Space Quest V Walkthrough

Walk north, enter first door on right. Move cursor to side until you get eye icon and cheat off neighbor's paper. Do this at least twice. Answers are: d, e, e, c, e, c, e, d, a, a. Walk south, open door on right, get cones and scrub-o-matic. Walk east through hallway. Walk to elevator (circle in center). Use cones on seal. Get on scrub-o-matic. Use it, cover entire picture until it shines and you get message. Walk left, north, read bulletin board.

Sit down in captain's chair. Use talk icon with exclamation (!) point on it to issue commands to crew. Ask Flo to hail Starcon. Ask Droole to set course and give coordinates for Gangularis. Tell Droole to change to Lite Speed once you clear Starcon. After you're near destination, have Droole change to regular speed and activate RRS. Exit chair, go through doors behind you to Engineering Room. Open RRS hatch on right. Open toolbox on floor towards left and get laser torch, antacid tablets, fuse and hole punch. Clean box afterwards. Go back to bridge, set course for Peeyu. Set lite speed, once near destination, regular speed. Go through doors behind you, walk left to Science Lab. Walk east all the way, then west. Put Spike in the canister (Habitube). Add antacid tablets to canister. Return to bridge, set course for Kiz Uruzgabi (KU). SAVE after arriving. Go to science lab, walk on transporter, talk to computer towards back.

Walk north into cave, walk left then north. Walk east, walk on top of tree (not log). Get branch. Return to cave, enter cave to left. SAVE. Enter cave on left. Use walk icon on other side of chasm. Use hand icon on boulder on top of cliff, use stick on boulder. Walk right. (I couldn't get off the ledge here, so I returned the way I came: jump back across chasm, enter cave, enter right cave, walk east). Cross log, use stick on hanging fruit, get fruit. Enter log, but stay inside. When WD-40 stands on top of log, use fruit on her. Walk left, get her head. Walk left, enter right cave. Beam back down. Walk north until you hit the ship. Use device on yourself. Get on pad. Open panel on right. Open top and bottom panels. Turn upper left and lower right knobs, open these two panels. Turn other two knobs, open both panels, get device. Exit ship. Go to bridge, set destination for Spacebar, lite speed.

Change to regular speed, orbit planet. Sit at Flo and Droole's table. Play Battle Cruiser (like Battleship). To win: after first move, SAVE, note where is ships are during the game and if you don't win, restore and you know where his ships are. Sit at your table, put space monkeys in your drink, walk right. Click switch on console. Go to second cell on left. Talk to Cliffy. Walk left, step on transporter. Get Spike, return to Spacebar. Use Spike on Cliffy's cell. Return to transporter. Set course for Klorox II, lite speed.

Change to regular speed, orbit planet, beam down. Walk into center building. SAVE. Turn on computer. After pukoid spits, turn your head, repeat 4 times. Get paper on floor. Look at paper. Use computer, use code from paper (80869). Read the info. Exit building. Walk to where you beamed down, walk left. Look at canister. Use communicator. Set course for Thrakus, change to lite speed, regular speed. Use center switch on chair console. Have WD-40 scan planet. Exit bridge, press red button on right wall, step over flashing lights and enter Pod Bay. Open two cabinets on right and get mask and oxygen tank. Turn on console and open elevator. Enter elevator. Enter science lab, stand on transporter, put on mask, beam down.

Walk to escape pod (left, north). Look inside. Get coat, press red button. Walk left. Give coat to Bea after she asks for help. Use communicator on self. Grab vine. In science lab, press red button on right, open Cryotube. Put Bea in Cryotube. Look at controls, then look at control at bottom. Set for Cryofreeze for 10 and press start. Go to bridge. Quickly have Droole raise shields. After you get shot at, have Droole take evasive action. Tell him to head directly into the asteroid field. Go to pod bay. Use console and rotate pod, get in. SAVE. Rotate with left hand until Cliffy is in front of you. Try to get him in the middle of the radar (he's the red dot, you're green). When he's in front of you, use right hand. Press thumb (CLAW) and position him until you get message. Then press CLAW again. Head for Eureka (green dot). Go to bridge, set course for Genetix (41666), lite speed, regular speed, orbit.

Buzz around over water until someone tries to eat you. Go to communicator, talk to Flo. Fly west, enter keycard hole in rocks. Look at lights. Fly left. Go to computer that flashes. Press reset, projects, accounting, activity (read all). Press systems, select 3, security. Look at each camera picture. Fly away, go through red key hole. Talk to Cliffy. Fly north towards right. Land on your body. Walk north. Use hole punch on business card. Punch card to look like:


Use keycard on keycard hole. Enter. Press black button on big contraption. Get nitrogen tanks. Exit lab, beam back. When Cliffy asks what Spike means, select the transporter manual bypass. Look at Cryotube, look at control panel. Defrost for 10. Get Bea, put her on transport pad. Go to bridge, set course for Gingivitis, lite speed, regular speed.

Press left button on chair console, have Cliffy activate cloak. Enter science lab. Look at each area of ship, until Cliffy says that area would be best. (Least amount of...). Go to pod bay, activate pod, get in. Pick the spot that was chosen in lab (2nd bulkhead to right of engine). Open pod bay doors. Use laser torch on ship. Do not walk until pukoid walks in, then leaves. Walk through door he came through. Open floor vent. Crawl north, east, north, north, walk up two levels, enter vent. Crawl south, west, north, north, east, north, north walk up two levels, enter vent. Crawl south, west, north, north, west, west, north, north, walk up two levels. Crawl south, south, west, south, east, south, look at switch, flip switch to off. Once all pukoids are on transporter and doors are closed, talk to Cliffy. Go to bridge.

Have Droole fire. Have Droole activate RRS. Tell crew to abandon ship. Press red button on chair console. Press left mushroom icon. Go to science lab. Beam. Walk to engineering, enter circular exit on upper right. Remove front center fuse, put in new fuse. Exit. Enter science lab. Open Cryotube. Get Spike. Beam down.

Walk up to machine near red flashing lights. Look at flashing area, put warp device on console. Walk to the bridge.


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