Quest for Glory I Walkthrough

  • Fighter tips - Add 15 points to Strength, 10 to Vitality, 15 to Agility, and 10 to Weapon use. Practice with weapons master and work in stable daily. Fight monsters at every opportunity. Buy healing potions and stamina potions, use them. Sleep in the magic meadow (Erana's Peace).
  • Magic user tips - Add 5 points to Strength, 15 to Agility, 5 to Magic, 10 to Intelligence and 15 to Vitality. You must obtain all the spells as soon as possible and practice them whenever practical. You can avoid close combat with tough monsters by casting the calm spell at them and then running away. After defeating any bad character, rest for several minutes to re-coup your health and stamina. Buy flame dart spell, fetch spell and open spell in the magic shop. Get trigger spell from the hermit, dazzle from Erasmus, calm in the magic meadow and detect spell from the meeps.
  • Thief tips - Add 10 points to strength, 10 to vitality, 10 to weapon use, 10 to agility and 10 to luck. You must think sneaky. Explore the town at night, try to pick all locks. Avoid powerful monsters - prey on the weak. Practice dagger throwing at the archery range or in the thieves guild. Buy a theif tool kit at the thieves guild.
  • How to make money - Work at the stables, sell spell components to healer, defeat goblins and brigands in combat and search their bodies. You can defeat the ogre and the kobold and take their treasure. Completing heroic quests will also net you a nice reward.
  • Sheriff - Ask about brigands, Otto, merchant, heros and monsters.
  • Hero's Tale Inn - Ask about the merchant, robbery, wealth and food. You can order some food and sleep here. The merchant comes in around suppertime. Ask him about robbery, the brigand leader, minotaur, his name, and Shapeir. Give merchant a ration. You can sleep here.
  • Guild Hall - Sign the log book and read quest board. Ask Wolfgang about the baron's son, baron's daughter, Yorick, monsters, brigands, Baba Yaga and the curse.
  • Magic shop - Ask Zara about the town, valley, aura, Erasmus, Erana, Baba Yaga, the curse, magic, potions, spells and scrolls. If you have magic skills, you can buy scrolls here.
  • Dry goods store - Ask about equipment. You can buy empty flasks and food rations. Thief can buy daggers. If fighter and strong enough, can buy chainmail armor.
  • Farmer's mart - Buy 50 apples from Hilde. Ask her about brigands.
  • Beggar - Give him some money. Ask him about night.
  • Alley - Never enter the alley at night, unless you are a thief. Ask a thief, walk towards sparkle, and when 2 men jump out, use thief sign on them.
  • Tavern - Don't drink here. You can enter the thieves guild from talking to Crusher after visiting alley and getting password. Get notes from the floor (twice).
  • Old lady's house or sheriff's home - Thief stealing houses. At night, open door with lockpick, and steal everything you can. SAVE before entering a house.
  • Healer's Hut - She will buy spell components from you, help you make the dispel potioin, sell you the undead unguent and she sells magic, healing and stamina potions. Find her ring in the tree outside her hut, in the nest. To get it - Fighter: throw rocks at the nest; Magician: cast the fetch spell; Thief: climb tree. The healer will reward you.
  • Karl, gatekeeper at castle - Ask him everything. Enter castle.
  • Stableman - Work for him raking. You can sleep here safely.
  • Weapons master - If you're a fighter, practice daily with him.
  • Goblins and brigands - Fighter should fight them. Search body after their dead. Thief can throw daggers and run. Magic users can cast calm and run.
  • Monsters - Fighter: build up character stats before fighting. Thief: throw daggers before you get into close combat. Don't throw away last dagger. Sneak past more powerful monsters or run away. Magic user: cast calm spell until you have gained skill with dazzle, flame dart and zap.
  • Night gaunt attacks - Don't sleep in the forest. Outside of town you can sleep at Erana's Peace, the Dryad's wood, stables, or with the hermit.
  • Ogre near cave - Fighter: build up strength, agility and weapons use before attempting. Thief: throw daggers at him until he's weak, then fight him (don't lose last dagger). Magic user: cast calm. After defeating him, search his body, force the chest open.
  • Bear in cave - Feed him a ration or cast calm.
  • Kobold cave - Fighter: use sword to kill him. Thief - sneak in at night, steal key (build up stealth first). Magic user: must have a lot of magic experience. Use flame dart to fight, then zap on knife to kill him, get key. Search room, find invisible chest. Fighter: force chest open; Thief: Use lockpick; Magic user: Cast open spell.
  • Kobold's key - Use it on the chain on the bear's leg.
  • Antwerp - Avoid him.
  • Meeps's peep - Talk to a meep, ask green meep for fur. If magician, ask about spell and get.
  • Dryad - Follow the white stag to her, do as she asks. Give her spore spitting spirea seed.
  • Hermit - To enter cave, Fighter: throw rocks at the door, Magician: use detect spell, Thief: climb rocks. You can safely sleep here at night. Ask him about brigands, warlock, magic, Erasmus, magic mirror, reflect spell and trigger spell. Fill an empty flask with water from waterfall (at splashing area).
  • Trapped fox - Free him.
  • Brauggi - Bargain with him. Give him 50 apples.
  • Spore spitting spirea seed - It takes practice. Climb rocks, throw rocks or cast fetch spell.
  • Erana's Peace - Eat fruit. Take flowers. If magician, open rock, get spell. Sleep here.
  • Graveyard - Use undead unguent before entering at night. Get mandrake root around midnight on centermost grave and leave. Don't fall in any open graves.
  • Magic mushrooms/Fairies - Pick mushrooms during the day, sell to healer. At night, the fairies dance there. Dance with them. Get fairy dust and put in an empty flask.
  • Gargoyle - SAVE and RESTORE after each question. If he asks password to thieves guild, answer wrong. Color - purple, meaning of life - 42, mean airspeed of swallow - African or European.
  • Erasmus - Ask about Erana, protection spell, Baba Yaga, curses, countercurses, magic mirror. If magician, play mages maze and win dazzle spell.
  • Hut with chicken legs - Ask middle skull about deal, rhyme. Give middle skull gem. Go inside, say yes to every question. Give her mandrake root, deliver it before dawn.



All of the above can be done in any order as long as you have the prerequisites (item, spell). The remainder of the Walkthrough must be done in this order:

    • Get 2nd note from tavern (earlier).
    • Spy on brigands at archery range from the side (not bottom) entrance.
    • Throw dagger at remaining brigand.
    • Walk around until you receive 2 points (not south).
    • Walk to other archery range entrance (bottom) and get key off of the brigand.
    • Go to area with Antwerp.
    • Search rocks for keyhole (Antwerp will bounce like crazy).
    • Use key.
    • Before entering, say secret word (Hiden Goseke).
    • Walk through maze to bottom right, SAVE.
  1. Minotaur - Fighter: fight minotaur and force gate. Thief: sneak behind Minotaur on the left of the fortress, climb the wall behind the rock. Magic user: use calm on Minotaur and open on the gate.
  2. Look at rope (booby trap) on other side of room. Go around barrier to the left, go across right bridge. Step over rope, open door.
  3. Brigand's cafeteria - Shut the door behind you. SAVE. Wait until brigands leave from watching you through door. Block right door with chair. Walk near candelabra and once brigands enter from left door and walk near table, push candelabra. Walk around front of table (near bottom right corner) and when brigands move in front of the table, climb table, get rope. Exit through north door.
  4. Distortion room - Ask about Yorick. Read sign. Go in leftmost door or fall off. Stop yourself when you're sliding. Go in rightmost door. At next door, pull rope, return through same door. Go through open door (quickly). Open north door, quickly move left as the door will fall down, then open same door again. (see here for more help.)
  5. Brigand leader's room - Use dispel potion on leader. Get mirror and potions. Exit right.
  6. Go to Baba Yaga's. Enter the same way and use mirror on her.


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