Rise of the Dragon Walkthrough

Your Apartment

Check all of your messages on the Vid-Phone. This will allow you to travel to many of the areas in the game. The first message is from Mayor Vincenzi. After playing back that message, a picture will scroll off of the printer. You will need this picture later, so be sure to take it. Take keycard from Vid-Phone (If you leave your keycard in the Vid-Phone, then leave the apartment, you will be locked out. There is, however, a way to get in. You can short out the door keypad by opening the steam pipe valve above the door.)

Get your clothes, trench-coat, bullet magazine, and gun, which is under the pillow, and wire tester from the bedroom. From the bathroom, you will need the NaPent and first aid kit.

Put your clothes and trench-coat on, (you will be arrested for indecent exposure if you leave your apartment without any clothes on) and leave your apartment, go see Karyn at city hall to make up with her. She will give you the keys for the cupboard.

City Hall

Purchase a dozen roses from the flower vendor in front of city hall. Use your ID card to pay for the roses. Apologise to Karyn, and give her the roses. When she offers to make a date for tonight, take her up on it! Later in the game, you must make a decision to go and meet her at 7:30, or stand her up. If you stand her up, the game is over.

Reject all of Jenni's advances toward you. If you don't you could lose Karyn, your key source of information(If you have tried to pick up any other girl or prostitute earlier in the game, you will be unable to continue. Karyn's help is crucial to completion of the game.)

Yell at Jenni. Tell her that it is very important that you get in to see the mayor. You can only do this after you have obtained the MTZ tape from Karyn.

Threaten the Mayor, but not to the point of anger (if you negotiate with the Mayor too harshly, he will throw you in jail.. Try the following sequence: 3, 2, 2. Get the security pass to the Police Armoury from the mayor. If you threaten the mayor right up to his limit, he will give in and offer you the pass. Show this pass to deputy Van Halen, and he will clear you to enter. Once in the armoury, the rifle is the only item you can get.

The Warehouse

On the screen where the flower vendor is, there is a small alley to the right side of the screen. When you move your icon over this area of the screen, it should change to an EXIT icon. This alley is the way to the warehouse.

The old man will tell you about the future, and your purpose. When he gives you time to speak, tell him you have something for him to look at. Show him the scroll with the Chinese calligraphy on it that you found at Chen Lu's apartment. He will translate it for you, and tell you about the reservoir strike.

Blow up Deng Hwang's MTZ production plant to delay his plans to take over LA. Place a bomb on the second power panel from the left, and watch it blow up. This will blow up most of the factory, giving you 2 more days to stop him completely.

The Pleasure Dome

Check all of your weapons with Martha, the person at the window. You will not be able to pass unless you do. When Slen asks if you have anything else for them, give him the candy bar. After giving him the candy bar, he will give you a claim check for your weapon. This is only necessary the first time you check in a weapon.

Speak to the people in the bar, the only ones that can help you. The Jake is the small guy in the back of the bar wearing green. You will want to go easy on The Jake, since he is your primary source of hints and addresses. The Jake needs proof that Chandra Vincenzi was killed. Show him the picture from your Vid-Phone that the mayor sent you. This will get his attention. When The Jake begins to talk, he will mention a character by the name of Chen Lu. You have the option here to ask about Chen Lu. When you ask about Chen Lu, he will say that he has never heard of him. Ask him if he thinks Chandra would want him covering for Chen Lu. The Jake will then give you the address to Chen Lu's apartment. Give The Jake a candy bar after talking with him the first time. This is crucial, or he will not warn you about the strikes later in the game.

Chen Lu's Apartment

The police have already started on their way to the apartment. You will need to get in, get Chen Lu's ID card from his Vid-Phone, and come back later. If you spend too much time in Chen Lu's apartment, the police will catch you there.

Get Chen Lu's ID card and put it into the Vid-Phone. Look at Chen Lu's previous messages. Take the drug patch from the bathroom sink counter. Look over the statue in Chen Lu's bedroom. The right eyeball of the statue will sparkle on the screen. Click on the right eyeball and the statue will lower revealing a save on the wall behind it. Note Chen Lu's gun permit number and ID number from Chen Lu's Vid-Phone. Look at the 4 numbers that are common to the two. This is the combination to the safe. Take the scroll from Chen Lu's safe.

Give the drug patch to Karyn for her to work on. She will have it analysed for you, and give you the MTZ tape which you can use to bribe the mayor. Show Chen Lu's ID card to Karyn at City Hall. She will run a trace for you and show that Johnny Qwong is a known accomplice of Chen Lu. Give the scroll to the old man sitting on the crate in the warehouse. He can translate it for you.

Johnny Qwong's Residence

You cannot enter Johnny Qwong's house. You can, however, get below his house. Click on the manhole cover in the lower section of the screen. Use a bomb to blow open the Vid-Phone splicing trunk case. Drop a bomb on top of the lock and stand back.

Tap Johnny Qwong's Vid-Phone line. Use your wire tester. Attach the red alligator clip to the left battery terminal at the top of the screen. Hook up the alligator clips to the terminals correctly. If the clip is close to any terminal other than the one you want to drop it on, you will be shocked. Be extremely precise on where you drop the clips on the screen. Next, attach the blue clip to the grounding strap wrapped around the conduit near the bottom of the screen. Lastly, take the yellow clip and clip it onto the second terminal up from the bottom of the lower terminal block. This is a very difficult sequence, and will require much practice. Save your game often!

Note: watch out for the sewer rats. If you hurry, you won't see them. If you spend a considerable amount of time in the sewer, they will kill you.

The Reservoir

The strike units will show up August 4th between 7:00 and 10:00 PM at the reservoir, you will need to ambush them. Be sure to wear the bullet proof vest. Avoid getting shot as much as possible. You can be shot a few times if you are wearing the bullet proof vest, but eventually you will die. If you have the rifle from the armoury, this will also increase your chances of winning this sequence. When they show up, kill every one of them Steal their hovercar, click on the map in the middle of the car and go directly to Deng Hwang's.

Note: as soon as you wipe out the guards at the reservoir, you are on a timer, so hurry! If you haven't blown up the power panel next to the warehouse you will not have enough time. Blowing up the power panel gives you two additional days that you need.

Deng Hwang Enterprises

How can I get Deng Hwang Enterprises to show up on the map? Once you get the message from Deng Hwang on your Vid-Phone at home, you will then be able to travel to Deng Hwang's factory. Drive the hovercar to Deng Hwang's. The hovercar will land on the roof, bypassing the first level of security. You can also show Snake's ID card to the guard at the gate if you travelled there by Emm-Way.

Lie to the receptionist. Try telling her that you remember her from high school, and that you would like to go out with her. Then tell her that her boss is in trouble, and you are there to help. If all else fails, use NaPent on her. Manually override the security system. There are many ways to do this. One way is to use the color sequence found in the fortune cookie given to you by the old man on the crate and follow the letter abbreviations for the color codes. Press button [I] (one) then use the sequence. You can also find a secret code in the game documentation. If you find this code, you will be able to use button [II] (two), and the correct sequence of colors.

How do I prevent the guards from killing me? If you forgot to lock the guard break room when you were at the control panel, you will need to do so. If you did and they find you anyway, you wasted time somewhere. After you leave the control room, complete everything as quickly as possible. Eventually, if you are not quick enough, they will find you.

Once the receptionist resets the security system, do everything at lightning speed. It is only a matter of time before the guards track you down.

Get some wire in the Janitor's closet. Open both circuit breaker boxes, turn off the main on top, then disassemble the smaller gang switches below. Use the screwdriver on the sink in order to do this. After the switch panel has been removed, grab a handful of wires and put it in your inventory.

Take the wires you got from the janitor's closet and lay them across Karyn. Move to the close-up view of Karyn, and unplug each of the 3 wires connected to the neck strap. Note the countdown time on the screen behind her. Save her before the timer reaches 0!

The flame throwers work on a pattern. Sit and watch them for awhile. You will learn when it is safe to crawl under them after learning the pattern. If you are killed 5 times in a row, the game will ask you if you want to skip the arcade sequence. If you choose to skip it, program control will take over and show you the ending story panels of the game.


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