Starflight 3 crowdsourcing

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Starflight 3 crowdsourcing

Post by notbobsmith » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:52 pm

One of my favorite games as a kid was Starflight. It was a great sci-fi RPG(ish) adventure(ish) game. It was originally released in 1986 on two 360k floppies, but it gave you a huge universe with hundreds of planets that you could land on and fully explore. It was incredibly challenging with a compelling plot. The technology was impressive for the time and the gameplay would inspire games like Mass Effect and No Man's Sky. One of the original designers has started a crowdsourcing campaign to make a Starflight 3 (Starflight 2 was published in 1989). I'm not sure if anyone here is a fan or if they know of anyone else who is a fan, but I thought I would post this here to help spread the word because I really want to see this happen.

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Re: Starflight 3 crowdsourcing

Post by Tawmis » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:19 pm

What's cool is - Greg Johnson - who designed Toejam and Earl, was also responsible for Starflight. I didn't know that until after the Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove Kickstarter - he announced that they're trying to get Starflight 3 off the ground, which was one of his very first games.

Sadly, I've donated so much into various kickstarters (I swore Veronica Mars was my last one... then Toejam & Earl comes along... so I swear that's my last... then The Bard's Tale IV comes along, and I swear that's my last...) - but needless to say, being a single income house hold at the moment - and living in San Diego - I am bled dry. So I hope Starlight 3 takes off and I can eventually get it on GoG or Steam or something.

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