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  1. What is a Tribute?
  1. A tribute it gold given each season to you or from you depending on who demands the tribute.
  1. I have played the game until the 18th turn and yet to see any sign of the Regency points. I know that I need at least 300 to win the game but I can't see my progress! If any of my rivals get 300, will they win the game? I am scared of that scenario happening as Mur-Kilad has gone pretty gigantic.
  1. Hold on a second there, pal. Seems to be a bit of confusion: Regency Points are things you collect every turn based on 1) your Regency strength and 2) your realm strength. You spend 'em (along with Gold Bars) on actions to increase your success, etc. Realm Strength is how you win the game and become Emperor: On the reports screen, under the Chamberlain, bring up the Realm Strength chart; it will show your strength as compared to the top ten NPC realms.
  1. Who are these Thieves that keep robing me after I get above 5k and how can I prevent it?
  1. The money disappearing is a preventive to keep your realm from getting too much money. Once your treasury gets above a certain level It could start causing unwanted actions such as negative numbers and other weird things.
  1. I have killed all contenders, own all provinces, and have become the emperor. How do I get rid of these nasty chaos troops and end the game?
  1. When you become emperor, you have "won" the game. This is the time in the game where you have become pretty much unstoppable, you have proven you can win, and so we acknowledge the fact and encourage you to try again with harder settings and a harder realm. But, many people let us know that they did not necessarily want to stop that game at that time. They had become attached to the action, to that realm and those characters and wished to play on. Some had their own goals (take every province, for instance) that took longer than another player might wish to invest. So, it's your choice when you stop and how long you play. Start over when you get bored. Change realms and strategies. Find other approaches to the game. It's your game. We're not going to tell you when to stop playing. Oh yeah, those irritating monster invasions. Even if you control every province in Anuire, there are hidy holes and caves, secret lairs and inaccessible mountains where monsters will breed and prey upon your peaceful kingdom. They are a part of life, now and forever. You can never completely eliminate them.

Field Battle questions - The Gods Final Battle

  1. How do I cast in combat?
  1. You have to wait until an enemy unit is on its way or is already in a square North, South, East, or West of you (no diagonals). Then you'll probably hear something like, "Wizard ready". THEN when you click on the wizard the spells will come up. A quick way to see how many battlefield spells you have left is to RIGHT click on your wizard's unit. (This all applies to Priests as well)
  1. Skeletons are Really tough how can I beat them?
  1. Without the use of magic.

    1. Skeletons are as tough as they are in the pen 'n' paper game (which is TOUGH). They can be (easily) defeated, once you know how, though (try magic. Lots of magic; and let the computer run the bigger battles involving skeletons vs. knights when you have no mage or cleric available for that fight).
    2. I found that dwarven infantry does a fairly good job of wailing on those babies, That and bowmen. As long as you are not too out numbered. Use bowmen/Archers/Cavalry of any other unit with missile weapons (elven archers are the Best but any can work.). Keep them at a distance and firing. When the Skeletons advance on the unit move them (mounted units move faster and come to a ready state much quicker then the skeletons.) When a unit is grayed out you can run through them to get behind them and fire from behind. Magic is by far the best way to deal with them and in large Numbers.
  1. Defeating Skeletons using magic

    1. Watch where the computer player puts their units. This is the advantage of having them move onto the battlefield 1st. Put your priests or mage opposite the skeletons Also, if you have more than one priest or mage, stagger them like so (where S stands for spellcaster): S KorA S KorA S or KorA S KorA S KorA

      Move the spellcasters forward a space. Let them destroy the unit opposite them, and shoot diagonally at the opponent to their flank when they move forward. Don't hesitate to 'redeploy" your spellcasters by moving them into the reserves, then bringing them back onto the battlefield in the critical area. Don't waste spells on lesser units; that's what the archers and knights are there for. Do not directly engage the enemy with the wizard or priest; they won't be able to spellcast. Move 'em back, then wipe out the threatening unit and move forward. The battlefield is like a chessboard; if you control the critical squares, you will be able to retain maneuverability and crush the enemy. Once you get good, you'll never loose more than two-three units even in the hardest fight. So keep practicing.

      Oh, and you probably were not around for this suggestion; move wounded units (yellow or red condition bars) into the reserves, and they will survive the battle a lot more often than if you leave 'em on the field. Undamaged units tend to be somewhat better for some reasons, also, so it is a good idea to replace the wounded ones for that reason as well (but keep using those spellcasters till they run out of spells, though not at the risk of getting them killed).

  1. Does Battlewise work? I don't seem to notice any improvement while fielding a regent with it.
  1. It does work, but it is subtle. It increasing the attack and defense numbers of the unit that that character is attached to. They do better in battle than they would without his presence. Not real obvious in its effects, but a reasonable approximation of what it should do.

MISC. Questions

The Blooded

  1. How does it compare to the real game?
  1. It's actually VERY faithful to the pen n paper game(if you've tried any of the other strategic-type ADnD to computer conversions, I can understand why you asked; they were NOT very good at adapting the campaign world). It is almost exactly like the rules in the game. A few minor things were left out. Some more important were to (like the Research action), but are probably going to be added. I could rave some more about it, but I'll let others do so.
  1. Two thumbs WAY up on this game. (g) In these threads you might see us debating on rules, or patches, or whatever. We might disagree or wish some of the finer points were a little different, but actually this is more of an indication of how cool (and deep) this game is -- I know I wouldn't take the trouble of raising/responding to issues if I thought BR was just an OK game. It's a game that's excited us enough to clamor for more.
  1. How do you win via Magic style?
  1. Winning With magic. The subject forced me to try to win Purely by magical means and Yes It can be done. Quick summery of how I did it is this. Collect powerful sources, lay lines to other owning in other lands. Casting raze spells to get rid of castles, mass destruction to eliminate troops, death spell to get rid of holdings and summoning to gain lands. I never once declared war the entire game.

    1. The "rulership styles" (magic, trade, military, temple, etc.), for each realm are just suggested ones (that is, their situation is conductive to benefiting from a strategy dependent on that style). But you can use any method you want.
    2. Re getting source holdings all over the map. Yep, I get that a lot. That and guild holdings. Tip, though: Some of em, many of em, are not worth defending if a foreign regent decides to contest them. Let 'em fall. Keep only the best ones, and the ones connected to lay lines (enemy regents tend to get fixated on one holding, and will keep coming back even if you fight off their attempt. Suddenly you can realize, turns later, that you've spent over a hundred regency points protecting a lousy level 3 source that you don't even plan to use).
    3. How to win with magic: Usually you need to mix in all the strategies to some extent (trade to fund your armies and diplomacy, armies to dispatch to threatened allies, and to invade an area you don't have a source in, or don't want to spend the RP to summon into, and magic to ward out enemies and screw 'em over). A strategy dominated by magic would consist of getting the aforementioned pages of source holdings, creating modest sources in provinces that you want to en-source, and connecting them with lay lines to your best sources. You need to try to get either the level 7 source in spiderfell or the level 9 one in Rhoubhe if you can, but any of the numerous potential level 5 sources will do for most of your purposes (just build castles instead of strongholds. But those other sources are too cool for me, I never pass 'em up, even if they have little game play benefit).

      Adventure primarily for stuff like Feale's and Dierdrien's rings, etc. (that is, if you have a choice between them and, say, the Amulet of Inspiration), 'cause they're most helpful with this strategy(If they don't pop up as potential adventures, though, don't worry, and don't hesitate to adventure for the other artifacts).

      You have to have regency to BURN with this strategy, though; Mass destruction costs 10 regency points per unit destroyed. Hooking up a mass of lay lines over long distances can also deplete you (so don't build 'em just cause you can; build the ones you need. Build more later if /when you find yourself overflowing with regency, late in the game). Summoning troops into provinces is probably the best way to conquer them; you get to invest the provence, and for some reason the former owner doesn't mind as much.

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