Leisure Suit Larry: Ultimate Pleasure Pack Help

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    Ultimate Pleasure Pack Updates/Patches (none)

Leisure Suit Larry's Ultimate Pleasure Pack's original requirements:

Windows 95 or greater
Pentium 90 MHz or better
4 MB RAM, 16 MB for Windows
120 MB Hard drive space
Sound card with DAC


Game Specific Bugs

For game specific bugs click on one of the links below:

Collection Specific Bugs

Problem - Missing Laffer Utilities or Pinball:
When you run the setup program, you should get a list of things to install. Laffer Utilities and Larry Pinball should be on this list. If they do not show up on this list, be sure that you are scrolling all the way to the bottom. If you still don't see them, check to make sure that you have the US version of the product and that you have Windows set to English (US).

Insert Greatest Hits CD

Solution #1:
The original Larry Collection was called Greatest Hits and Misses and makes up CDs #1 and #2 ofThe Pleasure Pack. Pleasure Packadds another two disks, #3 and #4. So if you're prompted to insert "Larry's Greatest Hits CD #1," insert Disk #1.For "Larry's Greatest Hits CD #2," insert Disk #2.The others are referred to correctly.


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