Quest for Glory 4 : So You Thought You Were a Hero? Walkthrough

So you are now the hero from the Quest for Glory series. But are you a real hero? Would a real hero just leave Spielburg in trouble? Of course not! So you are back in Spielburg, the town you saved in QFG 1 (Hero's Quest) for QFG 4 , in between QFG 4 and QFG 5. Elsa is missing again! Her brother Barnard is in charge since the Baron is dead, but of course the townspeople do not like it, but they can't do anything about it! Plus, they have many troubles of their own. And it's up to you the Hero to help them. Also there's another Hero in town named Sir Richard. But he's not a real hero. He doesn't care about the people, so keep an eye out for him. You will see many familiar faces and places, but there are new things and new names. Remember to talk to everyone and to save often!

Note: I am not including a map, because I was too lazy to map out everything. So when I say the name of the places, hope you found them, if you have questions, e-mail me, and maybe I can help you. Also I did this game as a Thief, though I do not think it really matters.


  • Walk West several screens to the gate of Spielburg

Merv's Stand

  • Talk to Merv. You find out most about the troubles in Spielburg.
  • Buy a Toy Meep and the sleeping pills. They will come in handy later. Merv also sells food rations, so come back here to buy them if you need more.
  • Walk into the town. Go into the Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office

  • The butcher is in jail for murdering the Sheriff. Talk to him.
  • Open the drawer in the desk. Read the journal and you find out that the Sheriff was murdered, because he found out the truth what happened to Elsa.
  • Go outside the office and go West one screen to the Adventurer's Guild.

Adventurer's Guild

  • Of course every hero/adventurer knows that the first thing to do in a town is to check in to the adventurer's guild.
  • Read the bulletin board. All those notices are for you to accomplish. Take note of them.
  • Talk to Wolfgang, remember him from QFG 1?
  • Talk to the Jurgensen brothers. Convince the bigger Jurgensen brother to go with his dream (being a nudist). He will shed his clothes and be proud! (Don't worry, his privates are censored!)
  • Pick up his clothes. You will need them later.
  • Leave the Guild and go into the Gentleman's Club (the former Old Hero's Inn). If you're a Magic User, you can go into the Magic shop, but it's no use to for a fighter or thief.

Gentleman's Club

  • The former owners have left and now Italians (the mafia) have taken over, but the business is "legit." Talk to Al. Notice that Otto is with them.
  • You won't get much out of him. But you have a suspicion that they were involved. Leave and head to the Cape Store.

Cape Store

  • Sam the beggar now owns the Cape Store. Talk to him.
  • Your red cape is just perfect for a hero, but you need other capes for later endeavors. You can either buy them all now (be a good guy) or steal them later at night, or do half and half.
  • Leave and go East one screen. You will see Hilde, the Centaur's daughter.

Fruit stand

  • Remember Hilde, the beautiful daughter of the Centaur? Talk to her.
  • You find out that her father passed away and she has nothing to sell. Ask her out on a date.
  • She'll go on a date with you if you tend the garden. Agree to it.
  • Stop talking to her and go into the Sheriff's house.

Sheriff's House

  • The house is messy with blood everywhere! Open the drawer and you'll find the skeleton key to town. Take it.
  • Leave Sheriff's house and continue down the street. Enter the Butcher's Shop.

Butcher's Shop

  • Talk to Butcher's wife.
  • Leave and go into alley.


  • Don't worry, there's no pickpocket here or someone trying to kill you. It's Jaspar and his bookstore.
  • Talk to him. You find out he sold his general store to a vampire who turned it into a Starbucks (which is only open at night).
  • Leave and go into Coyote Ugly (the former Aces & Eights).

Coyote Ugly

  • Familiar, yet different. Sit down on the stool.
  • Talk to the bartender.
  • Ask about Dragon's Breath and she'll give you the last mug of it.
  • Ask her on a date. She tells you she will if you clear the Butcher's name.
  • Leave and continue down the street. Enter the bank.


  • You see crusher and the former owner of Aces & Eights. Talk to them.
  • They have a savings option for 5% interest. I recommend putting half of your money in there to gain interest. Besides you don't need to be carrying that much gold anyways.
  • Leave and notice the Toilet Booth.

Toilet Booth

  • Talk to the owner. He knows a lot of what is going on.
  • Pay him to use toilet. You get points, but of course it's not necessary, but still you get points. Don't want a constipated hero on your hands, do you?
  • Leave and head out of town. Go north to Healer's cottage.

Healer's Cottage

  • Talk to Healer and find out her Pterosaur is missing. She's willing to give a reward.
  • Buy a healing potion from her. The healing potion is unlimited (I guess it's a bug or something?) Sorry you can't buy a stamina potion or mana potion, though she does make a joke about the stamina potion. Well you can click on those, but you won't get the bottles.
  • Leave cottage and go west a screen into the Centaur's Garden.

Centaur's Garden

  • Take the hoe and work on the garden.
  • Leave Garden and head west several screens (these aren't exact directions, more like general). Basically you're on your own finding these next following places, so save often.

Meep's Home

  • You will encounter Sir Richard again. He refuses to help the injured Meeps. He sneers at you and leaves.
  • Talk to injured Meep. Help him by giving him the healing potion.
  • Talk to him again and find out how you can help him and his people. You find out you need to get rid of a Beaulomp (spelling? I forget)
  • Go down the hole. You will appear at screen with a river and the monster that is terrorizing the Meeps.
  • Use Toy Meep on monster. The monster should follow the toy off the cliff.
  • Go back down the hole to return to the Meep's Home screen.
  • Meep will be happy and will give you a Flute to contact them if you ever need help.
  • Leave and explore the forest, so you'll know where places are. I'll tell you what is needed to be done at each place.

Forest Notes

  • You will encounter goblins or guards in the forest. Fight them to gain experience, but always remember to keep an eye out on your stamina.
  • Stamina can only be recovered by resting. So I recommend resting after every fight!
  • Also if you notice the cursor for the hand (use) is a bit off, so half the time you click on yourself when you want an item instead, I recommend walking away and clicking on the item again. Otherwise you get a nice remark about masturbation.

Jones' House (former evil sorcerer's house)

  • This is somewhere north of the Meeps. Remember this is where the evil sorcerer lived in QFG 1? Talk to Bones (the Talking Skull).
  • You find out he doesn't like his new owners. Take him.
  • You can return at night and rob the Jones' house by climbing the left fence. You can steal the vase, the silver candlestick and gold from the chest.

Erana's Peace

  • This is somewhere Northeast of the Meeps.
  • At night, this is a good place to rest and usually there is fruit, but the hippies ate all of them.
  • You see the hippies sitting on the stone during the day. Talk to them. They don't want to talk to you.
  • Put on the tie-dye cape. Then talk to them. You learn they want drugs, some strong stuff.
  • Give them Dragon's Breath. They will turn into ashes.
  • Take their bong. The tree will bloom with fruit again. You can eat them if you want (though I don't think they substitute for food rations).
  • You can leave here and go south, then east to the entrance of the Cave.

Entrance of Cave

  • You will encounter a lawyer and the ogre, whose butt you kicked in QFG 1. The ogre is injured and is suing you.
  • The lawyer asks for 200 gold. I ended up paying it myself later by saving up and earning interest in the bank. I assume you can take out a loan as well, but I don't think getting a loan is worth it. Also you don't get anything but a clear conscious that you paid him off and points.
  • Go into the cave.

Inside Cave

  • There's a bear, but it's inflatable. Go talk to the cavemen.
  • You see Pterosaur. Ask to get Pterosaur and you find out they need a new guard since the bear does not work.
  • Leave and head Southeast to Erasmus's castle.

Erasmus's Castle

  • You can only go up during the day. Talk to the Gargoyle and you'll get his business card, because he needs a new job.
  • Return to the inside of the cave.

Inside Cave

  • Give business card to caveman. He'll give you the Pterosaur and inflatable bear.
  • Free Pterosaur and take inflatable bear.
  • Go find the Witch's Tree, which is east of the castle or so.

Witch's Tree

  • Talk to Witch. You learn her son ran away and is in the catacombs in the cemetery.
  • Return to Healer's Cottage and get your reward and from there head back into town.


  • Talk to Hilde again. She has fruit again and agrees to a date. She tells you to go to the garden at sunset or so. Go there at sunset, and if you forget to that day, she'll be there at the same time the next day. Also scene (rated M) is not for the weak-hearted or innocent (let's just say there's a bit of bestiality) but you get points for it.

Nighttime in Town

  • You can use your lock pick or skeleton key to go into places.
  • You can go into Gentleman's Club where you find out there's a safe behind the left painting, but you need the combination which you'll find out later.
  • You can go into the Cape Store and steal your capes
  • You can go into 1363 (I think the number is), the house next to the bank, and you find out it is Crusher's house. You can take the Mickey Mouse collectible and money from the drawers.
  • If you need to sleep in town, you can go into the Jurgensen brothers' house, which is next to the magic shop. You can take money from the chest of drawers if you want; you get points!
  • You'll notice you can't get into the bank, the toilet booth, the butcher shop, sheriff's office, or adventurer's guild. Trust me I tried, I couldn't get into those places.
  • Coyote Ugly and Starbucks are open and you can go into them. There's nothing in Coyote Ugly, but Starbucks, there's something.

Starbucks Store

  • Talk to vampire. You learn he does not bite.
  • He wants a female mate, so he gives you a poem written in blood if you encounter an undead girl.
  • Leave town by climbing wall. If you don't have enough climbing skills, keep clicking to climb to gain skills.

Nighttime in the Forest I

  • You might encounter a band of men in the forest. They are treasure adventurers, meaning they are looking for a treasure map. If you're a magic user, they will have a spell for you.
  • The Fairy Circle is the same as before, but this time there's a Giant in there and the fairies want him out! Talk to fairies and Giant. You learn he wants to do ballet.
  • Head to the cemetery.


  • Open gate and walk into the catacombs. You see man with skull on a staff.
  • Talk to him. Learn he wants to be "evil" and make his mom proud.
  • Give him Bones (the Talking Skull) and he'll return to his mom.
  • Take candlestick.
  • Leave and wait for day again and head to the Witch's Tree.

Witch's Tree

  • Her son has returned and she's happy. She'll give you a potion to awaken the undead, but the undead awakens evil.
  • Leave and head to the castle.

Outside of the Castle

  • The guard should be sleeping. So you can get into the castle.
  • Talk to both set of guards.
  • Then walk to the front and they will throw you into the dungeon.


  • You think you're trapped, with no way out? Don't worry. Play the Flute that the Meeps gave you.
  • The Meep should come up and will dig a tunnel for you. Jump into the hole and it will take you inside the castle.

Inside Castle

  • Again it looks familiar. Well go upstairs to the private quarters of the Baron Barnard.
  • You'll hear voices and footsteps. Go into the side chamber and stay out of sight!
  • Sir Richard and Baron Barnard will come into the room and talk. Apparently they want you dead and you now know they are working together! They will leave and you can come out.
  • Open the drawer and you'll find Barnard's journal. You learned that he had the Elite Guards kidnap Elsa and put her in the ice caves east of Spielburg.
  • Take the Guard's uniform.
  • Leave through the window and you'll end up east of the castle. Head to the Church.


  • The Church is located due east from the gate of Spielburg (basically east of the beginning screen) and yes you have to walk past the icy path screen.
  • In the church, talk to the priest. You will learn that there is a ghost that haunts the church.
  • Come back at night to talk to the ghost. You learn the ghost's name is Cleo and she was murdered.
  • Take the shovel and dig at the 3rd right pew. You'll unearth her remains. Take her remains.
  • Leave and go east two screens to the whorehouse.


  • Look at the bulletin board and you'll get a card that is looking for male ballerinas.
  • Talk to owner of whorehouse. You learn the rate for her girls are 10 gold a night.
  • You have the option of throwing a coin or two at the dancer (not sure if it gains points)
  • You can talk to the girls Betty and Red. For guys, do you think they are hot? If so, buy them for the night, and you find out why this game is rated M. (Trust me, I was surprised, expect some nudity).
  • Leave Whorehouse and head to fairy circle.

Fairy Circle

  • Give card to the Giant Fairy and he'll leave.
  • Leave to Erana's Garden.

Erana's Garden

  • Sleep till day. Then bury remains and put flower on top of grave. You keep part Cleo's finger, because she asked you to and it will lead you to her murderer.
  • From here head southeast to the ice cave.

Ice Cave

  • Talk to monster. You find out he hates wearing homosexual clothes.
  • Give him the Jurgensen brother's clothes. He'll give you a ring that protects you from cold.
  • Leave and head south west until you encounter the Stag.


  • The stag looks angry and won't let you through. Use the inflatable bear on it.
  • The stag will leave. Go to the screen west of it. You will encounter the Wood Nymph.

Wood Nymph

  • Talk to Wood Nymph. You find out she's upset with the hippies and asks you to get rid of them.
  • You already accomplished that. So give her their water bong as evidence.
  • She'll give you an industrial bottle of weed repellant, which will come in handy later.
  • From here, return to Spielburg.

Spielburg Town Square (in front of Sheriff's Office)

  • You will see the woman from the Gentlemen's Club. Talk to her.
  • She will tell you to meet her at the old target right outside of town when it gets dark.
  • Leave Spielburg and head south to Bill's Laundrymat, Bar and Grill (the Brigand's Secret Lair from QFG 1 if you remember).

Bill's Laundrymat, Bar and Grill

  • To enter, wear your Confederate Flag cape.
  • Talk to Bill and find out he has work for you. Note-this is the only part of the game, where you can earn money at any time of the day and you can do it multiple times.
  • Go to the Back room where the laundry is.

Back room-Laundry room

  • You see the old brigands playing cards at the table. You can join them and play poker and earn money, but you can also lose money. So it's at your own discretion.
  • Click on washboard/tub to do laundry. You will get a red shirt and find a letter and you will take the letter.
  • After doing laundry, read the letter. You find out the Brigands are planning to do overthrow Bill.
  • Go back out to the Bar.

Bill's Laundrymat, Bar and Grill

  • Talk to Bill. Get your 2 gold from him.
  • Give him the letter. He'll give you a lasso for a reward.
  • Wait till night and meet Bella (the girl from the Gentlemen's Club) at the target.
  • You find out you're too late. She's been murdered.
  • Give her the undead potion and she'll come back to life, but as a vampire.
  • She won't kill you this time, because you brought her back to life. She'll tell you that the evidence for the Sheriff's murder is in the safe in the club and she gives you the combo.
  • Leave and head to the Gentlemen's Club. I recommend putting on the Skull cape, because it protects you from the undead, so in case you come across the undead Bella again, because she'll kill you if you don't have the cape.

Gentlemen's Club

  • Remove left painting to reveal safe.
  • Open safe and get evidence.
  • Leave Spielburg and go to the screen west of the cemetery so you can talk to the undead Bella (you should be protected with your skull cape).

Undead Bella

  • She won't hurt you because of the cape. So give her the Vampire's poem written in blood.
  • She will be happy and leave to talk to the Vampire.
  • Go back to town to the Starbucks Store. The Vampire tells you that he and Bella are leaving to Romania. He also tells you to tell Jaspar that he can have his general store back.
  • Sleep till day and head to the Gentleman's Club.

Gentlemen's Club

  • Give the evidence to Otto.
  • Otto will get very angry and start kicking butt. You can leave and it will go into the scene where Otto is done and the butcher is free.
  • From here, go to the alley.


  • Tell Jaspar that the store belongs to him again.
  • He'll tell you another reason why he sold his store. He had a treasure map he wanted to follow and he gives you the map.
  • Look at the map and you realize it's the map the band of men were talking about.
  • Head to Coyote Ugly.

Coyote Ugly

  • Sit down and talk to the bartender. Ask her about the date she promised you.
  • She tells you that she remembers and tells you to go down the trap door to her room.
  • Go down the trapdoor to her room.
  • She tells you to turn off the lamp, so you do. And you'll get a pleasant surprise. Just watch the sequence. You'll end up outside of Coyote Ugly, go back inside.
  • Buy a keg.
  • In your inventory, put the sleeping pills in the keg. You will see why later.
  • Leave town and head east about two screens. Cleo's bone will vibrate at this screen, so head north one screen.

Cleo's Murderer

  • He's a tough fighter. You'll get points for killing him, but no special item. So if you can't kill him it's not the biggest deal unless you want the points.
  • I recommend building up your experience and stamina from fighting the guards and goblins.
  • Also when fighting him, make sure your hits are dead on and always keep your eye out on the stamina bar and definitely save before you fight him.
  • Fight him by clicking your sword on him.
  • From here, head to the chasm.


  • To get here, head to the whorehouse then south one screen. You will see an old tree and a chasm.
  • Use lasso on tree.
  • Swing on rope across the chasm.
  • Walk east one screen.

Ice Caves with Ice Creature

  • Look at frozen people and ice creature. Put on Ice ring to protect yourself.
  • Walk towards Elsa. Ice creature will try to attack you, but it doesn't work, so it leaves.
  • Use Candle you got from the catacombs on Elsa to warm her up.
  • Elsa will come alive and tells you she has to go into hiding still, but she does tell you there is a back entrance of the castle. The back entrance is at the log which is south of the castle and that you'll need a wand and to say the poem for the log to open.
  • From here, head back out to the Chasm.

Chasm II

  • You come back to the Chasm, only to find that Sir Richard has taken your lasso so there's no way for you to cross back!
  • What an ass! Push the tree on to him and Sir Richard is no more. The tree also makes a nice bridge back to the other side.
  • Head to the screen with the fork (it's the screen west of the whorehouse and east of the church). Head south on this screen till you reach the Viking's Beach.

Viking's Beach

  • Knock on door and talk to Viking.
  • Ask him about borrowing his boat. He tells you sure, but to talk to Strider.
  • Talk to Strider, the boat. He says it is fine, but you have to pass a test.
  • So take the test. The answers are
    1. left
    2. back
    3. no
    4. fresh fruit
  • Climb into the boat. Like the map says, head east 5 screens, then south 3 screens.

Homosexual Pirate Island

  • Look at sign. Walk east to the entrance of the cave.
  • Pick up dirty old bag.
  • Fill old bag with sand. You'll need it later.
  • Enter the cave.

Pirate's Cave

  • Walk down the path. You will come across a room filled with rays of light. Avoid where the rays strike on the ground. They can kill you! Walk around them.
  • Next room you come to is the one with a skeleton with a long sword.
  • Notice the panel on the wall. Open the panel and click on gears.
  • The gears should have stopped and the skeleton should now be broken. Take long sword.
  • Go onto the next screen where there's another deep chasm. Use long sword on chasm. Walk across to the next screen.
  • See the amulet. Remember Indiana Jones? Use dirty bag of sand on amulet. The amulet will protect you from magic spells.
  • Walk back up the cave and you will come across the band of pirates who demand you have a last request.
  • Use your keg with sleeping pills. The pirates think you want a drink as a last request and they join you on the drinks and subsequently pass out.
  • Rob them and leave the island. Head to Erasmus's Castle.

Erasmus's Castle

  • Wear amulet.
  • Climb foreclose sign to enter castle.
  • See red box. Break emergency red box to get magic wand.
  • Head to the screen with the log, which is somewhere south of the castle.


  • Use wand on log.
  • Climb down hole and walk and you will encounter a killer weed.
  • Use Weed Repellant on weed. Continue on.
  • Open door to Castle.

Inside Castle

  • You enter the foyer where Baron Barnard and all his guards are. They surround you and are ready to kill you.
  • Give Barnard the treasure map. I know it's evil, but ingenious idea isn't it?
  • Watch ending sequence. You finished the game!! You should have gotten at least 500 points if not more. (I ended up with 537 points.)

Congratulations Hero! You once again saved Spielburg and with style and flair, especially with those colorful capes. Elsa returns and rules Spielburg with a fair and firm hand. The people are happy and they honor you with cheers. Your quest ends here, but another begins if you choose to go out and buy Quest for Glory 5. Or you can try other quest series like King's Quest or Space Quest. Or try another adventure studio game made by fans and people like yourself. Remember, you are always an adventurer at heart! There's always a quest out there for you! You just have to find it!


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