Space Quest IV Walkthrough

Watch out for the wandering cyborg, who won't bother you unless he gets very close. Watch out for the Security Droid who will zap you. Walk east, get rope. Walk between two large red columns until you are not seen. Click the rope on the ground. Wait until the pink bunny is on the rope then click again. Repeat until you have the bunny in your inventory. In inventory, look at the bunny and then remove its batteries. Walk west twice, search skimmer, open the glovebox and take the Pocket Pal computer. Walk north, search the skimmer and take the unstable ordinance. Replace the unstable ordinance in the ship. Walk east twice, click on the sewer grate. Take the jar on the table. Click on the desk blotter and push the red button. Turn the wheel on the left wall that leads to the tunnel, enter tunnel. SAVE. Walk left until you can walk south. Before changing screens, wait for green ooze to come out of the grate and then change screens to the south. Click the jar on the green ooze and quickly walk left. Climb up the ladder. SAVE. Once the police leave, use the walk icon on the ship, then walk east. Quickly click the hand icon on the left landing gear opening (black spot). SAVE. Walk left and before you change screens, make the hand icon the current icon. After you change screens click the hand on the right pod. Write down the six codes on the screen (the code to Xenon). Press any six buttons, press any six buttons again.

Go west until you see a shadow pass overhead. Return east and walk down the steps. In the nest, check the pockets of the other guy and take the gum. Walk through the opening on the bottom right of the nest. Get into the submarine. SAVE. After the slug frees your arms, press the red button. Quickly grab an air tank and put it in the slug's mouth when you're close to being eaten.

Pick up the ATM Card on the ground. Step onto the walkway (bottom right) and stop at the ATM machine next to the Software Store. Use the ATM card on the machine. Continue on the walkway to the Big and Tall shop and talk to the salesman. Pay him. Return to the walkway and go to Monolith Burger. Get a job and fix burgers. When you get fired, return all get another job until you earn $26. The first time you get fired, your boss will throw his cigar at you, follow it on the walkway and pick it up. Go to the women's clothing store and talk to the saleswoman, pay her. Return to the ATM machine and empty the account. Return to the women's clothing store and retrieve your clothing from the dressing room. Go to the software store and move things around in the bargain bin until you find the SQ4 hintbook. Purchase it and read it. Click the icon on the circles near the answers. You need two things in here: the answer to "the stupid timepod" and the answer to the "Super Computer". Write down the final answer to both questions. SAVE. Go to the arcade and walk to the back right corner. After the first polICEMAN leaves, quickly exit the arcade. Take the right-moving walkway (inner) to the entrance to the skating area (outside Hz So Good or Radio Shock). Quickly move (swim) around a lot moving upwards. The police will follow you up and shoot at you, keep moving! Swim to the left top area of the arena and move down and exit through the left side. Quickly enter the arcade and hop in the timepod. Write down the coordinates on the screen to the mall. In inventory click the hand on the gum wad. The coordinates you want are in two parts: the gum wad and the hintbook (stupid timepod question). Enter those codes.

SAVE. Walk south, enter bar, get matches on the bar. Once outside, click hand on bikes. Once you can, re-enter the bar and take the matches. When a bike comes near you, walk away from the attempt to hit you. Return to your pod. Enter coordinates for Xenon.

Walk right twice. Use jar of acid on entrance to tunnel, the click hand on door. In inventory use matches on the cigar and exit inventory. Click on the panel on the right and enter 156 enter, 024 enter, 108 enter. Walk north. Look at the first box on the sides of the walkways. Notice what the shape of the plug is. (Draw it!) Exit tunnel. Get in pod and return to the mall.

Walk to Hz So Good/Radio Shock. Select catalog, Electronic Gadgets and next until you get to Pocket Pal Connectors and purchase. Select the shape you need (from the hallway on Xenon), return to the pod and Xenon.

Walk through the tunnel. In inventory, use battery on the computer, use the plug on the computer. Plug computer into the panel on the walkway which will show you the droid's locations. Turn off the power, walk north, west and down the left stairway. Wait until the droid is on the right of the screen and walk north up the stairway. Walk east, south, west until you reach the tunnel. Click the hand on the keypad on the door. Enter the code from the hintbook (Super Computer question). Click on the droid icon and put it in the toilet. Click on the brain icon and put it in the toilet. Close the screen (minus sign via Windows 3.1). SAVE. Quickly walk east, east, east, north, west, take either stairway down, west to the elevator. Walk north, east, north. SAVE. Continue to click mouse to fight Roger Jr. Once he's locked in the beam, climb down the ladder on the left with the hand icon. Use the disk (it's now in your inventory) on the disk drive. Click on Beam Upload, Disk Upload. Click on the down arrow to highlight Roger Jr's name, Beam Download.


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