Quest for Glory II Walkthrough

Fighter tips - add points to strength, vitality, and fighting skills. Practice fighting daily in the Guild Hall. Practice fighting by defeating monsters in the desert. Practice arm wrestling with the Weapon's shop owner. Buy a sword from him.

Magic user tips - add points to intelligence, agility and magic skills. Buy spells and learn about magic in the magic shop. Learn about the land from the enchantress. Pass the entrance exam at the Wizard's Institute of Technocery located in the streets of Shapier, use detect spell to find the door.

Thief tips - add points to agility, vitality, luck, stealth and lock picking skills. Give the thieves sign to the Thieves Guild representative, who will tell you good places to steal. Practice thieving skills. Once in Raseir, contact the head of the Thieves Guild and do for him what he asks and become Journeyman Thief.

To become a Paladin, do things honorably. Do good deeds and never attack an unarmed opponent. To become a paladin, you must have at least 75 honor points and at least 25 paladin points. Do not... kill Khaveen when he's unarmed, take money from Omar's purse before returning it, break into any houses, kill opponent at EOF initiation, kill griffin. Return Rakeesh's sword before he asks for it. Say goodbye to Aziza before leaving, say hello when you get there. Give money to beggar more than once (give dinar to beggar). Tell Khaveen to get sword if he drops it.

Money Changer - ask for directions to get there, or, from the Gate Plaza head north, take first left, left, right, left, right, right, right, left, left, first right, first right, left, first right, right, left, right, right, left, right, right, right, left, left, right. Change money 10 coins at a time which will yield you more money. Ask her about Raseir, money and sultan. If you're a thief, show the sign and return to visit her when she asks.

How to Make Money - Read quest board in the Guild Hall, kill monsters and sell components. Defeat elementals for monetary rewards.

Merchants - Merchants have useful items for adventurers. Bargain with them to get a better deal. First thing after changing your money, buy a map and compass from Ali in Gates Plaza. You also must buy: cloth bag, rations, brass lamp, extra waterskins, dirt (can also get at Magic Shop), buy flowers for Shema, money changer and Uhura.

Katta's Tail Inn - Talk to Abdulla about the Sultan, astrologer, news, emir and Raseir. Ask Shema about Raseir, rumors, Sharaf and underground. Ask Shameen about Raseir, Sultan and guest. Return to the inn for Shema's performances and the poet readings by Omar. Ask Omar about Dervish, Raseir, paladin, enchantress. You can sleep here and eat meals here.

Apothecary - Bargain pills from him. Ask him about fire, dispel potion, components, Raseir, fruit of compassion and fire elemental. Thieves need to bargain a powder from him after earth elemental arrives. Sell scorpion tails and ghoul claws to him. Make sure you have poison cure pills before fighting scorpions.

Magic Shop - Buy spells here if you're a magic user. If a thief, buy a magic rope. Ask him about magic, enchantress, dervish, spells, air elemental, fooler's earth. Sell dervish beard to him.

Weapons Shop - Buy daggers and a fine sword. Get bellows from him - fighter: arm wrestle him for it; magic user: levitate at night to get it; thief: use magic rope at night to get it. After the money changer notifies you, the thief can steal here (strength must be very high first).

Guild Hall - Read quest board. Sign log book. Practice fighting with Uhura. Ask her about monsters, Rakeesh, Raseir, and sultan. Rakeesh will usually be inside or just outside the Guild Hall. Ask him about paladins, his leg, demon, kingdom, monsters, power. If a fighter, borrow (and return before he asks for it) his sword to defeat the earth elemental.

The Palace - nothing here until the ending awards ceremony.

Aziza - She is located at the east end of Shmali Tarik. To enter her home, knock and then answer her riddles. The first is your name, 2nd Keapon Laffin, 3rd air, 4th Aziza. Ask her about magic, the djinn, iblis, the elementals, contrary elements, containers and the plant. Visit her on day 16.

Astrologer - He is located at the end of Tarik of Stars. Ask him about the future and tell him about yourself. Return the next day and ask him about fortune again.

Wizard's Institute of Technocery - north on Sahir Tarik. Use detect spell to locate, then cast open on door. Answer: your name, magic, Erasmus to their questions. Practice until you succeed. Stock up on mana pills before starting.

  • Erasmus' challenge - cast detect, cast fetch on center bell, cast trigger on center bell.
  • Air challenge - fetch swords (twirling), cast levitate and move above it.
  • Earth challenge - cast trigger, cast calm. Climb over elemental, cast calm again.
  • Water challenge - cast flame dart, cast force bolt at center until it splits in half, cast open.
  • Fire challenge - cast open to open door, cast calm, cast fetch on door, cast force bolt at the upper half of the door. Cross hole.

When asked, do not join the institute, remain on your quest to become a hero.

Eternal Order of Fighters - you will be summoned on day 15 to join. Go to summoned spot and break chains, the dodge to weapon and fight him. (Killing him will null your chances of becoming paladin).

Break in house - follow the money changer's directions. Make sure you have oil from the apothecary before going. SAVE before entering house (at end of Askeri Darb). Grab teapot service, search room, look under carpet, open trap door, open chest. If someone arrives, hide in the closet (oil the hinges first). Replace everything how it was found before hiding.

Saurus - on day 2, buy a saurus. You can bargain down to 5 dinars. Type RIDE to travel on your saurus. If you get lost in the desert, type GO HOME and your saurus will lead you home. If you lose your saurus in a battle, leave the screen and return and your saurus will be there.

Desert - make sure you have plenty of water and a saurus. If you lose your saurus, the mountains are north and south of the city, and the city rests in the northern mountains. Fight opponents to gain skills and search bodies for spare change. Make sure to get scorpion's tail and ghouls claws after defeating them. If you get hit by scorpion tail, use poison cure pill. Many profitable monsters only come out at night.

Dervish - five screens south and three screens east. Get beard from dervish. On day 12, visit him and complete his quest. You can sleep at the oasis.

Griffin - you need his feather. He is located west along the cliffs. Fighter: move rock and get feather from underneath it; magic user: levitate and get feather; thief: use magic rope, climb and get feather.

Plant woman - located east along the cliffs. After you defeat the earth elemental, give water, tell about yourself, give earth, tell about earth elemental, hug tree, Julanar (recite her name).

Caged beast - after getting dispel potion from apothecary, visit him five screens west and three down from the city. Give him food, get hair, give potion.

Fire Elemental - day 4 will see destruction from this elemental but you can't fight him until day 5. He is located in Gates Plaza. You need incense from the apothecary and a brass lamp from a merchant. Use incense and walk to the north alley, put down lamp and use water.

Air Elemental - located in Palace Plaza. You need the bellows from the Weapons Shop and dirt from either the flower merchant in Fountain Plaza or the magic shop. Throw dirt and aim for the funnel of the elemental. After you aim well, use bellows.

Earth Elemental - located in the alleys. You need a cloth bag from a merchant in Palace Plaza and either Rakeesh's sword (fighter), a powder from apothecary (thief). Magic user uses a spell. Crumble the elemental then get earth.

Water Elemental - located in the fountain in Fountain Plaza. You need the bellows and a waterskin. Put down waterskin then use bellows on elemental.

Day 17 - a caravan will take you to Raseir.

Blue Parrot Inn - talk to Senor Ferrari. Ask him about Raseir, the inn, Emir, rumors. You can only sleep there at night. Pay Ugarte for information. Ask him about service, water, someone, lackeys, fountain and prophecy. Thieves make the sign to Senor Ferrari and he'll give you a mission.

Fountain Plaza - visit and watch the arrest.

Woman - follow woman and give her what she asks, but first ask her about Khaveen, marry, father, disguise, Ad Avis, power, control, harem and magic. If you bought x-ray glasses at the magic shop, put them on before giving her clothes.

Dungeon - talk to katta and show him pin. Escape by push door (fighter), use pin (thief), open door (magic user). Get inventory and follow katta.

Ad Avis - go with him.

Forbidden City - use mirror to enter. Rub lamp to get light. Walk left. Walk near waterfall and jump on log then jump off log when it's close to the other side. Fighter: use strength to close hole; magic user: use spell; thief: look at rocks then climb and move to the back then to the right. In lava room, use water on self to cool off. Carefully walk around the geysers, walk left. Walk to end of cliff and jump (fighter), levitate (magic user), use magic rope (thief) to get down. Walk towards door and type in SULEIMAN to go through door. Walk through next room without touching anything. After Ad Avis leaves, get ring. Ask him about wishes, master, prophecy, ring, prowess, health and teleport. Wish for health, wish for prowess then type in the skill that you wish to improve, then wish for teleport.

Endgame as a fighter - fight guards quickly before other guards arrive then open door. Jump down from balcony after guard leaves and fight Khaveen. If you drop sword, pick it up and continue fighting. Walk to door at top of stairs, push door twice. Try to avoid statue, if he catches you, type fight statue, escape statue. Walk to an unlit candle and get candle. Run into Ad Avis.

Endgame as a magic user - cast dazzle on the guards, then open door and enter. Use calm on Khaveen after guard leaves. Use levitate to get down. Cast reversal, cast open door, enter. Cast calm to release statue. Cast fetch on an unlit candle. Walk to center (under pentagram) and cast force bolt at the lower wall to the left of the brazier.

Endgame as a thief - sneak in the shadows up to the wall and use rope to go left after Eunuch leaves. Hide behind fish fountain, let harem girl distract the eunuch guard. Move before the roving guard sees you. Sneak across to the door outside. Use rope to get to Ad Avis. Throw something to knock over a candle. Avoid the spells he throws at you. Move to the right pillar to get a direct line of sight at him, keep throwing daggers at him.


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