Woodruff and The Schnibble Walkthrough



  1. Find the boots
  2. Find some money
  3. Get hold of a bluxtre nut, then bluxtre pulp
  4. Meet all the Wisemen of the temple
  5. Get hired at factory, to get into the asylum, then High Morals Club
  6. Give all the syllables to the Wisemen in order to form the Council
  7. Get taken on at the prison in order to meet Azimuth
  8. Go to the party and seduce Coh Cott
  9. Neutralize The Bigwig


Woodruff leaves the devastated house with a terrible headache and vague memories of a flash. He just has one word in his head : Schnibble. In the house there are traces of a struggle. Woodruff can't read. He asks an onlooker what has happened in the house and where he is. Woodruff notices a boot on the roof, impossible to get to. A button can be picked up ; it's Woodruff's teddy bear's eye. On the left, Staircase Street : a police roadblock prevents Woodruff from exploring for the moment. Go into the screen on the right.

(optional) You can speak to the sad Boozook and the woman. Leave by the top right hand corner.

Click on the river. You can't cross with bare feet. Click on the crate, then the nut and use it on the beggar. He'll send back a boot which is in his bag.

Use the boot on the one on the roof. It will fall down. Inside, Woodruff finds a photo of Azimuth. Use the pair of boots. Now Woodroof is no longer barefoot.

Using the photo on the young woman gives a newspaper article in return, but Woodruff can't read.

Cross the river with the boots. Pick up the screw. Leave the screen by the right.

Click on the wino ; he's too drunk to give a sensible reply. Click on the bag of feathers ; Woodruff gets some feathers. Go into the bar.

For the moment, Woodruff can't go into the Pleasure District. Click on the barmaid. She recognises Woodruff because she's his former schoolmistress, and finds he's grown up a lot. She gives him a stone "A" and identifies JF Sebastian. Click on JF Sebastian and Woodruff gets the cup of coffee. JF Sebastian tells what happened in front of Azimuth's house : He had seen some men in black and recognised The Bigwig.

Flashback. Woodruff remembers : "Azimuth's kidnapping, The Bigwig killing his teddy bear.....Woodruff has become an adult." Now, Woodruff has one sole aim : to find Azimuth and avenge The Bigwig. Pick up the paintbrush. Go back to the bar by leaving on the right.

Use the newspaper article on the barmaid so that she can teach Woodruff to read. It's an article about Azimuth. Click on the elastic barman while he's at the bottom, and Woodruff gets a bottle-opener. Click on the poster at the bottom to get the tobozonic weather forecast channel. Leave by the left.

Give some coffee to the wino, who, once he's sobred up, gives a meteozon watch. However, every time you address him after that, he'll answer that he can't remember a thing. Using the paintbrush on the tar gives a sticky tar brush. Leave by the left.

Use the stone "A" on the A imprint. Woodruff will get a tobozon. From now on, the tobozon is undergoing an inventory and has the first number : that of the weather forecast channel. Get the tobozon out of the inventory : you'll receive a message from Azimuth.

Click on the shop window ; there is a Boozook kite. Click on the tin can ; Woodruff gives it a kick and a bean falls out of it. Pick up the bean and the tin can. Leave by the bottom left hand corner.

(optional) This is the place that commemorates the Commander's founding of the Town. He was the human who exterminated the Boozooks. There is a statue of the Commander here.For the moment, we are in the present, and not much is going on.

Now that Woodruff can read, click on the elevator.

Click on the Bureaucrat. He's rude and arrogant. He tells Woodruff that The Bigwig lives at the top of the Town, but in order to reach the top, you have to work. Leave by the left.

There's a poster offering work at the factory, and gives a tobozon number. Dial the number. The Recruitment manageress tells Woodruff that in order to work he must send her a respiration certificate via the tobozon, as well as a Brotoflatron I.D. photo.

Click on the Bureaucrat ; Woodruff asks him for a respiration certificate. The Bureaucrat asks him to bring him a breath sample in a standard container. There's a salesman selling bluxtre nuts, but Woodruff doesn't know that he needs them yet. There's a closed door : It's the High Morals Club. If you click on this you will learn that, in order to enter, you must be impeccably dressed. Leave by the left.

In order to use the brotoflatron, you need at least one strul. It's impossible to leave the screen by the left, towards the Virtual Trip Tower, for the time being. The storekeeper at the Cui-cui store is sleeping under an artificial sun lamp, with a fan blowing his hair. Beside him, there is a finger made of morphoplastoc, which is impossible to take. Click on the gambler at the entrance to te store : at the back there is a secret entrance into a clandestine betting shop. Go into the store by the right.

A rat is going round and round in a wheel ; this is the wheel that drives the storekeeper's fan. Use the screw on the wheel and the rat stops going round so that the storekeeper gets his hair in his eyes. Click on the plastoc finger. There's a Lovebird in the foreground. It's impossible to speak to him as he is gazing at a pinup. You have to use the tarred paintbrush (paintbrush in Headlines and tar in Wino Alley) on the photo, and this will dress the pinup again (What a shame...). Now you can talk to the Lovebird. He used to be a doorman at the High Morals Club but was thrown out for indecency because he was going bald at the back. Give him some feathers. He will fly off to resume his job at the High Morals Club. At the back of the room, it's dark, but there is a switch which emits a ray of light which hits a flapper in three places. In two out of three positions, the ray is reflected onto a clapper, also in three different places. Click twice on the flapper, then once on the clapper, then once on the switch : a nose will appear . Use the morphoplastoc finger on the nose to open the secret passage towards the clandestine betting shop.

Two opponents are having an Indian Wrestling match. In the corner, a champion is locked away in a cage. You can annoy him. If you click on the barman, he will serve woodruff a glass of water. If the champion is pushed far enough, he will throw a pill into Woodruff's glass which will temporarily excite him. Leave by the right.

This is the place that Woodruff's schoolmistress was forbidding him to enter at the bar. This is also where Azimuth was advising him to go for help when he spoke to him on the tobozon. You can talk to the Spinning Top. She used to work as the King's secretary but was laid off through lack of money. She gives the access code to the Throne room : ZIG STO DRU BLAZ.
Click on the flipper three times to get a strul. Use this on the slot machine and Woodruff will get a few struls (if Woodruff has only got one strul, he will still obtain a few struls). From now on, with these struls, Woodruff will be able to use the brotoflatron and pay for Virtual Trips.

Now Woodruff can play. Click on the bookmaker, who tells him that he can win money by betting a strul on either the red or the black. Woodruff can win three struls or lose one.

At the store's exit, take the escalator up.

Click on the robot to get a false shirt front. Go into the false parts store with at least 6 struls in order to buy some blue eye glasses and a plastic jaw. Click on the poster on the left : it gives the channel for a T.V show called "Heart-to-Body". Dial this number on the tobozon, Woodruff gets through to the program and falls in love with Miss Coh Cott. Dial the programme number, Woodruff gets through to Coh Cott's secretary who calls him back later to give him Coh Cott's private number. The other poster is an advertisement for a Virtual Trip. Click on the stain, and a dustbin bag falls out. Woodruff can pick it up. Take the lift back down.

Now that he has a strul, Woodruff can have a photo taken : in order to do so, click on the brotoflatron to come forward into the foreground, then use a strul on it. Use the photo in the tobozon player to send it to the Recruitment Manageress. She replies that he must be well-dressed.

Optional :
Use the false shirt front and the blue eyes on Woodruff, then take a photo. Send it to the Recruitment Manageress. She will answer that the modern workman has a fine jaw. Use the false shirt front, the blue eyes and the false jaw on Woodruff, then take a photo. Send it to the Recruitment Manageress. She will answer that she's sorry he doesn't have black hair. Use the false shirt front, the blue eyes, the false jaw and the tar brush on Woodruff, then take a photo. Send it to the Recruitment Manageress who will say that he really needs a nice smile. Re-do the photo with the same accessories : Woodruff smiles automatically. Send the photo to the Recruitment Manageress who will say :"You call that a smile ? What about the teeth ?" The situation is blocked because Woodruff doesn't have an artificial smile. Take the elevator to get to Bigwig Square.

Leave by the bottom left hand corner.

There's no water in the fountain. It's only full of earth. There is a public tobozon which may be switched on : The President is talking about new taxes. A Boozook is working lazily. It's possible to speak to him. The Talent Wiseman is there, selling souvenirs. Buy a hat from him by using a strul on him. The Talent Wiseman suggests that Woodruff go and visit his wife at the Boozook temple and gives him the access code to her room : KAH LRZ GOZ GNEE. Woodruff learns that he must bring him back the Artistic Syllable. Leave by the left.

(optional) There is a print of a fish on a rock. In front of the prison, there's a jailer, but Woodruff can get nothing out of him for the moment. Come back to Fountain Square by leaving via the bottom right.

Leave by the top left hand corner.

Members of the Schnibble Sect are waving a banner. You can talk to the chief disciple. Woodruff is not very interested for the moment.

There is a newspaper, only if Woodruff has fallen in love with Coh Cott. Click on this. Woodruff learns that Coh Cott and The Bigwig are together. He is flabberghasted. He doesn't want to do anything else. Click on the bench. He goes to it and remains inert. Click on Woodruff several times so that he begins to cry. Then click on the doorbell, and a Boozook will come out, see Woodruff crying, and bring him a paper hankie. A paper aeroplane arrives and flies into the Boozook's house. You have to click on the doorbell again so that the Boozook brings the paper out to Woodruff. Woodruff reads. Its a message from Azimuth with a tobozon number on it. Woodruff begins to take heart again.

The guard at the Boozook temple announces that he will only open the door in exchange for a bluxtre nut.

Woodruff goes back to see the nut salesman who tells him that he has sold the last one to a certain Mr. Ernst Blinst (the boss of the Virtual Trip Co.). Go back to THE PLEASURE DISTRICT.

Leave by the right.

Click on the large rock on the right. From now on you can go directly to Brotoflatron Square or to the Virtual Trip Tower. You can win or lose struls by playing three cups : you have to find the eye under one of the three upturned bowls (Good luck ...!). Click on the elevator to go down. Woodruff can take a Virtual Trip provided that he has three struls. You just have to use the struls on Ernst Blinst, the director of the Virtual Trip Co., then click on the seat. Ernst Blinst tells Woodruff that he uses a bluxtre nut to block his chest with as it's the hardest nut in the universe. He will accept to part with it only in exchange for a stone that's just as hard.

Watch the weather forecast channel on the tobozon until you hear the bulletin saying that there will be a meteorite storm in a certain screen. Woodruff has to use his Meteozon watch anywhere on the screen mentioned, and this will cause a cross to appear. After a while, a piece of meteorite will fall and this can be picked up.

Get the Director of Virtual Trip to exchange his bluxtre nut for the meteorite chip.

When the bluxtre nut is offered, the guard says that its the pulp he's interested in, so the nut must be opened...

Use the bluxtre nut on the tar barrel : you'll get a tarred nut.

To open the bluxtre nut, you must mark the screen with the cross at the place where a meteorite is going to fall. If the nut is tarred, it won't roll away. This is how Woodruff gets his bluxtre pulp.

Use the bluxtre pulp on the guard who will then open up the Temple of the Boozook Wise men to Woodruff.

There are three doors wth access codes :

One for the Taste Wiseman, whose digicode is unknown.
One for the Health Wiseman, whose digicode is unknown.
One for the Time Wisemanbearing the message : "I am at the Council,
                                                    digicode = BLAZ KAH ZIG DRU."

Click on the petrol tank and the cooking pot lid. Leave by the top left hand corner to go on to level 2.

There are three doors with access codes :

One for the Fertility Wiseman, whose digicode is unknown.
One for the Talent Wiseman, who has given us the digicode
                   KAH LRZ GOZ GNEE. When you ring the doorbell,
                   his wife appears and speaks to us.
One for the Advisory Wiseman for whom we can use the digicode
                   given in the Time Wiseman's message : BLAZ KAH ZIG DRU.

There is also a character hanging around in the corridors. He says he's forgotten which room is his. It's the Word Wiseman who, for some reason, is speaking in a strange way. Leave by the middle right to go on to level 3 (bottom right for level 1).

This is where we meet the Time Wiseman. Woodruff remembers seeing a Time Syllable clock in the Cui-cui Store that wasn't working due to lack of water.

There are three doors, each with an access code :

One for the Strength Wiseman bearing a message :
                                                "I'm with the King".
One for the Word Wiseman for which the code is unknown.
One for the Throne Room : The spinning top has given us the
                                                 digicode : ZIG STO DRU BLAZ.

The King is accompanied by the Strength Wiseman. After a long explanation, the King gives the Ruling Syllable. Use the bottle-opener on the King, he will give Woodruff a Boozook Knighthood and also the Brotherhood key-ring. As for the Strength Wiseman, he's lost the Energy Syllable. Now he knows that this is locked up with the ashes of the unknown Boozook in a chest he doesn't have the code for. You have to go into the Past to get it back. Click on the menu that shows the code for the Taste Wiseman: KAH BLAZ ZIG STO. Click on the Boozook chewing-gum and the Boozook formulae parchment. Reading this parchment shows Woodruff that he has to combine 9 Boozook syllables in order to receive the formulae for 7 powers. W = Ruling Syllable

In order to find some water for the Time Syllable clock, watch the weather report channel and look out for the news of rain in a particular screen. Use the Meteozon watch anywhere in the screen mentioned, and a cross will appear on it. Use the hat on the cross (impossible to use the tin can because there is a hole in it. After a certain time, it will begin to rain. Pick up the hatful of water.

Use the Boozook chewing-gum on the pipe to stop the leakage. Use the hatful of water on the Troag Clock's tank. Woodruff will obtain the Time Syllable.
W = Ruling Syllable + Time Syllable
Council = Time Wiseman

Use the Time Syllable on the Time Wiseman. He'll give the Word Wiseman's digicode : BNZ BNZ BNZ GLAP and also the Advisory Syllable.
W = Ruling Syllable + Time Syllable + Advisory Syllable
Council = Time Wiseman

Dial the access code for the Word Wiseman's room : BNZ BNZ BNZ GLAP and an animal comes out. There's a discussion. Use the bean on him and he will give the Elementary Syllable.
W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary Syllable + Time Syllable

Here we meet the Word Wisemanwandering about again. Use the Elementary Syllable on him. He will come back to his senses and ask Woodruff to find the Health and Fertility Wisemen who have disappeared. He gives their digicodes : POO ZIG DRU BNZ and BNZ POO GLAP BLAZ. From now on he will be in the Council Room.
W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary Syllable + Time Syllable
Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman

Dial the Health Wiseman's digicode : POO ZIG DRU BNZ. The skylight opens and can be opened from the outside. We find a notebook which tells us that the Health Wiseman has gone off to de-bug the Virtual Trip Co. and is asking for us to come and save him.
Dial the Taste Wiseman's code : KAH BLAZ ZIG STO. He's got no more Schnaplure left so he can't make Bouzou�oli any more.

Dial the Fertility Wisemancode : BNZ POO GLAP BLAZ. His wife tells us her husband is on the trail of the Green Syllable, at the House of Happiness.

Go on a Virtual Trip : Woodruff meets the Health Wiseman who was stuck inside. In his thanks to Woodruff he gives him the Medical Syllable. From now on, he too will be in the Council. W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary Syllable + Time Syllable + Medical Syllable Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health sage

Now, with all these syllables we can make :
           The Memory Formula = Ruling + Elementary + Ruling
      The Diagnostics Formula = Elementary + Medical + Elementary
                 The Past Formula = Time + Elementary + Ruling

Use the Past Formula on the statue of the Commander : we will go back to the time when the City was founded.
Past : (icon leaves to come back to the Present). Woodruff finds himself beside the Commander, with the sculptor sitting on a trunk, busy making a sketch. If Woodruff tries to go to the right, the Commander dissuades him. Click on the upturned jar on the left which indicates that a fish has fallen down below. A "stony" area appears below. Click on the stone and a helmet will appear. Inside it, there's a fish. Use the fish on the commander's armour and he will become still, no longer stopping Woodruff from moving about (in the Present, the Commander's statue has changed). Now it's possible to move to the right of the screen. Click on the dying Boozook. Show him the Boozook Knight brotherhood key-ring and he will give the digicode for the stone chest in the Boozook King's palace: GLAP POO GNEE ZIG, and this contains the Energy Syllable. He also gives Woodruff a Boozook horn. Use the horn, and you will hear a little whiny voice, which creates a "stony" area that you have to click on. A Boozook appears, being crushed by a huge stone. Pick up the trident and use it on the stone ; another stone will fall. Use the trident again, then click on the Boozook's feet : Woodruff has freed the Boozook. To thank him, the latter promises to leave the Intuition Formula in the statue of the Boozook warrior so that this can be picked up in the Present. Click on the Boozook warrior, Click on the corn cob. Woodruff picks it up : it will make an excellent smile for the photo.

Present :
There is no longer a statue of the Boozook warrior - the humans have taken it. Click on the Commander's statue to get the stone fish.

After the episode with the wounded Boozook, click on the house that's just appeared in place of the beautiful landscape, and the Master will appear, offering to give free teaching in return for having saved his ancester. He begins by giving Woodruff ear control. Click on the stone arm and the snail shell in the Master's house. Use the fish on the stone imprint. Woodruff will obtain a message from Azimuth who gives him a transportozon to go straight to the places he's already visited. From now on you can use the transportozon to get around.

Dial the digicode for opening the chest as given by the Boozook who was crushed : GLAP POO GNEE ZIG. Woodruff obtains the Energy Syllable. Use it on the Strength sage so that he can get into the Council. Make the strength Formula = Energy + Advisory + Elementary
W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary Syllable + Medical Syllable + Time Syllable + Energy Syllable
Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health sage + Strength Wiseman

Use the Strength Formula, on the shop window to get a Boozook kite.

Use the Strength formula on the Bureaucrat in order to get a respiration certificate. Use it on the tobozon player to send it to the Recruitment manageress.

Now, with the corn, Woodruff can have a picture taken with all the necessary accessories, and send this to the Recruitment manageress. He receives a letter of acceptance to go and work at the factory.

Use the letter of acceptance on the factory doorman and he will let Woodruff in.

You can talk to the foreman who will explain the assembly line. You have to package the Boozook hats after trying them on. When Woodruff has hold of a hat, he has to test it by using it on the mirror. If it's no good, Woodruff has to put it in the dustbin. Pressing on the switch makes a crate fall down near the second conveyor belt. If the hat's a good one, Woodruff has to go down and put the crate onto the conveyor belt,then put the hat into the crate which goes into a machine press. Before it is ejected again, Woodruff has to catch it again by going to the left of the machine in a patch of oil. There are 4 possible places : in three cases, the crate falls off the screen. In the best case, it falls onto the knotting machine and Woodruff has to put his finger on, to tie the knot.

What he shouldn't do : Let a hat go straight into the bin without picking it up. Wrap up an untested hat. Let the crates be projected off the screen. Let a crate go onto the knotting machine while there's already one being tied.

When Woodruff has managed to wrap up one good hat, he can click on the foreman before another hat comes along. As the foreman isn't satisfied, this annoys Woodruff who jumps on him. He finds himself at the House of Happiness.

Woodruff is in a straightjacket hooked up to the ceiling of a small cell. To unhook him, you must click on him 6 times. In the end, he gets unhooked together with a piece of chain. Click on the piece of chain and he'll pick it up with his foot. Use this on the padded cell wall which will rip open a part of the wall to reveal a screw. Click on the screw and Woodruff takes it out with his teeth. Use the screw on the lock. Woodruff gets out of the cell and goes into a room full of lunatics. A guard is blocking the closed door at the back.

There is a madman with a funnel on his head. He's a former tax-collector, muttering GNEE BNZ GLAP POO. Click the screw from inventory on the hole next to the closet, and then click on the closet door. All of your inventory will be restored to normal. Dial the code from the taxman on the tobozon and a dialogue of the deaf will follow. Woodruff gets excited and manages to break free of his straightjacket. Click on the porter, then on the lever. The door will open.

There is a mad professor doing experiments on a Boozook. If Woodruff speaks to this guinea pig, he learns that he is really the Fertility Wiseman, in search of the Green Syllable. He thinks he's being held by a madman. Woodruff can make various mixtures with the test-tubes and taste them. There is a garbage chute leading to SLAMMERS End. Leave by the left.

There is a fan which is switched off. Click on the panorama, Woodruff says he can see the Boozook statue that he has seen in the Past. He'll have to get there, but how ? Use the petrol in the tank and click on the switch. The fan will start up. Click on the fan : Woodruff is sucked up, his clothes blown away, and he is projected downwards.

Woodruff lands at the High Morals Club : He gets dressed quickly ! The censor tells him off. The lovebird, released from the petstore, is there. He offers to open the President of the High Morals Club's private door. When this is approached, the censor protests. You have to use the bin liner on the brasier to smoke her out. That way, you can go through the President's doorway, where the latter is rehearsing his latest speech, whilst his trousers are falling down. Give him the button. He'll put it on his trousers, change places and start his speech again. Click on the three video cassettes and use them on the videotron. On one of these cassettes, there is a Boozook opera singer, singing. At one point she lets out a false note : This is the Artistic Syllable.

Now Woodruff can manufacture the Gaiety Formula : Artistic Syllable + Elementary Syllable + Advisory syllable

W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary syllable + Medical Syllable + Time Syllable + Energy Syllable + Artistic syllable

Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health Wiseman + Strength Wiseman

The Master is there at the Club exit. Click on the graffiti ; he will teach something else : nasal control.

Use the Gaiety Formula on the autistic person : he'll begin to sing and give the Green Syllable.

W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary syllable + Medical Syllable + Time Syllable + Energy Syllable + Artistic syllable + Green syllable

Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health Wiseman + Strength Wiseman

Use the Green Syllable on the Fertility Wise man who is very pleased to find it again although he is still tied up. Take the Schnaplure seed from the bottom right of the screen. Make the Growth Formula : Basic Syllable + Green Syllable + Advice Syllable

Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health Wiseman + Strength Wiseman + Fertility Wiseman

Use the Growth formula on the professor and he'll stop working due to laziness.

Use the Artistic Syllable on the Talent Wiseman and he'll start singing. From now on he can return to the Council. Click on the public tobozon, the Master will teach something else : eye control Use the Schnaplure Seed on the fountain and a hatful of water on it. The seed will grow. Now you can obtain some Schnaplure Spice.

W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary syllable + Medical Syllable + Time Syllable + Artistic syllable + Energy Syllable + Green Syllable

Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health Wiseman + Strength Wiseman + Fertility Wiseman + Talent Wiseman

Give the Scnaplure Spice to the Taste Wiseman. He will prepare a dish of Boozoo�oli for Woodruff before going off to the Council.

W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary syllable + Medical Syllable + Time Syllable + Artistic syllable + Energy Syllable + Green Syllable

Council = Time Wiseman + Word Wiseman + Health Wiseman + Strength Wiseman + Fertility Wiseman + Talent Wiseman + Taste Wiseman

Now that all the Wisemen are together, the Council meeting can take place. The Wisemen conclude that someone has opened the Chproznog and become infected with Evil which now rules over the Town. They decide to make another one. Put the tin can on the table, so that the Wisemen can make another Chproznog which Woodruff puts into his pocket. It's his mission to capture Evil inside it (don't forget there's a hole in it).

Give the Memory Formula to the Wino. He will tell us that they are taking on new jailers. He says that he lost his job at the prison and they are refusing to take him on again because of his looks. Give him a I.D. photo taken in the brotoflatron booth. In exchange, he'll give the rules for playing rummy. Click once or twice on the switch : The Master appears and teaches something else : hair control.

Now Woodruff can apply to the jailer for work at the prison window. In order to be hired, he needs to bring back form number 2b75(b) which he can get from the Bureaucrat at the Administration Centre.

Woodruff asks the Bureaucrat for a form 2b75(b) but the latter says he's lost it. Give him the Memory Formula to help him find it again.

Woodruff gives the form to the jailer and goes through to the prison yard.

Two jailers are sitting at a table. A jailer on top of the tower stops you from going on the prison ramparts. Pick up the cloth and wipe the window pane with it. The jailer says there are robots for doing that and a robot arrives. It's possible to speak to him. If Woodruff has the rules for rummy, he can sit at the table and play. This makes the guard come down from the tower to act as fourth player. While he is playing, Woodruff may leave the table but not for long. Don't leave too often or the game will be over. In the toilets, you can escape through the skylight and hand the rules for rummy over to the robot who will take Woodruff's place. Woodruff can then go through the door to the tower and climb up. From the ramparts, we go onto the next screen by the right.

Woodruff finds himself at the foot of a huge tower. No way of getting up to the first level except with a strong gust of wind. You have to watch the weather report channel until there is a strong enough wind at that place. Use the Boozook kite on the cross and Woodruff is blown up to the first level. Here we can talk to a prisoner who produces stones which form a staircase up to the second level. On the second level, a rope is hooked up. You can use the stone arm on it as a grabber. There are two gargoyles. Use the grabber on the left one and the Master appears with something else to teach us : facial control.

Now that Woodruff has received all the Master's teaching, he has the power of levitation. If he uses this power on the fan, he can rise up to the Aristocrats Terrace.

There is a door with a secret access code. This is given by Miss Coh Cott who can be called up on the tobozon via her secretary who has given you her private number. If you say you're calling on behalf of Riri (The Master), Woodruff can be invited to the Special eye Party. While Coh Cott is confiding a little, telling of her fears about The Bigwig, she is kidnapped by The Beast.

Dial the access code given by Coh Cott : GLAP ZIG GNEE LRZ and the doorman says that Woodruff is not in disguise. If Woodruff uses his special blue eye glasses, the doorman says this isn't original enough. The Boozook statue is there. There is a spiral imprint. You must use the snail shell on it. The statue's nose opens and gives the Intuition Syllable.

W = Ruling Syllable + Advisory Syllable + Elementary syllable + Medical Syllable + Time Syllable + Artistic syllable + Energy Syllable + Green Syllable + Intuition Syllable.

Now Woodruff can make the Discerning Formula : Intuition + Intuition + Elementary.

Use the grabber on the right hand gargoyle and a "walled" area appears. Use the Discerning Formula on the walled area and Woodruff finds himself inside Azimuth's Cell.


Woodruff meets a youth whom he recognises. It's Azimuth as a young man and he explains everything : It was The Bigwig who had opened the Chproznog by mistake and got infected by the Evil Spirit. Azimuth gives Woodruff a viblefrotzer to use on The Bigwig to fight against him.

With the Discerning Formula, Woodruff can obtain an eye from the Bonneteau player. You just have to use the formula directly on the player (not play). The eye falls downwards into Staircase Road. Go and pick it up.

Use the eye on the doorman and he'll let Woodruff in.

Miss Coh Cott is at her worst, as she's been zombified. Woodruff can make the Diagnostics Formula, Elementary + Medical + Elementary, and use it on her. Now you just need to make the antidote.

Click on the test tubes to make the antidote.

Miss Coh Cott doesn't want the antidote straight away. Woodruff must use it on the glass. She drinks it and returns to normal but she's not convinced that this is really Woodruff and is mistrusting of him. She asks Woodruff to entertain her. Woodruff uses the Gaiety Formula on her : he begins to danse. After that, she falls into his arms.

They talk together and hold hands. Coh Cott has realised that The Bigwig, having grown prematurely old, is a social climber trying to gain hold of the power. She explains that The Bigwig has created Schnibble's Sect to get back his influential powers and control his disciples.

Click on the chief disciple and this time Woodruff asks him how to join. The man gives him the mantra.

Use the mantra on the micro.

Woodruff is invited to participate in the ceremony. There is a hypnotic statue which influences disciples. There is a place for which to use the mantra each in turn. Woodruff can move around freely provided that he comes back in time for his turn to recite the mantra. Use the mantra in position for this. Woodruff can't go left as he is blocked by a kind of robot. You can click on the high priest who will give explanations on the sect. You'll see that the self-service computer is unplugged. The High Priest advises Woodruff to pay his contribution to the collection tray. Put a strul into the Hole of the Cult and the computer will be plugged in. Now you need the sacred code. The High Priest explains that you must make a contribution to the Schnibble. You must put another strul in the Hole of the Cult, then the High Priest will give the sacred code. The computer requests another contribution then delivers the concentration cycle. You must succeed in reciting the mantra three times before the High Priest makes a declaration to choose the new disciple of the day. Use levitation in order to be chosen : the obstacle will disappear. Don't go into the initiation chamber (or else GAME OVER) but use the great gong and the small gong in order of the concentration cycle. Then, everyone will go into concentration and Woodruff can approach the statue. Click on this to extract the hypnotic sidirom.

Her house looks onto The Bigwig's window. She has the town's last surviving plant. Use the Growth Formula to make the plant grow and get into The Bigwig's house.

The Bigwig doesn't see Woodruff. There is a ray which outlines a field of hatred. The first time Woodruff clicks on this, the Master appears and says that the only way to face the enemy is to forget his hatred. Woodruff has to use the power of levitation on the field of hatred. If Woodruff clicks on the Bigwig, he shoots him. GAME OVER. You have to use the cooking pot lid in order to de-charge his cybernose. After that you can move around freely or jump out of the window. In three distinct steps, the Bigwig makes a clone of Woodruff which explodes in the end. GAME OVER. Woodruff must go and put the hypnotic sidirom into the player. Now the Bigwig will become hypnotised. Woodruff may then use the viblefrotzer on him. The Bigwig's flesh image will disintegrate, the Beast comes out of him and positions itself in the top right hand corner. You can retrieve the electronic card from the clothes which are left lying in the armchair. Woodruff may speak to the Beast but becomes infected. Use the bouzou�oli on Woodruff and he'll expel the Beast. Use the Chprotznog on the hook. Use the chewing gum on top in order to lock up the Beast in it. Go to the top left hand corner towards the exit : there's a lock. Just as the Beast is about to jump, pull the red tag. Use the electronic card on the lock.

Woodruff notices that the President is just a dummy. He takes his place and begins a speech. Cheered by the crowd, he rises to the presidency. A new era has begun.


Congratulations !!



Elementary Syllable
Time Syllable
Energy Syllable
Green Syllable
Artistic Syllable
Medical Syllable
Word Wiseman
Time Wiseman
Strength Wiseman
Fertility Wiseman
Talent Wiseman
Health Wiseman


Ruling Syllable THRONE ROOM Discussion King
Advisory Syllable COUNCIL ROOM Discussion Time Wiseman
Elementary Syllable VERB SAGE Bean on Animal
Time Syllable TWEET BOUTIQUE Troag Clock
Green Syllable HOUSE OF HAPPINESS Happiness formula autistic
Artistic Syllable HIGH MORALS Cassette diva song
Medical Syllable VIRTUAL TRIP Save Health Wiseman
Intuitive Syllable ARISTO'S TERRACE Snail statue spiral
Energy Syllable THRONE ROOM Unknown Boozook's trunk


Memory Formula

Wino tells about factory hiring Bureaucrat to find the form Happiness Formula Autistic child gives Green Syllable
Discerning Formula PARTY
Dezombified Coh Cott, to seduce her Three cups trick player to drop the eye
Prison wall to find stone staircase Grow plant to enter Bigwig's house
Mad Prof. to free Fertility Wiseman Commander's statue to enter the past
Strength Formula ADMINISTR. CENTER Bureaucrat for respiration certificate
Diagnostics Formula STAIRCASE
Shop window to get a kite zombified Coh Cott to get antidote


Memory = Ruling + Elementary + Ruling 1 + 3 + 1
Happiness = Artistic + Elementary + Advisory 6 + 3 + 2
Discerning = Intuition + Intuition + Elementary 8 + 8 + 3
Growth = Elementary + Green + Advisory 3 + 5 + 2
Past = Time + Elementary + Ruling 4 + 3 + 1
Strength = Energy + Advisory + Elementary 9 + 2 + 3
Diagnostics = Elementary + Medical + Elementary 3 + 7 + 3


Door to Taste Wiseman's Room KAH BLAZ ZIG STO Menu with the King
Door to Health Wiseman's Room POO ZIG DRU BNZ Word Wiseman gives it
Door to Fertility Wiseman's Room BNZ POO GLAP BLAZ Word Wiseman gives it
Door to Talent Wiseman's Room KAH LRZ GOZ GNEE Gives it himself
Door to Council Room BLAZ KAH ZIG DRU TimeW.'s message
Door to Throne Room ZIG STO DRU BLAZ Spinning Top gives
Door to Word Wiseman's Room BNZ BNZ BNZ GLAP Time Wiseman gives it
Aristocrats Terrace Reception Door GLAP ZIG GNEE LRZ Coh Cott on Tobozon
King's trunk GLAP POO GNEE ZIG Dying man gives it


The weather channel
Azimuth channel
Heart-to-Body channel
Recruitment No.
Heart-to-Body program No.
Coh Cott's No.
Tax Office No.

Showers in the "PLEASURE DISTRICT"
Lightning strikes in "SLAMMERS END"

Strong wind in "BIGWIG'S SQUARE"
Uneven rain over "THE PLEASURE DISTRICT"
Meteorite storms in "BIGWIG'S SQUARE"

Lightning strikes in "SLAMMERS END"

Huge meteorites falling in front of "THE ADMINISTRATION CENTER"
Strong winds near the tower in "THE PRISON"
Uneven rain over "SLAMMERS END"
Strong winds in front of "THE ADMINISTRATION CENTER"

Huge meteorites falling in "BIGWIG'S SQUARE"
Strong winds in front of "THE ADMINISTRATION CENTER"



SLAMMERS END   Go towards the house Ear control
WINO ALLEY   Click on the switch Hair control
FOUNTAIN SQUARE   Click on the public tobozon Eye control
ADMINISTRATION CNTR   Click on graffiti when leaving club Nasal control
CENTRAL PRISON TOWER   Use grabber on lefthand gargoyle Face control


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