Space Quest VI Walkthrough

Grab onto a humanoid looking robot when it walks by to get out of the pavement. Look at bike, get id card. Walk around (only three screens) to find a mobile photo machine. Use buckazoid on it. Use your picture on the id card. Enter arcade. Talk to the guy leaning on the machine until he challenges you. Play him a second time (you'll lose both times). Leave and go to Orion's Belt. Walk right and go up the elevator. Show id to group sitting on the left. Get hoses. Straighten out the hoses in inventory. Pick up the tank of nitrogen under the table and put it on the short unattached pipe on the back wall of the middle of the screen. While waitress is wiping off the table, you can steal money from her tray. Leave bar.

Walk around and talk to guy in trench coat until you agree to help him. Go back to bar, talk to bartender, order drink, go right two screens. Use walk icon on door several times, until you break it down. Get pipe. Use DataCorder. Go upstairs, use id on the bartender. Order a special. Walk behind bar, open refrigerator, get ice cube tray, close refrigerator. Try the valve of the pipes next to the fridge. Bend the pipe of the valve that doesn't spray you. Put hose on left open pipe on back wall, put hose on bent pipe. Go upstairs and turn on nitrogen. Quickly go downstairs, through the door you broke down and see the frozen endodroid. Use the metal bar on him, sweep him up and place him in the ice cube tray. Put the ice cube tray back in the fridge (you might have to order another special if the bartender finished the first one). Remove the ice cube tray, close the fridge door and exit bar. Give the ice cube tray to the man in the trench coat.

Find the drunk and talk to him. Go into the liquor store and talk to owner twice, pay him. Give brandy to Elmo. Look at cheat sheet, get code (ABBACACA). Go to arcade, talk to your game opponent. Before choosing your player, use mouse to enter the code. Continually press the new weapon button until you win. Go to the Dew Beam Inn.

Pay clerk money. Enter elevator. Look at room key, use it on your room, you won't make it there! Get key card off the pole. Get nail off the pole. Use nail on Roger. Get Pelvis poster twice. Pick up poster. Put Pelvis poster on floor. Dance on the poster (use hand on poster). Touch the pink guy's connector plug on the back of his neck. Get key from pink guy. Look through CD's on the desk several times. Insert CD into computer, look at it. Exit computer. Get moddie from the humidifier. Get DataCorder from table. Look at DataCorder, open it, take out all plates and chips and put them next to the DataCorder (10 items total). Replace all items and change IRK's to:


Array Plate Chip IRK
A RF Spn 9
B TT Den 7
C PS Fer 1
D FC Rep 5
E SE Dim 3

Close the lid and turn it on. Use keycard on the door. Look in box by Nigel. Remove label from "Churlish" moddie and place it on the "Burlesque" moddie. Give the moddie to Nigel. Get his belt, look at it, remove the dampening field remote and use it. Walk outside, use DataCorder.

Get the personal groomer off of the belt, use it on scanning pad. Talk to Jebba, then use groomer on scanner again. Push scan button, push imprint datacard, get card. Use ComPost. Use ComPost and read your messages. Transport to the transporter room.

In elevator room, look at buttons and go to Quarters, exit elevator. Get mop. Fix toilet (use hand on it). Open med cabinet. Get piston from bottom of bed, use it on door. Read eulogy. Transport to your room. Use ComPost to read messages. Transport to bridge and talk to commander. Use ComPost and use database, choose: entity database, known races, S-Z, Vulgars. Get number (5551212). Transport to holocabana. Use Holodeck program. Turn it on, enter 5551212. Transport to 8-Rear. Talk to Sydney until you have his arm and eye, take arm. Transport to sickbay. Just right of the counter is a refrigerator, open it. Transport to shuttle bay entrance. Use Vulgar neck pinch on little guard. Get food. Put the ear looking things on the shish-kabobs. Use that on the ribs. Use that on the bread. Use that on the tuberous growths. Use that on the melon. Use that on spaghetti. Wait until guard sends new tray into your cell. Quickly put food Roger on bed and get on tray while he looks at other cell. Transport to the shuttle-bay entrance. Fill the donut with morphine and put it on the plate of donuts. Use the Vulgar neck pinch on the little guy again. Use arm on door button.

Use keychain. Get in the ship that blinks. Get paper from behind left seat, look at it. Sit down in the left seat. Push power. Push the ICD button. Set fuel #1 to Lanthanum, fuel #2 to Sulfur, fuel #3 to Silver, the catalyst to Neon and the confirmation to Lasagne. Then push the initiation button. Quickly use eye on lense. Push the blue blinking button. Open the glove box, get all. Open trunk and hood. Stand up and click the DataCorder on Roger. Open it, get the divalium crystal. Put glue on the crystal. Open the panel on the right wall of the shuttle that houses the main crystal. Put glue on that crystal and put the little crystal on the big crystal. Close the panel. Open the panel with the EVA suit. Get helmet and suit, wear both. Exit shuttle. Get both items from trunk. Put sign on the shuttle. When help arrives, put cables on according to recall notice in your inventory. Get fish out of the engine intake, enter ship. Sit, push initiation.

Exit shuttle. Look at buttons and choose Lab A, exit elevator. Talk to doctor. Look at box marked Hi- Tek Stuff, get red moddie. Go back to ship. Push PTS button. Push red light on PTS box. Get picture, push red button again, get picture. In inventory, remove negatives from both pictures. Put negative 1 on blue screen, then picture 2 on top of negative. Push initiation, go to Polysorbate LX.

Talk to Manuel, choose Beam me down Manny. Walk left and enter Implants and stuff. Talk to the owner. Use moddie on him. Go to exact spot you beamed down and use signaler. Sit in seat, press initiation, go to Delta-Burksilon V. Go to Lab A, exit elevator, sit at computer, turn it on. Choose cyberfunctions. Plug cyberjack into slot. Follow path until you arrive outside the office. (Whichever way Roger is facing, walk that way). Get screwdriver from ground and plank leaning on girders. Enter office. Take a number. Talk to Sis Inny. Open number display, use screwdriver on it. Talk to Sis Inny. Walk up aisle J-R, walk right until you come to R. Open first R cabinet. Make a stairway to the left by opening other file drawers. Walk up the stairs and get Nigel Rancid file. Look at file. Get file for Dr. Beleauxs, look at it. Get file for Sharpei, look at it. Get file for Stellar Santiago, look at it. Get file for Project Immortality, look at it. Leave file room. Use each file on the printer. Leave. Use plank over gap in the road and exit cyberspace. Get printed files, use them on the doctor.

Stand, get EVA suit and helmet, wear suit. Exit shuttle. Get capillaries and alveoli from on the shuttle. Exit through hole in stomach. Climb down stomach, stay away from Nanites. Get feather, staple, an M&M, and string of celery. Throw the M&M into the pool of stomach acid. Use duct tape on capillaries. Use capillaries on the pump. Use staple on celery. Climb up stomach, don't exit. Use celery/staple on middle thing that hangs down. Climb up celery. Climb up to pill. Push pill. Use feather on throat. Climb down to stomach, exit left. Walk south, enter hole on right. Go up. Use pump on liquid. Go right. Get gallstones. Go right. Use alveoli on tight spot. Use mouth on alveoli. Walk right. Use helmet on pool. Walk left, left, etc to stomach, use helmet on pill. Get some capsules. Go left, down, down, don't get too close to tape worm. Use pills on tape worm, ride him by using hand icon on him. Go right, get fingernail, paper clip, tooth filling. Exit, ride tape worm. Climb up stomach, walk to ship, use silver on flashing light. Enter ship, use CD in Subroutine Programs slot, push initiation. Stand, get EVA suit, wear suit, exit shuttle. Use fingernail on tissue Roger is walking on. Walk left until you see robot Nanites. Walk north to get closer. Throw gallstone at left robot, throw gallstone at right robot, throw gallstone at left robot (also can be right, left, right). Push elevator button. Push down, read signs as you pass (stop first). Use paper clip at cough control section. Go down. Use hand icon on lighted doorway to walk to it. Use paperclip on sparking nerves near Roger. Use fish on Sharpei.


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