Speed Problems

The SCI games were written for computers that were considerably slower than today's machines. Now, some of these games have problems on modern machines. Here are some solutions.

New Patches

NewRisingSun has developed patches for many of the most vexing speed bugs in Sierra games. Enrico Rolfi (Hendroz) has developed
that includes patches and enhancements for the first two Gabriel Knight games.

Slow Down Utilities

Slowdown utilities might slow your CPU. Check this page for some links.


Slowdown utilities might not always help on some computers. DOSBox is becoming the answer for speed and other system incompatibilities.

DOSBox is an extremely powerful program that emulates an old 386/486 and works on a vast array of platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Other Interpreters

Free SCI will run the early Sierra SCI games on both Windows and Linux.


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