Quest for Glory IV Walkthrough

Fighter tips - Add points to strength, vitality, agility, weapon use and parry. Workout everyday on the exercise machine at the Adventurer's Guild. Get the sword from the Guild. If you don't have any points in climbing, you will need them there as you will be climbing a lot.

Magic User tips - Add points to intelligence, agility and magic skill. Talk to Dr. Cranium, the Gypsies, Baba Yaga, and Katrina about magic. Carefully investigate Erana's Garden. You will gain another spell when you have gained Erana's Staff and return to the Faerie Folk. Katrina will teach you Frost Bite outside the town gates at night after Day 3. You can learn another spell in Erana's Garden by casting spells. Once you have befriended the Gypsies, they will teach you the Aura spell at their camp. Trade something tasty to Baba Yaga and you will learn another spell.

Thief tips - Add points to agility, vitality and luck. Build up climbing, stealth, acrobats and lock picking through practice. Go to the Thieves' Guild.

Paladin tips - You must import a paladin character from a previous QFG. Learn what you need to do by talking to the ghost of Piotyr at the staff area during the night. Get Olga and Boris back together. Always be courteous and kind.

General tips - Practice skills whenever you can to build them up to 400. You can leave behind unnecessary inventory items in the chest in your room at the inn.

Caves (game beginning) - Get the torch. Search three skeletons to get money, a dagger and a flint. Use the dagger on the flint and then on the torch to light it. Light the torch on the left of the altar. Exit through the sphincter (top of screen). F/P-get the sword and shield; T-look for the thief mark near the exit at the bottom of the screen; MU-get the cloth. Exit south. Pit cave - F/P-cross rope hand over hand; T-walk the rope; MU-use the cloth and levitate to fly across the pit. Walk left. Get the octopus-like sign (Dark One Sign) from the arch. Walk left. Walk to town gate(map at bottom).

Town gate - Enter town by either climbing or levitating over gate if it's locked. Get corn cob near the pumpkins.

Staff area - Sleep here a lot. Pick some flowers. Paladins visit this area to talk to a paladin ghost.

Burgomeister's - Talk to him. Entering the office will sometimes get you new questions to ask. Get keys to Adventurer's Guild from Dimitri. Thief can help the gypsy escape when he's jailed there (sneak in at night). Return to him with Piotyr's sword (Paladins). Thief can break in through the window and pick the desk lock.

General store - Talk to Olga. Reunite her with her husband Boris. Purchase rations, garlic, pie tin, candy. Thief buy oil and a shopping bag. Paladins need a broom.

Inn - Sleep here hour by hour and just after midnight go downstairs and talk to the Domovoi on the fireplace. Eat here as much as possible. Learn info from innkeeper, his wife and the townspeople. After meeting the gnome visit him in his room and talk to him. Get the rubber chicken from his room. After you retrieve the Good Humor Bar, bring it to the gnome in his room. When awakened by crying, listen at the innkeeper's door (1st floor). Thief use the window to get out to do thief things. You'll sometimes find notes to meet people on the chest in your room.

Igor - Talk to him. After you find him (when he's missing), talk to him to get the Borgov crypt key.

Adventurer's Guild - Sign and read the log book. Practice skills. Get rope and grapnel on the floor and put it through the ring on the ceiling to practice climbing. Use the exercise machine to build up strength, add more weights when necessary. Fighter - break open glass on wall to get sword. Read the books on the bookshelf. Take rope with you.

Dr Cranium's - Repeat bells in order to get in. Open door on the right to release the antwerps. Use the TRAP in the hallway to identify what an antwerp eats, put a ration in the TRAP and capture an antwerp. Open the door on the left, turn the maze around so that the antwerp bounces over the key and then through the exit on the side. Unlock the door in the middle, rearrange the puzzle pieces to make a keyhole and use the keys on the door. Talk to Dr. Cranium, ask about science and potions to receive them (can get 1 of each daily). Ask about Rehydration Formula. He wants something in trade for the Rehydration Formula, give him some green goo. When asked use manual to give ingredients. Magic users ask about Magic to receive glide spell. Use the TRAP again to find out what hexapods eat.

Monastery - Put Dark One Sign on door to enter (thief use rope to climb to second floor to get in). Use Rehydration Formula on the dried Domovoi (brown blob on shelf). Thief pick up anything and everything you can. Feed hexapod over fireplace garlic then pull right hand poker. Enter secret passageway. Open desk - fighter use force then use a poison cure pill; thief - disarm the trap by using the same color in a row; magic user - open spell. Read the diary in the desk. Thief get statue in the middle of the screen, but don't touch it, use the shopping bag. Touch the cask. Go upstairs and light the carpet with the torch.

Thieves' Guild - Enter through the Adventurer's Guild. Look under the table. Look at the coat hooks on the right. Click on the skull below the third hook from the left until the hook is on top. Move the second hook from the left so that it is on the bottom. Move the right most hook so that it is on the right. Move the left hook so it is on the left. Climb the bookshelf. Search on the floor of the Thieves' Guild for a knob. Take the card from the poster. Unlock the back door with the card. Read the books in the bookshelf. Put the knob on the safe. Make the puzzle spell FILCH by substituting the dashes with the letters in alphabetical order (F is between E and G). Get lock pick. Disarm trap on the desk. Pick lock. Read log book and get kit and daggers. Behind the painting on the back wall is another safe, line up one color (any). Pick the lock. Look at thief mark by the drain on the right. Look at the barrel under the poster. Puzzle - top row - blue, blue, yellow; middle row - green, green, green; bottom row - red, green, red. Speak with the Chief. Fence valuable items here.

Old man and Ghost in Forest - Nikolai wanders the street near Dr Cranium's. You need to find Anna. She's a ghost in the forest. Visit Anna several times right after night falls and convince her that she's a ghost. Once she remembers her name, return to Nikolai and tell him about Anna. Return to the ghost screen again after night falls and get his hat.

Thief house - After dark go to area outside of Dr Cranium's. Climb up to upper window of the left building. Sneak. Use oil on wardrobe, open it. Go downstairs and steal things from the desk, exit the way you came in.

Town Gate - Meet Katrina here after dark a couple times and talk to her. Get corn cob. Climb or levitate over gate to enter/exit town after the door is closed.

Castle Gates - Talk to Boris the gatekeeper, reunite him with Olga. Visit Katrina a couple times here at night.

Boris and Olga - Reunite them by going back and forth between the two and telling what the other said. Also ask about husband/wife.

Forest - Practice skills, defeat creatures. Pick up rocks and throw them. Climb trees. Practice spells. Search all bodies after defeating them. The night creatures offer more loot. Kill all wraiths and check underneath their stones to get the loot.

Lake - Talk to the Rusalka. Give her flowers and talk to her again. Paladin talk to her a couple times and get some of her hair. Put her hair on the broom. After sweeping the graveyard, touch her to kiss her.

Graveyard - After Igor is missing, go to the graveyard and move the foremost tombstone to save him. Fighter/Paladin push rock, Magic User cast open, Thief climb tree and hang the rope over the branch overhanging the grave. Paladin read epitaphs to find out Rusalka's name. After dark, find a wraith and sweep Elyssa's grave with the broom. Defeat wraith. Enter the Borgov crypt to use secret passageway to the castle. (Shake hands with the grim reaper inside crypt to return to cemetery). Look at Borgov crest on the floor, click blue, orange, red, green, orange, violet. Get key. Unlock far right sarcophagus and enter passageway.

Leshy - Touch each wiggling bush to speak to him. Answer his riddles. Find out clues from him.

Gypsies - Talk to them after you rescue Igor. They'll give you a spell or amulet (fighter). Talk to them. Pay her for a fortune reading. Paladin ask about curing the Rusalka.

Baba Yaga - On the screen east of her hut, you must say magic phrase to make the bush disappear. (Click talk on yourself). Thief use acrobatics to leap over bush, magic user cast detect magic then trigger. Talk to Bonehead (first skull). Give him hat. Put corn on ground near hut. Enter hut and talk to her. Tell her about gnome. Put bones from under wraith stone in the mortar and grind them. Put the bone meal into an empty flask. Put the goo, elderberries and bone meal in the pie tin. Click the pie tin on the lower right skull. Enter hut, give pie to Baba Yaga, tell her about gnome. Magic user give her garlic and ask for a spell.

Fountain - A Wizard will encounter a fountain one screen south of Erana's Garden at night. Drink the water.

Erana's Garden - Sleep here. Magic users can practice glide spell on the water. Cast detect magic, cast trigger on the water. Cast open on the flower that rises up from the water. Cast fetch on the flower to get a scroll. Cast fetch to get fruit from the tree to restore mana once per day. Plant bonsai bush in hole at bottom right of screen.

Cave Path - Get some rocks before entering this screen. Fighter/Paladin throw rocks at the pile of rocks trapping the bonsai bush, get the bush. Thief throw rocks at the pile of rocks, climb up to the ledge above the bush and use the rope to draw it up. Magic user cast force bolt at the pile of rocks, fetch on the bush. Pick up goo at bottom of screen, put it in an empty flask (do this twice).

Attack bush - Throw rocks at the bush, use rubber chicken on the bush, grab berries that fell off. Magic user - cast force bolt at the bush, and fetch on the fallen berries.

Castle - (after entering from the crypt in the graveyard). Walk east until you reach stairs, walk up stairs and open door. Touch the emblem at the top/middle of the bookcase. Exit the door on the right, go up the stairway and open the door. If daytime, walk east to explore, thief can steal. In the room with the large bookcase on the back wall, spell out EXIT with the books to reveal a secret passageway. After dark, return to the room with the three doors and go west, go up the stairs, open door. Talk to Tanya, give her the doll, tell her about Erana's staff.

Faerie Folk - (for magic users) Meet the queen south of Erana's garden at night. Reach for glowing staff. Leave and return to screen. Cast reversal and summon staff. Use the staff to cast resistance and frost bite at the Faeries. Drink healing potions and eat mana fruit as necessary. Fight until the Faeries give up.


All of the above (except getting out of the cave in the beginning) can be done in any order as long as your have the prerequisites (item, spell). The remainder of the game should be done in this order.

Ad Avis - When you meet him, try to run.

Castle Dungeon - Fighter/Paladin break chains; Thief use tool kit; Magic user cast open on chains. Open the iron maiden.

Katrina's Bedroom - Touch the coffin, kiss her.

Castle Dungeon - Talk to Katrina. Convince her you weren't trying to kill her.

Gypsy Camp - Ask them for a reading. Talk to them.

Baba Yaga - Give her garlic, ask about the ritual.

Swamp - Fighter/Paladin wade into the swamp, watch out for hands; Thief use acrobatics to jump from clump to clump; Magic user use glide to move and avoid hands. Go south four screens. Fight and defeat the Chernovy. Place the Dark One Sign on the tomb. Click out the rituals: mouth, bones, blood, breath, sense, heart and essence, it's clockwise. Leave swamp the same way. Rest until dark, leave and return to screen. If the will o wisps are not there, leave nap and return until they are. Put candy on the shore, when all four wisps are eating the candy, click an empty flask on them.

Cave Path - Click on the squid stone with the will-o-wisps. Place Dark One Sign on stone. Click on the letters to spell AVOOZL. Make sure the letters turn red. Return to swamp and release the wisps.

Wraith - Defeat wraith (after dark) south of the graveyard to receive Heart Ritual if you haven't already (Fighter/Thief).

Castle - After you have five rituals, return to the castle and the gates are now open. Walk up to the castle.

Pit Cave - Fighter/Paladin use rope and grapnel to climb down to pit and defeat the monster. Get book. Climb back up, cross rope hand over hand. Thief sneak into the pit cave, use rope and grapnel to climb to the pit, sneak over to the book and take it. Climb back up and cross rope by walking tightrope. Magic user cast calm, levitate into the pit, get book, levitate back up on the other side of the pit. Exit to the right.

Heart Cave - From left to right, the entrances are: Blood Cave, Breath Cave, Sense Cave, Bones Cave. Enter Bone Cave. Enter by touching sphincter.

Bone Cave - Put your torch in the empty torch sconce on the right of the altar. Both torches should be lit. Place the Dark One Sign on the altar. Click the Bone Ritual on the altar. Fighter/Paladin when the cage appears, break the bones. Thief when the cage is closing, use acrobatics to get out of the way. Magic user cast frost bite, flame dart, force bolt. Take torch, leave and enter the Blood Cave.

Blood Cave - Follow the path to the bottom. Climb up to the upper path and walk to the altar. Click the Blood Ritual on the altar. Fighter/Paladin use rope and grapnel to climb to the edge that overhangs the altar, push the rock into the altar bowl. Climb down the rope and walk to the exit. Thief use the rope and grapnel to climb to the ledge that overhangs the altar, use acrobatics to get to the ledge above, then to the island ledge in the center of the screen, then over to the main path. Magic user walk down to where the blood is flowing out of the altar bowl, do not touch or walk through the acid. Cast frost bite on the blood in the pool. Back to Main path, leave and enter the Breath Cave.

Breath Cave - Walk to altar. Click the Breath Ritual on the altar. Blow (use hand) on the center tentacles in this order - right hand small tentacle, left hand small tentacle, center small tentacle, large center tentacle. Fighter/Paladin walk to door, grab the tendril on the right; Thief Climb up and out of the way of the breath. Magic user when caught in lung sphincter, cast calm and open, leave and enter the Sense Cave.

Sense Cave - Walk left all the way, walk up all the way, walk right all the way. Click the Sense Ritual on the altar. Fighter/Paladin/Thief use rope and grapnel on the horseshoe shape near the top of the screen. Fighter/Paladin run to the exit on the bottom right. Thief use the rope and grapnel on the large globe shape under the altar and swing to exit, walk through exit. Magic user walk along the path to the exit casting lightning ball at the dendrites as you get near them. Return to the Heart Cave.

Heart Cave - Click the Heart Ritual on the center altar. Fighter/Paladin/Thief climb altar, Magic user levitate in front of the altar.

Essence Cave - When possible - Fighter/Paladin/Thief click Erana's staff on you, Magic user summon staff. Tell Ad Avis the ultimate joke (talk on yourself), while he's laughing - Fighter/Paladin use staff on him; Thief throw a dagger at him; Magic user cast force bolt on him, cast summon staff again. Click the staff on the glowing crystal.


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