Phantasmagoria Walkthrough

NOTE: Most rooms have at least two areas (screens) to them. Make sure you see all of each room as that is not specified here, although all the necessary actions in the room are specified here.

Click floor to stand. Open table drawer, get matches. Open pantry door, turn on light, move rug, try to open trap door. Exit pantry. Walk south, northwest. Look at fireplace, get poker. Walk south, look at mirror. Walk south, north, return to pantry. Use poker to open trap door. Use matches on self. Get hammer on floor. Look around. Go upstairs, go to dining room. Walk east to reception room. Go to fireplace, get newspaper. Try opening both doors in room (one's through small hallway). Play piano. Look at bottles behind bar. Go up the stairs. Enter room on right. Get tarot cards. Open drawer of vanity. Get letter. Exit room. Enter room on left. Look in jewelry box on table. Look at cigarette case in dresser. Sit on bed. Exit bedroom.

Walk north, enter trophy room. Look at mirror, chair. Try gramophone. Exit room. Walk west, enter door on left. Exit Dark Room. Walk west. Look at door just right of Adrienne. Enter room on left. Get teddy bear. Walk south, look at cloud over crib. Exit room, walk south. Enter room on right. Get money from dresser. Look at computer. Exit bedroom. Enter room on left. Look at statue by couch. Look at painting on floor. Exit room. Go downstairs to Dark Room. Go downstairs, exit house. Click on car.

Walk northwest. Open mailbox, pet dog. Exit. Go northeast. Look at antique store. Enter real estate office. Talk to man several times, look in file cabinet, exit. Walk left, look at store. Walk south. Get in car. Enter house. Walk south, use key on door through hallway. Get magazine on table. Get statue on desk. Look at letter in desk drawer. Look at fireplace twice. Look through hole. Click statue over eye icon and turn to back of head and press button. Use letter opener on fireplace. Enter through fireplace. Walk to altar. Get big book. Open box.

Walk to first floor. Return to 2nd floor. Enter trophy room. Exit, leave house, drive to town. Enter antique store. Look at glass case, look at crucifix. Talk to woman until she runs out of things to say. Exit, enter real estate office. Leave. Enter general store. Talk to owner. Pay man. Talk to man. Walk to back of store, read sign over barrel, get bone. Leave, go to antique store. Talk to Lou. Look at book. Return home. Enter barn, walk in open stall. Look at stuff near fireplace. Give drain cleaner to Don. Go to Dark Room, give drain cleaner to Don.

Click on large tree. Follow Cyrus to barn. Talk to Harriett and Cyrus. Climb ladder. Talk to woman. Get pitchfork, use it on pulley. Grab pulley. Look at hole, use hammer on nail. Climb down. Talk to Harriett and Cyrus. Leave barn, enter house. Go to third floor. Use newspaper on locked door, use nail on locked door. Push newspaper. Unlock door with key. Enter room on right. Get book from dresser. Look out window. Exit room, go downstairs. Walk south, enter nursery. Look at chair. Exit room, go to your bedroom, look at computer. See: You Have Danger. Exit room, exit house. Get in car. Go to northwest house. Use bone on dog, open gate, knock on door. Knock on door again and give book to woman. Drive home.

Exit bedroom. Go to Carno's bedroom. Get necklace on table. Exit room, go downstairs. Talk to Harriett several times. Go to kitchen. Give tarot cards to Harriett. Go to dining room, go through door on left (near door to kitchen). Talk to Cyrus. Walk left, return, talk to Cyrus. Follow him (east, northwest, southwest, southeast). Cross tree, east. Get lens on ground. East. Enter Greenhouse. Pick up big pot. Go left, get trowel. Use telescope. Put lens on telescope, use telescope. Go back to house. Talk to phone man. Go to third floor, go up stairs. Use hammer on wood panels. Enter attic. Look at pictures, open trunk, get cameo, locket, diary. Examine contraption. Exit attic, go downstairs to 1st floor.

Look at computer, see: Get out, Do not trust. Exit room, go to attic. Look at mirror on right. Go to trophy room, look at mirror. Go to 1st floor. Follow Cyrus to barn. Walk right, north, right, look at fountain. Look in mirror in dining room. Go to pantry, downstairs. Walk to prison. Exit through front door, walk north, north, north, east. Get rose at end of walkway. Return to house. Go to third floor, enter conservatory (room opposite your bedroom). Touch statue. Click on wall where spotlight is. Get in elevator on right. Get cigarette. Look through peephole on left, flip lever, return to secret passage. Walk north, use elevator to left. Walk northeast. Walk southeast. Click switch striaght ahead. Walk south, enter door on left. Open wardrobe, get picture on top shelf. Look at poster of Carno. Exit room. Look at chair. Exit theater through doors.

Enter library (room through hallway in reception room), enter chapel. Open box, look at book. Walk south, click on wall, go through secret passage. Follow passage to crypt. Look at both tombs, open both, look inside (open with poker). Walk left, look at three tombs. Exit crypt, return to chapel, exit through fireplace. Go to Marie's room (on 2nd floor), look in mirror. Walk to front door, talk to Mike. Leave house, enter barn. Walk south, talk to both as much as possible. Exit. Get in car. Walk northwest. Open gate, knock on door, use picture on woman. Go to antique store, give her cameo, return home. Enter house.

Look at computer. Go to nursery get glass. Go to 1st floor. Enter theater, look at machine on right part of stage. Enter door on stage, get vest. Go to 2nd floor, enter Dark Room. As soon as you can, grab drain cleaner. (To the right of you). Get book on middle table while he's looking the other way. As soon as you can, give snowman to Don, then grab lever on chair. Quickly walk towards secret panel in the theater. Walk east, click on waterpipe above you. Enter room at end of passage. Quickly push wood bar (on left side of door). Walk southwest. Click table in the circle. Put book on table. Get talisman from dead body and put on book. Use glass on Adrienne. Use crucifix on book.


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