Space Quest I SCI Walkthrough

Go left as far as possible. Search body. Hide when you see a message that says "you hear footsteps" (elevators are best). Go back right to room. Talk to dying man. Walk to the cartridge retrieval unit and click hand cursor on the console. Click on orange ball, enter correct symbols for cartridge that man named. Take cartridge. Walk left, go down elevator. Enter open room, get magnetic device. Leave room, walk right, right. Go through yellow and black elevator. Walk southeast into the central control area. Hide behind mouse or joystick. Walk right, look at orange buttons on control panel. Select open button. Use keycard on elevator. Open the closet door on right, get space suit. Open orange chest. Click on the pod doorway button. Get in pod. Put on seat belt. Then click eye on panel with 3 buttons, click hand on right button, then click hand on the throttle. Look at buttons, choose left button.

Release seat belt. Get survival kit. Get glass from in front of ship. Open survival kit. When thirsty, drink water. SAVE. Walk right, south. Take some sticky purple plant. Walk south, walk up spine. Walk to vertebra that's like a bridge, SAVE, push loose bone on spider droid when it's underneath. Continue up spine until you fall. Get rock tip. Walk left, use purple plant on tentacles, walk behind grate, walk left. Use rock tip on geyser. Walk through doorway, walk left. Use glass on beams, walk up, right. SAVE. Walk right, right. Walk right to bottom of spine, walk north. SAVE. Enter skull cave. Throw water canister on Orat, get Orat piece. Walk back to and up spine to chamber. Drop Orat piece. Insert data cartridge in computer, get self-destruct code. Get cartridge. Get in skimmer. SAVE. Dodge rocks.

Stand around and sell skimmer on second offer. Enter bar. Order 3 beers. Get Deltaur sector. SAVE. Play slot machine. Save after a win, restore after a lose. Use magnetic device on slot machine. Play until you break the machine. Exit bar, walk north, east. Enter Droids B Us and buy the pilot droid (NAV-201). Walk west, south. Talk to Tiny, walk north and buy ship with ladder. Avoid the fuzzy little brown alien. Get in ship. Enter code for sector you overheard in bar.

Press button. Walk on right side of door, when robot enters, sneak through door. Push trunk, use knife on vent. Crawl northeast, crawl to vent, use hand on vent. Open washing machine, get in machine. Look at floor, get ID. Exit room, take left elevator. Walk left to elevator, enter it. Walk all the way right. SAVE, slow down game. Show ID to robot. After he leaves, open hinged countertop, get grenade, walk back, close counter. Exit, drop grenade on robot. Walk left all the way, after you lose helmet, shot all Sariens. Go down elevator. Walk right to Star Generator room, search body. Use remote on generator. Press button on generator and enter self-destruct code. Walk left, go up elevator, kill guard, get in right elevator. Get in escape pod.


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