Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Talk about games or general tech issues that are not Sierra related.
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Re: Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Post by TarkinMX » Fri Jan 18, 2019 11:26 pm

Collector wrote:
Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:06 pm
Did you check As to spiffythedog's SQ1VGA fixes, the link to his patcher still works. Just use that.
I appreciate it. I just thought I would ask because I like the patchers that you make. On the homepage for sierrahelp when a user clicks on "SHP Non-Sierra Installers and Patches", it leads to the first page of this post with all your patchers. If I knew how you make them then I would help out and do them for you if needed so they can be added to the collection and people could easily find them.
Tawmis wrote:
Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:45 pm
From what I found (and going off based what Collector said)...:
Which for NewRisingSun leads to:
This is the one I found too, it's not the latest version he made for some reason. Someone over on vogons was kind enough to hook me up with the 1.3 patch so I have it now. I posted over there at the same time I posted here.
Rath Darkblade wrote:
Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:22 pm
What are the SQ4 patches for? *curious* I was never able to beat the game - I was always stuck in the bit near the end, where I tried (and failed) to get past the patrolling sphere that shoots me on those bridge platforms.
From the patch notes:

1.0 Original Sierra On-Line release.

1.1 - Inserted floppy-version graphics whenever they looked better.
- Changed "Hz So Good" back into Radio Shock, because looking at the store sign still makes the narrator speech say "Radio Shack - A Dandy store".
- Fixed hideEgoInStore script.
- Fixed all "timer bugs".
- Fixed sewer slime not following when leaving the screen too quickly.
- Fixed incorrect rhythm channel flags in sound resources.
- Added "both" (Text+Speech) option.
- Added debug mode.
- Added option to play MT-32-recorded sfx through MT-32.
- Lasers firing at sea slug tentacle now create sound.
- The time pod sequence can now be skipped.
- Synchronized patrol ship sequence to music.

1.1a - Fixed a palette problem with the Droid-O-Death.

1.2 - Added script for "removed items" room.
- Readded removed Radio Shock products (sorry, no speech for them).
- Added priority information to sound resources --- no more popping
sounds from the MT-32 (due to reverb change) whenever a sound effect
- Added removed "Stunt Flyer" and "Dacron Danny" bargain bin games.
- Orbs now create sound during captiveScript sequence.
- Removed volume change during speech output. If the music is too
loud, change the volume in the control panel.
- Fixed scrolling in video driver.

1.3 - Removed one-second delay after each speech line.
- Added 2xOPL2/OPL3 support to ADL.DRV.
- Fixed Oops! message during mall police chase

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Re: Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Post by Aroenai » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:45 am

Since no one at Vogons seems to care about information getting lost from NewRisingSun's tantrum... - Space Quest IV - King's Quest IV - King's Quest VII firecracker
KQ7 patch against firecracker bug [for game version 2.00b].zip
(29.13 KiB) Downloaded 373 times
(2.63 MiB) Downloaded 364 times
(423.94 KiB) Downloaded 344 times
(423.56 KiB) Downloaded 368 times
(788.95 KiB) Downloaded 354 times
Updated driver for kq4
(5.59 KiB) Downloaded 350 times

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Re: Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Post by TarkinMX » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:34 am

Aroenai wrote:
Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:45 am
Since no one at Vogons seems to care about information getting lost from NewRisingSun's tantrum...
@Aroenai, thank you for the post. Although I don't know what NewRisingSun's tantrum was all about, I do appreciate you sharing this post with the interest of preservation. I had found it rather disappointing that he would go to the lengths of taking everything down due to said tantrum and hindering the community of his great work. It's good to see that his work is still attainable in some form.

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Re: Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Post by Rath Darkblade » Sun Apr 05, 2020 9:18 am

Hi Collector, I know it's been a long (long) time since you created the Discworld Noir installer ... but ... would you please mind taking a look at it again? (Pretty please?) :)

I tried installing (a full install) and running DWN with it (I still have the original CDs - and they still work after all this time!), and I tried using your installer. It took my game into a small window, and started fine. No problem so far.

I started a new game, went into Lewton's office, and saved in the office (save #1). I went to the map and saved (save #2). Then I went to the docks and saved (save #3).

Then I quit back to Windows (running Win7) and tried playing again. It opened without a hitch ... but it wouldn't let me load my save. Instead, the game froze, told me that "TIN_DXD.EXE has failed", and crashed back to Windows.

Any idea what's wrong?

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Re: Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Post by JohnnyPhantom » Wed Jul 01, 2020 6:51 am

Hey Collector, if you're still taking requests for game installers, I'd love one for the Ripper, it's DOS compatible and it's a game I never got to play when it came out, I have the discs now, and it has Christopher Walken goodness, if you need the files for the game let me know

Thanks buddy!
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Re: Non-Sierra Installers and Patches

Post by MusicallyInspired » Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:15 pm

Collector, I've been playing Outlaws with my original CDs and used your installer and it's all patched up and everything works great, except that when I get to the Sawmill level it says "Unable to load level" and dumps back to the main menu. I've checked elsewhere online and it seems that this is where the second CD would need to be inserted to continue playing the game. It seems that all the files from CD2 have been copied to the Outlaws subdirectory inside the game folder, but the game still won't continue. Any ideas on what I could do? How did you get the game to not look for the first CD when playing the first few levels?
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