The Adventures Of Willy Beamish Walkthrough

There are many choices to make in this game. This is one path. Experiment with the other choices, but some will end the game unsuccessfully, so save before you try anything.

Day 1
The first time you have to respond, choose anything. The second time, answer No. (You can answer the others but will either die or get sent back to class). Open desk, get white crayon. Use white crayon on wood block, take wood block. Sneak out by clicking on the door when the teacher dozes, click on the bathroom, tell coach you have to go to the bathroom. Show him hall pass (wood block). In the bathroom, choose I don't think so and give Spider your game machine. Exit school. Enter house. Walk dog. Listen to answering machine. Go to kitchen, talk to mom. Swing sister, but not too high. Cut carrots. Go upstairs to bathroom. Open the lower left cabinet and use the Germ-Away and then the bandage. Go to Tiffany's room (next to yours) and add 30 lbs to the scale. Take her diary. Go to the attic and play with the trains. When called for dinner, go to the dining room. Feed the dog a treat. Exit to the living room, mow the lawn. Go to the bathroom. Use Horny on Tiffany and take the key on the sink. Go to your bedroom and use key on the Nintari. Practice. Get the jar of flies from the shelf. After mom tells you it's bedtime, go to bed.

Day 2
Go to the dining room, feed Brianna, feed dog. Wash the car. Exit the house, exit to the map. Go to the tree fort. Take the comic book. Talk to Perry. Use the first choice when talking to Dana about entering her frog into the contest. Exit to the pizza parlor. Pay $1 for a picture. Tell Spider "Lemme go... I'm warning ya." In the bathroom, take down the "No Smoking" sign. Give Spider the comic book. Agree to practice frog jumping. Buy a Slam-Dunk cola. Give Horny a sip of cola. Give Horny some flies from the jar. Go to East Frumpton and go to the photo vendor. Give the photo vendor your photo. Click on the lottery vending machine next to the photo vendor and take the ticket that falls. Go home. You should be introduced to Alicia, if not, leave the house waste some time and return home. SAVE. Go to the kitchen, go to the dining room. Go to the bathroom, open the lower left cupboard and take the hair spray. Right click to get the crosshairs. Aim near the ceiling to slow down the bat. Go to Brianna's bedroom (across from yours) and take the mouse on the chair. Go downstairs to the living room. Hide behind the sofa. Put the mouse on the coffee table. Change to the crosshairs. When the bat is still click on the bat.

Day 3
Go to the dining room, leave. Go to East Frumpton and click on the fountain. Click again on the fountain and take one coin (not both). Move towards the pier and use that coin to get on the ferry. Go to Tootsweet and get an entry form. Go to the Golden Bowl. SAVE. Continue clicking on the door until the gang shows up. Use the smoke bomb on the gang and then quickly use the wrench on the fire hydrant. Quickly leave and go to Tootsweet. Talk to the family.

Day 4
Go to the dining room and leave. Go to the tree fort and give the shirt to Dana. Go to East Frumpton and get on the ferry. Go to the union building. Open the window left of the door. Click on the desk. When captured, grab the plunger and use it on Louis. Take the security pass on the desk and leave. Go to Tootsweet. SAVE. Use the entry form on the judge (rightmost man). Give Horny flies from the jar. In the contest, click on the right button when the power bar is full (red vertical bar). Follow Horny into the building. In inventory, combine the key and the chain. Use it on the cop and say the hypnotic phrase. Leave, go to the pier and jump on the jet ski. Look at jet ski and take radio. Exit to East Frumpton. Go to the mansion (middle of screen). Talk to parrot without wise cracks until he finishes. Go right to dining room. Use magnifying glass on Leona. SAVE. Take the bronze cup from the table, take the tablecloth. Go left, use the tablecloth on the lower part of the suit of armor. Click on the armor. Take the helmet and the map. SAVE. Go right, right to kitchen. Throw cup at cook. Click on exit to move closer to the cook (two exits, choose lower one). Take the pan of grease (in the center of the screen) and pour it just right of the big pot in front. Push the big pot. Exit to return to other area of the kitchen. Click on frog carousel. Use the helmet on her. On the control box, click the right button to release the frogs.

Jet ski over to West Frumpton. Go to the Union. Enter the phone booth. Put the radio on the counter near the phone. Put the phone receiver on the radio. Press Record on the radio and dial 432-7446. Stop recording after the phone call. Dial 342-3403 and when Ray gets on the phone, play the radio. Go to the Golden Bowl and enter. SAVE. Give the bartender the lottery ticket. Grab a calendar from the bar and leave. Go to Sludgeworks. Give the calendar to the strikers. Exit to the factory, show the security guard the security pass. SAVE. Exit to the factory. Quickly move to the center of the screen. Move the center closed box down and flip up the switch. Press brown, purple, green, purple and quickly move the lever left. SAVE. Move south down the bridge to the next room. Move to the center panel, flip the switch on and enter TRAM and press enter. When Stanley throws his hat at you, duck (downward arrow). Get the hat and throw it at Stanley. Jump on the plunger that rises (right of the conveyor belt). Move to the tram (looks like a white ice cube tray). SAVE when the tram stops. To move the tram, click on the arrow buttons on the tram. Move forward, right, left, forward, left. SAVE. When the two bad guys are on the side of the toilet, use the yo-yo on them (use crosshairs). Click on the flusher to flush the toilet.


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