Sierra Game Versions in Compilations

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Sierra Game Versions in Compilations

Post by EricOakford » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:51 pm

Here is a list of some of the newer Sierra compilations that I have and the included games' versions in them. I got the information from the debug modes and VERSION files, as well as the ScummVM wiki. Most of the games are up to date in the 2006 collections (except KQ7 and LSL6).

2006 Collections
King's Quest
KQ1SCI: S.old.010 (SCI) 1.000.051 (game version)
KQ2: 2.411 (AGI), 2.1 (game version)
KQ3: 2.936 (AGI), 2.14 (game version)
KQ4: 0.000.502 (SCI), 1.006.004 (game version)
KQ5: CD, x.yyy.zzz (SCI), 1.000.052 (game version)
KQ6: CD, 1.cfs.158 (SCI), 1.000.00G (game version)
KQ7: 2.100.002 (SCI), 1.4 (game version; SHP installer updates this to 2.00b)
Space Quest
SQ1SCI: T.A00.081 (SCI), 2.000 (game version)
SQ2: 2.936 (AGI), 2.0F (game version)
SQ3: 0.000.685 (SCI), 1.018 (game version)
SQ4: CD, 1.001.064 (SCI), 1.0 (game version)
SQ5: 1.001.068 (SCI), 1.04 (game version)
SQ6: 2.100.002, (SCI), 1.0 (game version)
Police Quest
PQ1SCI: 1.001.029 (SCI), 2.000 (game version)
PQ2: 0.000.490 (SCI), 1.002.011 (game version)
PQ3: T.A00.178 (SCI), 1.00 (game version)
PQ4: CD, 2.100.002 (SCI), 1.100.000 (game version)
Leisure Suit Larry
LSL1SCI: 1.000.577 (SCI), 2.1 (game version)
LSL2: 0.000.409 (SCI), 1.002.000 (game version)
LSL3: 0.000.572 (SCI), 1.021 (game version)
LSL5: T.A00.169 (SCI), 1.000 (game version)
LSL6: Floppy, 1.001.113 (SCI), 1.000 (game version) compilations
Quest for Glory 1-5
QFG1EGA: 0.000.629 (SCI), 1.200 (game version)
QFG1VGA: L.rry.021 (SCI), 2.000 (game version)
The initial release of the QFG pack had SCI version 2.000.411 (meaning QGEPAT wasn't applied)
QFG2: 1.000.072 (SCI), 1.102 (game version)
The Import bug is present. The latest version of this game is 1.105.
QFG3: 1.001.050 (SCI), 1.1 (game version)
QFG4: CD, 2.100.002 (SCI), 1.0 (game version)
QFG5: 1.2
Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses
LSL1AGI: 2.440 (AGI), 1.00 (game version)
LSL1SCI: 1.000.510 (SCI), 2.0 (game version)
The only difference between 2.0 and 2.1 appears to be that the copy protection (after the age verification) does not appear in 2.0.
LSL2: 0.000.343 (SCI), 1.000.011 (game version)
The kicker is that while 1.002.000 recognizes Al Lowe's master code to bypass the copy protection, 1.000.011 does not.
LSL3: 0.000.572 (SCI), 1.021 (game version)
LSL5: T.A00.169 (SCI), 1.000 (game version)
LSL6: Low-Res CD, 1.001.115 (SCI), 1.000.000 (game version)

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Re: Sierra Game Versions in Compilations

Post by Tawmis » Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:27 pm

Nice bit of data collection there!

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