Torin's Passage Walkthrough 


Grab berries. Walk to house on left. Get ax and rope. Enter house. Look at table beside right chair. Get pouch. Look in basket near other chair. Get worm. Exit house, walk south. Walk right, walk to hut. Read sign. Use ax on crystal in center of screen. Knock on door. Talk to Herman. Give Herman berries. Exit house. Walk south, left.

Tree1Just right of big tree is a path, go north. Climb tree. Use rope on self and rope on branch. Jump. Click near branch on right of screen to swing and when swinging high, click on branch on right.



Tree2Walk south. Climb tree to left, click on snailson ledge (very small). Talk to them several times. Walk left from tree,




Tree3go up path between two trees. Use worm on leaf at upper right corner. Get leaf. Exit, return to snails, give them leaf. Walk left, take south path near berries. Walk to castle.

Put leaf in moat. Exit area, go south. Walk to tree with slugs. Put scum on tree. Use Boogle's box on moat scum. Walk behind red tree. Go to Herman's and give him either moss or slugs. Exit house, walk south. Use ax on square root on left of tree with right angles. Take root, return to house, give root to Herman. Pick a crystal that Herman offers (any). Go to podium at top middle of screen. Use clear crystal shard on: white, white, white, blue, green, red, white, blue, green, blue, red. You must get the crystal after placing it on a color. Use pouch on stand with sand. Use pouch on big blue gem.

Go up stairs, get green tile on mountain. Take stairs that lead down, left. Enter house. Talk to Ms. Bitternuts several times. Exit. Go down stairs. Go through opening. Cross bridge. Talk to king several times. Open locket in inventory. Look at missing hole of crystals on ceiling. Put blue crystal in hole. Look at tiles on floor. Get meat from table, exit. Cross bridge, return to the Bitternuts. Give her invitation. Take green tile. Exit. Go downstairs, downstairs. Enter cave. Get tile. Use Boogle's worm on hole. Use Boogle's lantern on darkness. Use Boogle's shovel on dung. Use Boogle's worm on hole. Exit cave. Take stairs down. Talk to vulture several times. Go upstairs, use meat on ramp. Go downstairs, pass nest and take those stairs up. Cross gap. Climb down mountain. Get tile. Get feather fan and blue pillow and red carpet. Walk right, get sign. Exit balcony, climb up, cross gap, go upstairs, upstairs, give sign to washing lady. Get clothespin on clothesline. Go back to gap and cross, enter hole. Talk to skunks several times. Use clothespin on your nose, use red carpet on skunks. Walk north. Talk to man several times. Give him pillow. Walk south, south. Climb down mountain. SCROLL down. Use stinky carpet on balcony below you. Use fan on carpet. Walk near ladder, use Boogle's yo-yo. Click on green tile. Have Boogle walk in opening that women left through. Exit and return to nest. SCROLL down and use dung on tree. Climb on tree. Go up stairs. Put the tiles on the wall, leave and return to the king. Click on tile on the floor. Get tile and return to cave with other tiles. Put 9th tile on wall. Rotate and move pieces until picture looks like picture below.

Puzzle Solution

Use powder on phenocryst.

Walk any direction. Talk to creatures quickly. Walk right, talk to girl several times. Give her locket. Get knife from her boot, use knife on ropes.

Put creatures (Ostiaries) in rows by color (click on Ostiaries to move them)

  • purple robes
  • red sashes
  • yellow scarves
  • blue sleeves

Move females to the left side and males to the right. Get baton, use on both groups. Put baton down. The females should be moved to this order from left to right:

  • yellow scarf and blue sleeves,
  • red sash and blue sleeves,
  • yellow scarf and purple robe,
  • red sash and purple robe,
  • yellow scarf and red sash.

The males should be from left to right:

  • green hood and blue sleeves,
  • green hood and purple robe,
  • green hood and yellow scarf,
  • green hood and red sash,
  • purple robe and blue sleeves.

as such:


Now use the baton on the Ostiaries.

Open cupboard. Get bottle. Open up bottle in inventory. Use wipes on top of cupboard. Read table. Press button (middle left). Exit cavern. Look at the ground, just right of Torin. Walk right, to hut, and look at beam. Walk left to house. Press gray box near you. Click ground just right of Torin. Repeat three times, so you get four balls. Return to hut, put balls in lowered part of see-saw. Jump in the high side. Return to house and get another ball. Go to catapult (area where you looked at the ground). Crank the side lever. Get in tub. Cut rope with knife. Walk right, to big mound and continue around on that path to the end and get the wrench (it sparkles).

Lava Path

Return to starting spot. Go left and find path to house at the back right and walk to it. Click on silver machine, use wrench on bolt.

Walk right, north, follow path until you reach back left side and go south on path. Touch pole that sticks up. Stumps will rise up out of the lava. As you step on on each one it will slowly sink back into the lava. You must step on each stump. Jump on stump 3rd from left. Quickly jump: e, n, w, w, s, w, n, n, e, e, e, n, w, w, w, n, nw, nw, ne, ne, se, s, ne, s, ne, se, ne, ne, nw, nw, sw, nw, n, n. Enter cavern on right. Look at crystals. In first column, place a crystal with an obtuse angle in it. In second column, top, place crystal with backwards 7 in it, bottom place crystal with an acute angle. In the middle place crystal with backwards 7. Next column, top, place crystal with backwards 1 (acute angle), bottom place crystal with the 7. Place remaining crystal in last spot. Use powder on phenocryst.

Use Boogle's nurse hat on Torin. Climb boxes. Use knife on grate. Crawl left, left, left. Click to remove menu. Talk to sunflower several times. Look below sunflower at silkworms. Get flower from bush on left, walk left. Talk to tree several times. Use flower to get sap tear. Look at silkworms, put sap on each leaf, when all worms are stuck, get all worms. Talk to sunflower. Go left. SAVE. Move mouse over grassy area and when you hear "YES", click mouse there, SAVE after each move. Repeat until you cross. Enter door. Get cane and hat. Talk to rabbit several times. Get bow. Give him hat. Go right, get poster on wall. Talk to magician several times. Give him hat with rabbit. Walk all the way left (or right) to same spot, look at acrobats. Get bagpipes from shelf near magician. Talk to man at piano several times. Open Crystoplayer and click play. Put Lycentia crystal in box. Walk left and talk to carpenter several times. Walk right, talk to stage manager several times. Move scroll left then right so carpenter disappears, get saw. Use saw on cane. Give wand to magician. Use silkworm on poster, give kerchief to magician. Walk right, left until acrobats leave, get resin. Use resin on bow. Walk behind red curtain, use saw on Torin.

Look at Crystoplayer. Click play. Remove shattered pieces and leave it so the message reads "Dreep, come here" (four pieces). Leave it playing. Drop player in null void. Use bagpipes on Torin. SCROLL down and right and see door. Blow bagpipes in the direction to get to the door. Press doorbell, quickly walk to other side of doormat. Enter house. Use magic book on Lycentia. Click on her neck brace. Go to ledge under crystals in center of screen, use magic book on man.


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