Zeliard Walkthrough

TAB - Unlimited Shields & Life .

At The Bank

At the bank you can deposit and withdraw gold, or exchange almas for gold. If you are depositing or withdrawing gold from your account, use the up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease the amount by one. Using the left and right arrows will increase and decrease these amounts by ten.

In The Caverns

Using Your Weapon

To swing your sword, press the space bar. To swing upward, press the up arrow key while swinging the sword. To swing low, press the down arrow key while swinging the sword. To thrust straight downward, press the up arrow , then press space an d down arrow simultaneously (this move is difficult, and may require some pratice).

About Your Armor

You can find a selection of shields at the weapons shop. Each shield begins with a specific number of damage points, which will decrease as your shield takes damage. If you can reach town before the shield breaks, the Weapons Master will repair it for you. Watch the ARMOR window to determine how many damage points remain.

The Inventory Screen

Press ENTER to access this screen. The items in the SPECIAL ITEMS area will be used automatically as you need them. Items in the SPELLS and MAGIC ITEMS sections can be selected and used at will. Use the joystick or arrow keys to select an item or spell, then press the spacebar or fire button to select. Press ENTER to leave the screen.

Using Magic

Magic potions and items can be purchased at the magic shop, and the Sage at ech level (after Muralla Town) will reward you with a new spell. To use these items and spells, press ENTER to access the inventory screen. Use the arrow keys or joystick to select what you want, then press the spacebar to activate it. Press ENTER to return to the game screen. The active spell will be displayed in the SPELL window, to cast the spell, press the ALT key. Magic potions and items will take effect automatically.

Saving Your Game

To save your game, visit the Sage's hut (usually the only unmarked building in town) and select RECORD. Type in a name, and press ENTER. The game will be saved to the current disk and directory, with the file extention .USR

Restoring Your Game

Saved games can be restored from any point by pressing the F7 key. Use the joystick or arrow keys to select a saved game from the list, press the spacebar to activate the game, then press ENTER. From DOS, saved games can be loaded by typing ZELIARD followed by the name of the saved game file (example:zeliardgame1). The game will be loaded, bypassing the opening sequence.

F1 toggles music on/off
F2 turns sound effects on/off
F7 restore game
F9 adjust speed ( 0 =slow, 9= fast)
ALT cast spell
ENTER see inventory screen
CTRL-J select joystick control
CTRL-K select keyboard control
CTRL-Q quit game
SPACEBAR use weapon (in caverns only)


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