I think I know what was missing from DA2 and DA3...

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I think I know what was missing from DA2 and DA3...

Post by Rath Darkblade » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:25 am

....humour! :D DAO is full of humour. Even though there's the whole "OMG The Darkspawn are coming and they're going to eat our brains and turn the land into @%*&", there's still far more humour than in the two games after that.

Just one example: Oghren. Everything Oghren says is comedy gold. :lol: In Awakening, Oghren is a little more sombre because he's conflicted between being a Grey Warden and having a family, but his banter is still hilarious. For example:

[quote]Anders: "You don't actually think your jokes are funny, do you?"
Oghren: "Could have sworn that fly was buzzing again."
Anders: "HAR! Let me tell you about my life in one word!" (Belches)
Oghren: "Oh no! Don't take me back to the tower! I'm far, far too delicate!"
Anders: "I'm not only a dwarf, I'm a moron! Listen to me fart!"
Oghren: "Oh no, big Templar man! What are you going to do with that sword?"
Anders: "Eww."
Oghren: "Don't play with fire unless you want to get burned, son."[/quote]

But everything (almost) about the DAO characters is hilarious, from Leliana teasing Sten and calling him a "softy" because he likes kittens and picks flowers (and he angrily denies that he's a "softy"), to Shale abusing everyone - and it is funny, to Alistair's insecurities and treating Wynne as a mother figure, Zevran's double-entendres and Morrigan's prickliness etc. ;) Some of the quests are funny too, which helps to deal with the game's tendency for moodiness - especially in the longer areas (e.g. Deep Roads).

In comparison, DA2 and DA3 are pretty dull and un-humourous - for instance, Merill never stops crying, Fenris is obsessed with harming the Tevinter Imperium, etc. The games would have been better for a touch of humour. Just my opinion. ;)

What do you think, hmm?

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Re: I think I know what was missing from DA2 and DA3...

Post by Tawmis » Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:10 am

I don't think anything can compare to DA:O

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