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No Non-Sierra Game Support on the Sierra Help Pages

Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:17 pm
by Collector
Tech support for Non-Sierra Games. Need help with any of the non-Sierra Games and can't wait for a response? Though there is no non-Sierra Game info on the Sierra Help Pages, there are resources available. One of the first stops for classic gaming support should be Very Old Games on New Systems or VOGONS. It is also home of the official DOSBox forum.
The Message Boards of VOGONS
  • Very Old Games On New Systems. Includes the official forums for DOSBox. The place to go for help with classic games.
The ScummVM Forums
  • For the LucasArts, Humongous Entertainment and other games, including the Sierra AGI games and many of the Coktel Visions games.
NT Compatible
  • a large site for help with getting older programs, including games, to run on Windows NT (2000, XP, Vista).
Note: Eventually I will add more support site links to this announcement.