Space Quest II Walkthrough

Look at your watch after it beeps. Press C. walk up the wall and across ceiling to airlock entrance. Stand on entrance. Get uniform. Open locker, take jockstrap and puzzle. Exit through door on west side of room. Stand on transport lift. Walk over to transport tube and get in. Walk down stairs enter shuttle up the stairs.

Search dead body, take keycard. Search pod and press button. Exit north. Avoid hovercraft searching for you by hiding behind big tree. Exit southeast. Untie alien. Exit west, go up hill, west. Mail order form. Get whistle, go south down hill. Exit west, SAVE, get spore. Exit north. SAVE. Walk through vine maze, save frequently, get berries and return through maze. Exit south, east, north, up hill, east. Rub berries on body. Enter swamp walk east. Go to deepest part of swamp, SAVE, hold breath, dive. Follow cave. Get glowing rock. Enter water, take deep breath, swim back to swamp. Exit swamp to the east. Climb dead tree at the edge of the chasm. Crawl across log, exit east. Call guard twice. Throw spore at him when he's close. Walk to right of cage, search body, get keys, unlock door, open door. Get rope, walk north. As soon as you enter next screen, walk west. Walk west until you reach chasm. Climb on log, tie rope to log, climb down. Climb to the bottom of the rope. Swing rope. Swing until monster grabs at you three times and let go of rope to the other side. Enter cave. Use gem to light way, follow path. Get gem, follow pink guys. The word. Climb down hole.

Put gem in mouth. Climb down to bottom. Crawl right to the next ladder. Climb down to the first path to right. Crawl right to the ladder. Climb down to the first path to right. Crawl right to the next ladder. Climb down to the bottom. Crawl left to third ladder. Climb down to the first path to right. Climb right until exit. Enter the water and follow the stream off the screen to the east. Keep following the stream as it winds around, and choose the branch to the right. Go east and leave pond. Blow whistle. Throw puzzle to the Beast (have that command ready). Walk around beast to exit. Pick up rock near opening. Exit the screen to the north. Using the bushes as a screen, wait until the guard is out of view, and move behind the forward set of bushes. Sling rock at guard when he pauses in the middle.

Insert keycard and enter the elevator (right pole). Walk around to the rear of the craft and enter pod. Look at console. Press the power button, turn the attitude dial, press the thruster button, then pull lever. After minimum altitude has been achieved, turn the attitude dial again, pull lever again.

Take the east catwalk, and exit. Enter the elevator. Look at elevator, press three. If you see an automatic floor waxer, move into a doorway or elevator. Walk down the corridor. Press the button and enter the closet, look in closet. Take the plunger, exit the closet, then walk all the way east. Enter the elevator and press four. Enter closet, get glasscutter, enter washroom, get toilet paper. Go to elevator, go to five, enter closet, get wastebasket and overalls, get lighter. Go to elevator and go to one.

Return to the shuttle platform, and proceed down stairs to the south. Move west, move east. Wait until the floor is almost out from under you, then stick plunger to wall. When floor returns, let go. Put the toilet paper in the wastebasket, drop the wastebasket. Light the toilet paper with the lighter. Walk east to Vohaul's room. Go up the stairs.

Cut glass with glass cutter. Walk over to the vents in the console immediately to the west of the jar and climb in the vent. Press red button behind pump. Climb out the vent. Exit the screen along the narrow path left. Walk over to switch and pull lever. Type enlarge and return to the glass jar immediately. Search body. Look at monitor (flashing one). Type code, "SHSR." SAVE. Exit the screen up the stairs to the east. Take mask from red box at beginning of tube and put it on. Follow the tube. Walk west until you see robot in front of escape pod bay. When the robot starts to come after you, exit the screen to the east. Make sure he follows you all the way to the end of the corridor. Go across catwalk and go east. Continue to escape pod bay. Press button (have it ready) to leftmost pod. Enter pod. Look at pod. Press launch button. Look around, walk to back of pod, open sleep chamber and get in sleep chamber.


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