Clerics have the Martial Arts skill there is no weapon designed for it, so you will have to go with choosing any one of the four. The weapons listed here are originally the ones more fit for you Guild Skill, but if you have all the weapon skills, you may pick any 1 of the 4 weapons. Note that the Jester's Cap is the best Helmet, period, because it not only boosts your defense and agility, but also your Strength and Dexterity by tons, and is useable by ALL guilds without forcing. Best Equipment Without Forcing

Barbarian - Gaea's Flail (Weapon) Jester's Cap (Helmet) Gloves of Protection (Shield) Shadow Cloak (Armor)

Knight - Sword of Ares (Weapon) Jester's Cap (Helmet) Gloves of Protection (Shield) Shadow Cloak (Armor)

Ranger - Bow of Eos (Weapon) Jester's Cap (Helmet) Shadow Cloak (Armor) Reality's Rampart (Shield)

Thief - Sword of Ares/Bow of Eos/Gaea's Flail/Neptune's Trident (Weapon) Jester's Cap (Helmet) Reality's Rampart (Shield) Shadow Cloak (Armor)

Cleric - Sword of Ares/Bow of Eos/Gaea's Flail/Neptune's Trident (Weapon) Jester's Cap (Helmet) Reality's Rampart (Shield) Priestly Guard (Armor)

Wizard - Neptune's Trident (Weapon) Jester's Cap (Helmet) Reality's Rampart (Shield) Etheric Vestment (Armor)

Best Equipment for all Guilds

This is the total best equipment for all guilds. You'll need to force it in some cases. For information on how to force, refer to the "Tricks and cheats" section of this FAQ. Once (or should I say "if"?) Twinion is back online, in case it is, you will be able to force again. For now, I'm still listing them here. Here they are! You can see there are 4 different weapons because they all have the same effectiveness. The weapons are the "definite" best; in other words, I am totally, positively, 100% sure that they are the best, and so is that way about the Jester's Cap. The shield and armor, however, I'm only so-so sure about and I may need further testing to make it totally clear.

  1. Sword of Ares/Bow of Eos/Gaea's Flail/Neptune's Trident (Weapon)
  2. Jester's Cap (Helmet)
  3. Gloves of Protection (Shield)
  4. Shadow Cloak (Armor)

[3] Tricks and Cheats

This a list of all the cheats, tricks, etc. that can be used in the game. So far, I've found only 2 actual "tricks" to be used in FoT - yes, they are the same ones, cheat saving and forcing. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any other tricks that do not require macros or hack programs.

(1)   Cheat Saving - Simply save your game from the options menu, then click on Quit to Dos. Click on "Cancel". Now, IF you die, you can simply use the bottom dungeon entrance. It will return you to the spot where you last "cheat saved". This cheat has its use mostly before large battles that you are not sure you can win, or if you want to take your chance at blindly jumping into a pit to see if it leads you anywhere. It is, in fact a very useful trick.

(2)   Forcing - Forcing an item is simply a way to equip an item that your guild originally cannot use. First, be sure that you are in a party and _not_ leading. Also be sure that the party leader knows that you are forcing, as you will NOT be able to talk while doing so.

  1. "Fill up" all spots around your body, (armor, weapon, shield, helmet, and the 2 spaces by your legs _don't_ place any items in the spot between).
  2. Place the item to be forced (I'll use the Spiked Shield for an example) in the spot between your legs. Be sure to still have the original shield on your shield spot.
  3. Click the left mouse button on the original shield (I'll use a Buckler for an example) and hold. Drag the shield down to the Spiked Shield and release the left mouse button. The Buckler and Spiked Shield will switch, so you will have the Buckler in the spot between your legs and you will be "dragging" the Spiked Shield.
  4. Place the Spiked Shield on the shield spot. Note that it still will say "That item is not usable by your guild". Ignore it. Once you have the Spiked Shield over your shield spot, click and hold the left mouse button. Now, you will need your party leader to take you into a battle. Unfortunately, you will not be able to talk to him. You'll need some other way to communicate with only him talking.. Such as having him give you a 10 count after each step (for example : step 1, then he will wait ten seconds, counting off with a number each second).
  5. Once he takes you into a battle, the Spiked Shield will be "Forced on" for the battle. It will stay on as long as you don't left click on it; if you do, then you will have to start the process all over again.

[4] Top "Tens"

I just put this in here to give people a little info. Note that these aren't all top tens. (Some are top 5's or others). Here they are:

10 Toughest places in the game:

  1. Juvalad's "Plane of Ennakar"
  2. Rat Race
  3. Race Track
  4. Funhouse
  5. Choronozar's Demesne
  6. Dissemination
  7. Concordia
  8. Hopeless Hallways
  9. The Graveyard
  10. Cartography Shop

10 Toughest Monsters (Excluding Boss chars i.e. Aeowyn/any Dralk/Choronozar)

  1. Champion of Chaos
  2. Pit Serpent
  3. Imperial Wraith
  4. Imperial Fiend
  5. Imperial Golem
  6. Imperial Kaalroth
  7. Crazed Erebus Fiend
  8. Really Big Dragon
  9. Death Shade
  10. Imperial Ghoul

5 Toughest Boss Characters (Excluding Dralks)

  1. Queen Aeowyn
  2. Choronozar's "Ghost" (in the Funhouse)
  3. Shaddax & Chiss
  4. Gaoler
  5. The Ogress

5 Toughest Dralks

  1. Corpeus
  2. Juvalad
  3. Malos
  4. Pluthros
  5. Astelligius

3 Best Experience Point-gaining Quests

  1. Final Quest
  2. Map Quest
  3. Concordia


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